Just how big a can of worms is West Midlands Police sitting on?

  There was an extraordinary court case last month that does not encourage faith in the probity of West Midlands Police. Despite the force having a much publicised and loudly trumpeted policy of cracking down on child sexual exploitation, their … Continue reading

The French are finding that more Islam equals more violence and more death.

http: A country experiencing a sudden influx of Hindus, Buddhists, Jews or Sikhs, would probably be acquiring many individuals who are potential industrialists, traders, soldiers, doctors, philanthropists and scientists. This has been proved true both in Britain and the United … Continue reading

From Elsewhere: More wise words form Nick Cohen

In this thought provoking piece by the Centre-Left writer Nick Cohen and published in the latest Standpoint Magazine, the writer blames the Left for bringing problems upon themselves. Mr Cohen said that the results of decades of appeasement, by the … Continue reading

The greatest danger to Muslims, is other Muslims.

Across the world in places like Pakistan, Sudan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq and Somalia, Muslims are at risk of attack. But they are not threatened by annihilation from Americans or Israelis or Britons. They are not being put in … Continue reading

After the Sydney siege, the Australians will have to accept that they, like all of us, have an enemy in Islam.

The American writer and journalist, Irving Kristol once described a neo-conservative as a liberal who has been mugged by reality. It’s a pretty good description of a journey, from political Left to political Right that many of us have taken. … Continue reading

The Sydney Siege, looks like another zombie inspired by Islam. 

At the time of going to pixel, a Jihadist is still holding hostages, 15 men and women, according to one Twitter report from Chris Reason of Channel Seven News Australia. So far five hostages have managed to escape or been … Continue reading

An ideology that forbids female faces is an ideology that oppresses women.

Extreme misogyny can be a feature in many different religious beliefs, but often this extreme misogyny is confined to those who could reasonably be described as extremists. Not so with Islam where an extremist interpretation of the doctrine of ‘aniconography’, … Continue reading

A truly frightening attack on parental rights.

The British Conservative party once had an election poster, shown above, that said that Socialism would mean a government, local authority inspector or other unwanted prod-nose in every home. Recent legislation passed by the Scottish Parliament and supported by the … Continue reading

Friday Night Movie, number 37 – The 39 Steps.

There have been a few versions both on stage and on screen of John Buchan’s rip roaring yarn about a foreign government’s espionage plot against Britain. Howver, this version from 1935, directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring Robert Donat, is … Continue reading