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…To despise the ideology of Islam. Did you know that Islamic Law, Shariah, allows Muslim men to marry children, and even allows men to masturbate themselves between the thighs of a newborn baby?

The counterjihad website, The Muslim Issue, has uncovered more details about Islamicaly sanctioned paedophilia.

The Muslim Issue said:

Mufa’khathat – literally translated, it means “placing [penis] between the thighswhich means placing the male member between the thighs of a child. The minimum recommend age for this noble Mohammedan practice is 3 months old although it is not strictly applied and can even be done on a newborn. Mufa’khathat is connected to the practice of Mut’ah [sham sex marriages], discussed amongst others in Surat 65:4..

The site also contains a transcript of a television interview that the Bahraini women’s rights advocate, Ghada Jamshir gave in 2005. The transcript shows Ms Jamshir telling the interviewer that the practice of Mufa’khathat by Muslims is child abuse and a violation of children’s rights.

Many of the problems that Islam has can only really be ascribed to the veneration of Mohammed. The Islamic world admires as a ‘prophet’ a man whose personal conduct can only be described as ‘bestial’.

By trying to find good in ‘prophet’ Mohammed, the Muslim world permits evil on the grounds that if Mohammed did it then it must be OK, because after all, Muslims are taught that Mohammed is perfect. If Mo raped children, then raping children is OK, if Mo thieved, then thieving is OK, if Mo lied, then lying is OK, and so on and so on. The acceptance of paedophilia and an admiration of a 7th century mentally ill, illiterate, sex abusing, thug are yet more reasons why the ideology of Islam is not fit to be a part of civilised societies.

If you tolerate Islam, or assist it, or appease it, then it could be your children or your grandchildren who will cower in fear from the Muslim man who believes that he has the ‘divine right’ to rape a child.

The more I look into the world of Islam the more I am convinced that Islam is not a religion, but instead is a highly debilitating form of mental and spiritual sickness, which if not cured or put into remission, will plunge the world into a new dark age, but this time one that the humanity may not recover from.


Original article on The Muslim Issue site

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