The canary is fleeing the coal-mine, but that doesn’t mean non-Jews are safe from Islam.

Humanity is supposed to progress, and under regimes based on freedom and capitalism humanity has progressed.  Freedom and capitalism has increased life expectancy, made people able to travel and has brought amazing advances into almost any field that you could … Continue reading

Just when you think that Britain’s Islamic sex criminal savages could not sink any lower or get more depraved, along comes this story.

  Many Britons will without doubt have become increasingly horrified by both the scale and severity of the crimes of the Islamic Rape Gangs that have been afflicting town after town and city after city in these Islands. The knowledge … Continue reading

It’s not just universities where closed-mindedness and political correctness have decimated freedom of speech.

  The atheist commentator Pat Condell, in the video posted above, has laid into the culture of un-free speech currently dominating British universities. He railed at the progressive puritan bigots who demand that none of their leftist nostrums are challenged, … Continue reading

The increasingly ugly face of the Left

Years ago in Britain, a large part of the grassroots of the political Left was made up of ordinary patriotic working class people, primarily concerned about fair issues of pay, access to decent homes and a better future for their … Continue reading

Picture Post: This is what a real statesman looks like

A true statesman or woman and a proper national leader that’s what Bibi Netanyahu is.  He is a man who is aware of both his country’s and his people’s history, who recognises that his nation faces an appalling enemy which … Continue reading

Here’s a story about the ruination and disease that has been brought to one part of Britain by our unwanted ‘guests’.

One of the most wonderful things about the internet is how it has become a valuable tool for parents.  It allows them to connect in ways that were previously impossible.  The internet means that there is now no hiding place … Continue reading

Never trust a modern Tory, especially a modern Muslim Tory.

Update:  A commenter here has pointed out that the main link to this story is broken.  Please see alternative link at bottom of page. Kudos and respect must surely be due to Tommy Robinson and others in the English Defence … Continue reading

Bobby Jindal names the enemy

  Although it is unlikely, based on current polling figures, that the Governor of the US State of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, will end up as the next occupier of the Oval Office, there is one action that he has taken … Continue reading

The fee for visiting Islamic countries is now too high

  If there is one thing that the latest Islamic horror attack in Tunisia can teach us is that there is no such thing as a safe Islamic country. No matter how civilised, how democratic, how stable or how friendly … Continue reading