A very hearty welcome to Shariah Watch.

Fighting and speaking up against the encroachments of the racist and misogynist Islamic Shariah Law has previously been confined to those who have learned about and its negative effects. Many of us in this fight are outside of the Left-biased … Continue reading

The latest worthless and impractical plan to deal with ‘British’ Muslims travelling to Syria to fight Jihad.

There are some policies and statements that come out of Government and its agencies that make the reader say ‘what’s the point, it will never work’. One such policy is the Government’s latest ineffective plan to try to divert ‘British’ … Continue reading

From Elsewhere: Islam’s war with everyone

There is an excellent piece on the Front Page Magazine website by Daniel Greenfield on the subject of Islam’s intolerance of just about every other belief or ideology or way of life on the planet.  It is something that should … Continue reading

From Elsewhere: Another Bearded Savage Taxi driving peado sex offender what a surprise.

  The Edinburgh News is carrying the story of yet another taxi driving bearded savage nonce afflicting yet another of Britain’s girls. The Edinburgh News said: “A taxi driver who took a schoolgirl to a flat in his cab before … Continue reading

Labour Mike Gapes MP going after the foreigner vote and turning the hyperbole up to 11

  The MP for Ilford South in East London, along with the rest of the idiot left like Dan Hodges has been gobbing off about the recent high profile UKIP posters. In a statement on his website he went into … Continue reading

He would say that wouldn’t he? The ‘Trojan Horse’ plot – Islamic school governor objects to uncomfortable questions.

There is an interesting piece published today on the Sky News website by the reporter Adele Robinson on the subject of the Birmingham ‘Trojan Horse’ plot, where Islamic extremists have been accused of attempting to take over schools and turn … Continue reading

On Friday’s Regents Park mosque clash.

Nobody who has viewed the footage or read the accounts of the clash between Anjem Choudary and his band of bearded mental patients and various patriot groups outside the Regents Park Mosque in London cannot think that this is yet … Continue reading

Looking for yet another reason for not voting Lib Dem? Here’s another one, senior Lib Dems hobnobbing with the sordid mountebanks of Tell Mama.

The harsh light of publicity that has been thrown onto Britain’s Liberal Democrat party has done this mob no favours whatsoever. From sex scandals through fiscal irregularities to a fanatical enthusiasm for the European Union, wherever there is a wrong … Continue reading