Taqiyya in Texas

Plano terror parents Mohommad Hasnain Ali and wife Sumaiya Ali (Picture from Dallas News)

This particular story could also be entitled ‘Taqiyya in action’ as it shows how readily some Muslims will lie to authorities of Western nations about those close to them who are involved in jihad. Now of course I am not saying here that every Muslim individual is a liar, that would of course be unfair. But, what I am saying is that where a Muslim is suspected of involvement in jihad, then it is more than likely that the jihadis family, friends and extended community may well lie to police and security agencies in order to protect the jihadi.

This is what has happened in a jihad case in America where two Muslim parents from Plano, Texas, USA, lied to the police and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) about the whereabouts of their sons who had been suspected by the authorities of joining the savages of ISIS. Sumaiya Ali and her husband, Mohommad Hasnain told the US security authorities that their sons had gone to Egypt and were definitely not terrorists even though Ali and Hasnain knew that their sons were in fact fighting with ISIS.

Thankfully in this case Ali and Hasnain have been discovered to be liars and have been given prison sentences after pleading guilty in a Texas court to charges of making false statements about international terrorism. Ali has been given 30 months imprisonment whilst Hasnain was given a 12 month and one day gaol term. They were also fined and will be placed under post release supervision.

This sadly is not the only example of Muslims lying about jihadis in their families or wider Muslim communities. There are a litany of cases where following Islamic terror attacks or arrests of jihadis, family members and Islamic community bigwigs have popped up in the media and have said ‘we knew nothing’. I can’t help but wonder whether in these cases those who are saying that they knew nothing, or that they had no idea that so-and-so was going to go full Islam and kill people, are being entirely honest on every occasion?

Despite the denials by various Islamic grievance mongers and those who appease and make excuses for Islam, taqiyya does exist. Although taqiyya did originate in the minority Shia community when they were being oppressed by the Sunni Muslims this doctrine has spread and mutated. There cam be little doubt that there are Muslims who will lie to non Muslims if it is to either protect or advance the cause of Islam.

The Plano case is particularly worrying as this Muslim family was ostensibly integrated and loyal to the USA yet neither Ali or Hasnain felt that they had any problems lying to the US authorities about their sons fighting for an entity that was the sworn enemy of the United States. This case also shows how when it comes to Islam the pull of this violent and perverse ideology can override any feelings of loyalty to the United States.

The sons of the sentenced couple, Omar and Arman, were not brought to the USA from somewhere else, they were born in the US, had US upbringings, went to American schools and probably had American friends. Yet despite this they still felt a compulsion to go and fight for one of the most horrific Islamic terror groups of recent decades, a group that implemented in the areas they controlled the harshest form of Islam imaginable. Omar and Arman should have grown up to be normal loyal Americans as so many scions of migrants have done before them. The fact that they didn’t can be laid at the feet of Islam itself. This is because Islam is an ideology that despises all that is not of or from itself, that sees the civilisations that came before Islam to be ‘darkness’ and which has no moral problem with lying to non Muslims, including the FBI, if it is felt that by doing so an advantage will be gained for Islam. This case shows yet again that Islam’s values are not our values. Lying or bearing false witness has never been something admirable in Western culture but lying is seen by some Muslims as yet another weapon in their armoury in the 1400-year-old war against the kufar.

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