From Elsewhere: Yet another reason why Israel should not make peace with the Fakestinians


Rachel’s Tomb today showing high security needed to protect the site from attack by Bearded Savages posing as ‘Palestinians’ (Picture courtesy of soccerdad


Rachel’s Tomb many years ago before the Jew hatred which is inherent in Islam was stirred up again.

Those who believe that an Arab doesn’t keep his word have been given further ammunition for their argument by the reported violent actions of ‘Palestinians’ towards Jews who wish to pray at the tomb of the Jewish matriarch Rachel.  The tomb of Rachel (Heb: Kever Rachel) has been in the Bethlehem area for approximately 3,500 years, so it is not exactly something that is a recent addition to the area.

However, for the Jew hating Arab squatters of the West Bank, who are mistakenly referred to as ‘Palestinians’, the idea of a Jewish place of worship in a place that they wish to make Judenrein, is anathema to them.  Extreme violence has been used by Arabs against Jewish worshipers at the Tomb of Rachel in order to prevent Jews from praying there.  For those who do not know the Tomb of Rachel is a place where some childless Jewish women go to ask the Eternal One for help in conceiving a child.

The Arab violence aimed at people who wish to do nothing but peacefully pray is appalling and the issue of safety and security there has been debated in the Israeli parliament, the Knesset.

The Israeli news source Arutz Sheva reports:

“The Interior Committee discussed a bill presented by MK David Azulai (Shas) on Tuesday, which addressed the “continuous harassment of Jews visiting Kever Rachel,” the tomb of the Jewish matriarch Rachel from the Torah.

During the course of the discussion, which was moderated by MK Zevulun Kalfa (Jewish Home), Azulai explained he had raised the issue due to the increase in the frequency of terrorist attacks around Kever Rachel.

He noted the 1993 Oslo Accords guaranteed Jews prayer access to the site, adding, “if this is what the agreements look like, we need to be very concerned.”Massive Arab mobs frequently hurl explosives at visitors, police and soldiers at the site.

Azulai remarked that the roughly 3,500-year-old tomb has been surrounded by massive security walls, a step made necessary as around 200 terror incidents occurred at the site in 2013, with 119 explosives being thrown in the course of 78 of the incidents.”

Something to remember is that the 2013 figures for attacks by violent Arabs are slightly down on the 2012 figures, which should give you some idea of how bad it has been there for many years.

How can any sensible person or nation believe that they can make peace with the bunch of savage violent oath-breakers such as the ‘Palestinians’.  They and their leaders promised peace in exchange for land but have only delivered more violence.

The actions of the Palestinians show you can’t make peace with violent Arab liars whose primary desire is to wipe the whole Jewish people from the face of the earth.  We’ve seen these savage Islamics promise peace so often but never ever deliver.  The handing over to Gaza to the Arabs was supposed to bring peace, it did not but only brought rocket attacks from the Islamic psychopaths of Hamas.

A person should no more expect an Arab to abide by a peace agreement than they would trust Myra Hindley to run a nursery.

There is no peace in the hearts of too many Arabs and maybe that is because there is no heart of peace in Islam itself.


Original story from Artuz Sheva

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