From Elsewhere: Whether in Jerusalem or Iraq or London, the hand that holds the sword is the hand of Islam.

An excellent article from Daniel Greenfield of Front Page Magazine. In it he expounds on the futility of trying to appease or make deals with Islamic terrorists and extremists. He makes the very valid point that no nation on earth … Continue reading

Terror arrests – Oh surprise, surprise, they appear to be Muslim

Three men who have been charged with terror offences after being arrested prior to Remembrance Sunday have been named, and it will be no surprise to many that these alleged offenders are apparently Islamic.  What was that we keep getting … Continue reading

From Elsewhere: Court orders group of Muslim men to stay away from young girls and children.

One of the difficulties that the prosecuting authorities face when attempting to shut down Islamic Rape Gangs is the fact that often the victims and alleged victims of these gangs are too terrified of these Muslim thugs to give evidence … Continue reading

The Tell Mama group have been ‘bin riffling’ on Twitter again to attack critics.

Despite the Tell Mama group saying publicly that they believe that robust debate on religion is acceptable and justified, the moderate mask has slipped and their true agenda, which is attacking those who criticise Islam, is starting to be seen. … Continue reading

Would you let a burglar guard your unlocked house?

The answer to the above question is probably not, the risk of allowing a burglar to guard an unlocked house would be too great. Therefore why should anyone trust the Labour Party when it comes to controlling unwanted and unsustainable … Continue reading

The correct word to use is not ‘Asian’, but ‘Muslim’.

A recent report by the education and child care standards organisation Ofsted into the growing problem of gangs of organised sex criminals has made similar errors to other reports into this issue. They have used the word ‘Asian’ to describe … Continue reading

Jerusalem – Yet more evidence that there cannot be peace with Muslim Arab Savages

This morning in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, Arab savages armed with guns, axes and knives attacked a synagogue full of people peacefully praying. These Arab savages caused the death of at least four Jewish Israelis and by their violent … Continue reading

Why am I not surprised that this Jihadi Doctor was living in Walthamstow?

The news that a Muslim NHS doctor has skipped bail and fled to Pakistan to join the Taleban should surprise nobody who observes the Islamic world. So often we see cases of ‘peaceful’ Muslims realising what their ‘religion’ is really … Continue reading