Now That’s Why Pakistan Is A S**thole – Volume 112 – No justice for victims of Islamic ‘justice’


Islam ruins everything it touches and that includes any legal system that either Islam has influence over or which operates in an Islamic country. This is especially the case with the shithole that Islam has created in Pakistan where the victims of Islamic cultural ‘honour justice’ including that of murder, only see 2% of arrested alleged perpetrators convicted.

A combination of police incompetence and indifference as well as a cultural acceptance of Islamic ‘honour’ attacks, means that few of those accused of these crimes are ever convicted. In addition it appears that some people, mostly women I might add, who bring complaints of ‘honour’ violence to the police, drop the complaint, possibly due to coercion and accept a ‘reconciliation’ agreement.

According to a report in the Pakistan Tribune (h/t ROP) despite there being laws against this sort of violence, loopholes in these laws, poor enforcement and cases being dropped are the major culprit in this piss poor conviction rate. Personally I would not put it past some Pakistani police officers to be in agreement with the idea of ‘honour’ violence and to not effectively or properly investigate and prosecute these cases. Pakistan where a place where Islam rules and it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that some in Pakistan’s law enforcement community are putting Koranic and Islamic law above the law of the Pakistani state. As I said at the beginning, Islam ruins everything including police and legal systems.

This is yet another story that shows just how far and by how much Islam has degraded the entire nation of Pakistan. Islam has turned Pakistan into a land where the guilty go unpunished and where the victims of Islamic violence continue to suffer. Those individuals who say untruthfully that Islam is synonymous with the concept of justice should look at Pakistan and see this terrible lie exposed.