From Elsewhere: Mohammed Ansar exposed as a fake.

Mohammed Ansar – I really would not buy a used car from this man.

One of the more sensible of the blogs and websites of the political Left is Harry’s Place. Although I disagree with some of what is on there, it cannot be doubted that they are a foe of political Islam.

A few days ago they ran a fabulous article that was cross posted from Sheikh Ya Bhatti about the ubiquitious commentator on Islam, Mohammed Ansar. In this article the writer comprehensively trashes Mo Ansar’s reputation and calls him out on being a ‘fake’.

Harry’s Place said:

In recent years, British TV screens and radio waves have been polluted with the obnoxious and incoherent diatribes of a self-styled community leader who calls himself Mo Ansar. His views and comments are so ludicrous that he has managed to inspire a widely followed parody account on Twitter, as well as galvanise a large group of social media activists to mock and ridicule his every utterance. Ansar also dresses up as a community leader; never failing to make a media appearance without his prayer hat, eye-liner, scarf and long Arab style dress. In fact, he wouldn’t be out of place on the set of Citizen Khan.

Beyond his bizarre utterances and seeming lack of knowledge on almost every topic he comments on, Ansar remains a mystery. Until he launched himself at the unsuspecting public a few years ago, no-one on the activist Muslim scene in the UK had heard of him. Furthermore, there is no evidence of him participating at an event, speaking at a seminar, lecturing at an educational institution or writing an article prior to the launch of his now infamous media career. So whilst he humbly presents himself on his own website as ‘TV & Radio Commentator, Visiting Lecturer, Public Speaker, Civil Rights Activist, Theologian…etc’ his past is shrouded in a cloak of mystery.

There is an abundance of loud-mouthed and foolhardy idiots in the media that get more attention then they deserve, such as Mehdi Hasan, Owen Jones and Nigel Farage to name but a few. However, when Ansar decided to become Witchfinder General and incite a lynch mob against counter-extremism campaigner Maajid Nawaz, I decided to do a bit more research into his background. What I found only served to confirm my suspicions, that Ansar is actually an absolute nobody who hoodwinked, bullied, pestered and harassed the media into giving him a platform, then used that platform to promote himself for nefarious ends.

Ansar describes himself, amongst many other things, as a theologian. In spite of being asked repeatedly, he has never been able to substantiate this claim. He never mentions where he got his theological qualifications from and no-one else has ever recalled studying with him or teaching him. In a similar fashion, his claim that he is a ‘visiting lecturer’ has no basis in reality whatsoever. He is often challenged on social media to name the institution at which he lectures, yet to refuses to do so. Furthermore, no record exists on any university website for a visiting lecturer in Theology called Mo Ansar.

The rest of his claims are equally fallacious and his much vaunted track-record, which includes him claiming to have 17 years of experience of working in diversity, seems practically non-existent. “

Read the rest of this excellent article here:

Although I disagree with lumping patriots like Nigel Farage in with dodgy people like Owen Jones and Ansar there is no question at all that this article and its exposure of Mo Ansar is very welcome. Those who have crossed swords with Mo Ansar or been blocked by him on Twitter or even those who are just pissed off with seeing this bloke constantly on the BBC, will welcome the sight of Ansar being prodded in his ample rear with the ‘trusty sword of truth’. Whether or not the media will now drop this dodgy self publicist and stop him peddling his trash on our screens and in print only time will tell, but it is gratifying to see him get a textual kicking like this because it is both justified and deserved.