The ‘Streisand Effect’ helps to publicise yet more sensible speakers

Ms Candace Owens of the Red Pill Black You Tube channel


Sometimes censoriousness doesn’t always have the effect that the censors would like to think it does. Sometimes the act of censorship itself can alert people in the wider community that certain voices are being censored. This is what is sometimes termed ‘The Streisand Effect’ after an incident when the singer Barbara Streisand attempted to stop a photographer publishing pictures of her beachside house which were taken from public land. Nobody would have known the location of Ms Streisand’s house had it not been for her taking legal action against the photographer and the legal action created a furore that made more and more people aware of her property and its location.

There have been a number of people whom I would not have been made aware of had it not been for attempts to silence their voices. The fuss that has been made, mostly by the Left, over the opinions of certain individuals has encouraged me to go and see what all the trouble is about. One such person whom I was not previously aware of but now am aware of is the You Tube channel ‘Red Pill Black’ which is hosted by the Afro-American conservative woman Candace Owens. She’s produced a stunning series of videos attacking the alt-Left and the racist history of America’s Democrat party that are well worth watching,

I was completely unaware of Ms Owens’s work until the Left kicked up a stink about it and perversely I’d like to thank all those who tried to silence her for bringing her work to my attention.

You can find her You Tube channel via the link below: