The dust has settled, the sense of shock is beginning to diminish and the dead bodies have been counted, following the latest Islamic atrocity to hit Europe. We awake to the knowledge that yet again innocent people, not just from Europe, but from around the world, have lost their lives because of the ideology of Islam.

This morning there are orphaned children and bereaved spouses where a mere 25 to 30 hours previously there were loving parents and couples and a whole multitude just getting on with their lives. Not for the first time we see ordinary people’s lives shattered by the sick and twisted ideology of Islam.

As part of a repeating pattern, we have the same sort of incidences of pointless virtue signalling that we saw after the 7/7 attacks, the Tunisia attacks, the Charlie Hebdo attack and the November 2015 Paris attacks. We see again the candles and the lighting of public buildings in the colours of the flag of the latest nation to experience the sort of Islamic terror that we should never become used to. But ‘solidarity’ with the victims, their families and their nations, doesn’t do one damned practical thing. Candles and hugs and public expression of grief does not stop one Islamic gunman, does not prevent one Islamic bomb, does not open up one of the hostile enemy Islamic ghettos that those who obsess on matters of diversity and multiculturalism allowed to grow like a cancer in our cities.

In the cold light of day we need to get real. We need to accept that the world is not as we would like it to be but it is as it is. The world’s non-Muslims, and it needs to be said ex-Muslims, not just in Europe,but in Asia, Africa, the Americas and just about every place on earth apart from Antarctica, face an Islamic enemy that wants us dead. You can’t fight such an enemy with hugs or expressions of ‘solidarity’ or by lighting up the Eiffel Tower in the colours of the Belgian flag, or by having one min. We can’t fight this enemy by being nice, we can’t fight this enemy in any other way than by being harsh.

We need to dump many of our lazy assumptions and escape from the groupthink and political correctness that paralyses us, and makes us ineffectual in fighting those who want us dead or oppressed. The way forward out of the mess that has been created for the world’s free peoples by idiotic politicians is not going to be nice, but then the enemy is not nice.

Now I’m in no way suggesting that people should the law into their own hands over this, no matter how great the temptation or how angry that you feel over the Brussels attack or any of the other appalling multitude of Islamic attacks on us. That way lies not only madness and injustice, but gives the many mendacious grievance mongering taqiyya artists that exist, an excuse to whine. What is needed is a change in law and a change in attitude.

As individuals we need to have a far more realistic view of the ideology of Islam and need to be much more openly sceptical about it. We need to challenge those who say ‘Islam is a religion of peace’, or who try to paint the ordinary decent Muslims that they encounter as representative of Islamic culture as a whole. Telling the truth told about Islam to others in our daily lives is a powerful counterweight to the constant barrage of lies that we are fed about Islam.

We also need to get together and campaign for legal change in order to put pressure on Muslims to either shape up or ship out of our countries. We need laws that recognise Islam as ‘different’ and not in a nice way. For too long we’ve foolishly treated Islamic shariah law as analogous to Church Canon law or Jewish Halacha. The reality is that neither Canon Law or Halacha impinges on the lives of those outside of those religions anything like as much as Shariah impinges on the lives of non-Muslims. To do this sharia law needs be removed from the scope of the Arbitration Act. Jews and Christians have not taken the piss out of the provisions of the Arbitration Act but Muslims and Islamic shariah courts most definitely have.

A more contentious, for some, change in policy and in law should clearly state that Islam is a threat to our societies. Here, there are clear legal precedents for treating one religious or quasi-religious group as different. The 1698 Popery Act which placed severe restrictions on Roman Catholics at a time when Catholicism was a threat to the British nation could be a template for such future anti-Islam legislation. Although it may make individuals feel good in themselves to treat Islam as no different from any other faith, that I’m afraid is not the truth of the matter. Islam mercilessly exploits legislation that was enacted in good faith that treats all religions as similar and faith as a personal matter. We should not be treating mosques in the same way as we treat churches, temples, gurdwaras and synagogues. None of the aforementioned places of worship are centres of hate and sedition, whereas far too many mosques are.

We also need to kill off in non-Muslim lands some of the legal sacred cows that prevent or hinder a robust response to Islam. We’ve seen in recent years how three pieces of legislation particular have helped Islamic invaders and traitors, but hindered any attempt to counter Islam related problems. Free nations should recognise that certain laws that were brought in as a response to previous national and international problems and issues are now in themselves part of the problem. The Human Rights Act, the Refugee Convention and the Statelessness Convention need to be ripped up in order that the right action can be taken against Islam. The HRA is exploited by Islamist lawyers in order to free dangerous and seditious Muslims from custody, wring taxpayer cash from the state and allow Islamic hate preachers to operate freely. We’ve seen in Europe how the Refugee Convention has been seized upon by the invaders from the east and from the south even though hardly any of these invaders are the sort of ‘refugee’ that any sensible person would want either living next door to them or within a hundred miles of their children. The Statelessness Convention, brought in partially to avoid a repeat of the tragedy of incidents such as the SS St Louis in the 1930’s also needs to go. At present dangerous Islamic Jihadis can make their way to somewhere like Calais or Dunkirk, rip up their identification papers and pretend to be from wherever foolish liberals are more likely to treat as a place that people are genuinely fleeing from. The Statelessness Convention also forbids countries like Britain from removing the citizenship from what is euphemistically called ‘home grown jihadis’. If a jihadi is born in Britain then there is no way that we can legally get rid of them or exile them to the Islamic craphole of our choice because the Statelessness Convention prevents us from doing so. We must press our governments to realise that laws and conventions brought in for one legitimate reason have outlived their usefulness and in many cases have become counterproductive.

Western, free nations should completely change their policies towards Islam. Instead of being magnets for jihadis, we should become safe havens for those who have rejected Islam. One of the great tragedies of Britain over the last 50 years is that rather than recognise that those abandoning Islam should be sheltered and supported, and allowed to live their lives in freedom, we’ve seen governments do the complete opposite. Too often nations like Britain have mollycoddled and supported the Islamic oppressor but has paid scant regard to those apostates of Islam who are oppressed. In too many cases British governments have paid lip service to the idea of freedom of conscience and have thrown the Islamic apostates to the wolves whilst playing nice with Islamofascists.

It’s time to wake up and start treating Islam in the same way as previous generations treated Nazism and Stalinism which is as a threat to our way of life. Ordinary people need to treat Islam as something socially unacceptable, like paedophilia, or wife beating or kicking a blind man’s stick away. But ordinary people cannot do this alone, it needs action from governments that clearly state not only that Islam, its ‘values’ and its appeasers are not welcome here, but which enact the legal tools with which to make it so.

May the memory of those innocents murdered in Brussels and elsewhere be for a blessing and may swift and terrible vengeance fall up on both the murderers, those who sheltered and supported them and those who created Europe’s Muslim disaster.


The Popery Act of 1698

The SS St Louis tragedy which helped post war  the passing of the Statelessness Convention a piece of legislation that has most surely outlived its usefulness.

Text of the Statelessness Convention