It’s the Islamic terror loving Liberal Democrats.

It’s been a while since I’ve stuck the boot into the Liberal Democrats, I know it needs to be done but there has been other stuff to write about. Besides that they took such a pasting during the May 2014 … Continue reading

Appeasement, nothing but abject, disgusting appeasement by East Renfrewshire council.

The news that East Renfrewshire council in Scotland has stitched up a deal that handed two acres of land worth approximately £2million to an Islamic group so that they can build a mosque, is yet another example of local government … Continue reading

Israel’s fight is everybody’s fight.

Israel’s fight against the savage jihadists of Hamas, is not her fight alone. It is all our fights. Israel’s struggle against the Islamic forces that would destroy it, is not purely the concern of Israelis or even Jews, it is … Continue reading

It’s Ramadan in Bristol and it’s Islamic anti-social behaviour time.

I suppose we should be a little thankful that the followers of Islam are only indulging in a bit of antisocial behaviour instead of clocking up massive death toll of non-Muslims and the ‘wrong’ sort of Muslims as we’ve seen … Continue reading

Terror flags in Whitechapel and Met Pol are nowhere to be seen.

If you want an example of the blatant arrogance of the followers of the violent ideology of Islam and an illustration of why these bastards need to be taken on by the authorities, and taken on hard, then look no … Continue reading

The Burton Grooming Gang, Five and a Half Years is not nearly enough prison time.

Following a trial, much of it ignored by many in the national media and reported only in the local newspaper for the area, the Burton Mail, another group of Islamic sex abusers have been jailed. Sadly they have only been … Continue reading

Thousands of Islamic savages and their Lefty mates march FOR Hamas in London.

It is difficult to convey the anger I feel at having to write the above headline. It is difficult to have to say that the place where I grew up, learned, worked and loved, is turning into such an Islamic … Continue reading

Wouldn’t you fight back if your children were getting warnings like this one?

The short video linked below, is a children’s guide to what to do if there is an air raid by Islamic terrorists. It tells children what a bomb shelter or safe room is called, how to find a shelter in … Continue reading