Have we replaced the ‘Bloody Code’ with an ‘Islamic Code’? Or another Ham-bush, this time in Ellesmere Port.

It is a vital component of a free and democratic society that when people have worries or concerns about something that they are listened to. When these concerns are not listened to then there is the possibility that anger and … Continue reading

New York axe-attack nutter goes for police officers, and it seems that there is an Islam connection.

There has been an attack in the Queens district of New York City by an axe-weilding maniac and although we may wish that this fraggle was not inspired by Islam, an Islamic inspiration for this crime cannot be ruled out. … Continue reading

Russell Brand is the worst sort of clown, he’s rich and fools give him a platform.

We are all getting used to the champagne socialist Russell Brand gobbing off in the media and promoting his own sort of toytown socialism, his behaviour has become much more funny than his comedic material. However, he has recently come … Continue reading

From Elsewhere: David Murray on Anjem Choudary

Some people have difficulty in knowing how to treat the Islamist Anjem Choudary. Should he be treated as a joke, a gobby fool someone to mock mercilessly but ultimately no problem, or should he be treated as someone who is … Continue reading

Picture Post – Fun stuff – If Britain had politicians with real balls maybe this would happen?

Please Note: This image is in no way intended to encourage people to fly Lancaster bomber aircraft over the top of mosques and drop bombs on them. It is purely a fantasy comic image.    For those who do not … Continue reading

Sheffield, is it the next Rotherham?

Sheffield may be 10 miles from Rotherham but already it is showing the signs that it may be suffering from the same Islamic Rape Gang problems as Rotherham has been afflicted with. There are similarities with Rotherham both in demographics, … Continue reading

Muslim Arab filth murders 3 month old baby and other Muslim Arab filth celebrate his action.

Almost everyday comes an example of how Islam is an ideology unfit to even share the same planet with civilised people or those with civilised beliefs. It has got to the stage when it is difficult to pick which example … Continue reading

Yesterday’s attack in Ottawa was an Islamic attack, of that there is now no doubt.

Pour le bénéfice des Canadiens de langue française, vous pouvez trouver une traduction en français ci-dessous la version en langue anglaise. For the benefit of French speaking Canadians you can find a translation into French below the English language version. … Continue reading