Britain, shamed in the eyes of the world.

The revelation that Rotherham, and other places in the UK, have become areas where Muslim rape gangs have been able to abuse with impunity has quite rightly shocked the British people, but it has also shamed us in the eyes … Continue reading

From Elsewhere: Liberal Democrats replace one scumbag with another in Portsmouth.

  The Blue Guerilla website has revealed that the Liberal Democrats have chosen a new candidate to replace the disgraced Mike Hancock for the Portsmouth constituency. However instead of doing the right thing and replacing Hancock with a ‘clean hands’ … Continue reading

From Elsewhere: James Delingpole on the children’s charity that did little about Rotherham or other instances of child molestation by Muslims.

An excellent article from the polemical writer James Delingpole over at Brietbart. In this article he comprehensively trashes the reputation of the Barnardo’s children’s charity and how it has dealt with the issue of Muslim rape gangs over the last … Continue reading

The Silence of the Miliband.

At the time of writing there appears to have been no public statement by Ed Miliband the leader of the Labour Party about the industrial levels of sexual abuse by Muslims in the Labour run town of Rotherham. Since the … Continue reading

From Elsewhere: Brendan O’Neill on Rotherham.

There are some things written that when you read them can make the reader say, ‘By Jove! I think he’s got it.’ One such piece is this one by Brendan O’Neill the editor of Spiked magazine. He said that the … Continue reading

From Elsewhere: So what was Rotherham Council spending taxpayers’ money on, while Muslim rape gangs were operating?

Were they spending money on assistance for those traumatised by Islamic Grooming Gangs? No. What about reforming their Children’s Services departments? No again. During the time when Muslim rapists and sex abusers were attacking Rotherham’s children, the local authority spent … Continue reading

The Jay Report – The trafficking aspect of this case means that Islamic sex abuse could be affecting almost any town.

The revelations by the Jay Report into Muslim sexual abuse in Rotherham has brought into the public eye some pretty appalling information in the details now available. Not only did these Muslim savages rape, sexually abuse and violently assault these … Continue reading