A brief illustration of the legal double standard with regards Islam.

There has been a growing knowledge, and an increasingly angry mood among many people I speak to about the double standards that seem to be applied to sentences following criminal trials where Muslims are involved. Muslims seem to be getting … Continue reading

East London Mosque and Jihad promotion. No surprises there to see those two things linked?

Reading the news that a teenage ‘Jihadi-bride’, Sharmeena Begum was radicalised at a women’s group at the extremist linked East London Mosque will be of no surprise to those who know this organisation. It has constantly put on extremist preachers … Continue reading

Another Islamic outrage. Now the savages are threatening the relatives of our service personnel.

Part of the history of the last 20 years in Britain seems to have been the tale of one Islam-related outrage or failure to act on the part of government, after another. Firstly there was the inexplicable toleration on our … Continue reading

The Calais Invasion and the dismal response to it from the British government.

The situation in Calais is a mess, a complete mess. There have been days of rioting and instances of invaders storming or attempting to storm the Channel Tunnel entrance. The French police and French government seem unable or unwilling to … Continue reading

Use building illegally, whine loudly when rumbled and then get retrospective planning permission, it’s the Muslim way

Take over a building, use it illegally, whine loudly when rumbled and then get retrospective planning permission, then rinse and repeat until area completely ‘Islamified’ , it’s the Muslim way, we see it over and over again. If the ordinary … Continue reading

The Calais migrant crisis, it’s now a security problem that needs a military solution.

  The problem with the invaders camped out in Calais and their increasingly violent attempts to come to Britain is starting to move way beyond a problem that can be handled only by civil policing. It is a problem that … Continue reading

Time to revive Defence Regulation 18b?

  In a time of war, no nation wants to have supporters of their enemies wandering round unchecked doing who knows what. It’s common sense. You wouldn’t after all cook breakfast for a burglar you found in your house would … Continue reading

Muslim peace protesters are so pitiably few in number they wouldn’t need to meet in a Tardis, they could use a normal phone box.

  Question: What event is smaller than one would think it should be? Answer: A Muslim peace rally. This blog has often said that Muslims in the free world have failed the ‘Trafalgar Square Test’ which means that would they … Continue reading

This nation has a problem that can no longer be ignored.

‘London, we have a problem’ wasn’t something said by a famous astronaut in a damaged spaceship, but is something that many Britons are starting to say to this country’s distant political masters in London. Everywhere we look we see problems … Continue reading

……And another one gone, another one gone, another one bites the dust. Portsmouth Bearded Savage jihadi is killed.

News that another ‘British’ Muslim who had surrendered his humanity and joined the Jihad and had been killed brings the total of ‘British’ Muslims killed taking part in jihad to 50. That’s fifty problematic murdering Savages who are no longer … Continue reading