British Neville Chamberlain Award for September 2014 – Surrey’s self-appointed ‘internet policeman’.

September has given us so many examples of blatant Islamopandering ranging from the Labour Party’s evasiveness about the perpetrators involved in the Rotherham sexual exploitation scandal, through to the Tories repeating the lie that Islam is a religion of peace. … Continue reading

From Elsewhere: The Home Secretary speaks with extreme dishonesty about Islam.

The conservative leaning commentator Douglas Murray writing in the Spectator magazine aims both metaphorical barrels at ‘Imam’ Theresa May’s dishonesty about Islam in her Conservative Party conference speech. Mr Murray said in his article: “Because although there were many things … Continue reading

Another reason not to vote Conservative in May 2015.

There are many people who may have voted Conservative in the past, but will do so no longer. Ex-Tory voters are beginning to perceive Cameron’s Conservatives as a party that is Conservative-in-name-only. The Tories spinelessness in dealing with the problems … Continue reading

Video: Something for the political anoraks.

Some very kind and thoughtful people have done something that delighted the political anorak part of me, and also made me consider the differences between the contemporary politics of the mainstream parties and that of the past. The delightful thing … Continue reading

Is there anyone decent left in the Labour party?

It’s a good question to ask. Since at least 1997, the Labour party has been tainted by a disdain for the aims of its founders. It has ceased to be the parliamentary representative for the working person, whether members of … Continue reading

A message to the Lefties. Do you feel lucky? Because if your ‘friends’ turn on you, you’ll need it.

For decades now, we have had to put up with representatives of the political Left punting round the dishonest phrase ‘Islam is a religion of peace’. Non-Left wingers know that this phrase is not true and neither is objection to … Continue reading

The Sunday Mirror, the Tory MP and the ignored elephant in the room.

The Daily and Sunday Mirror used to be a pretty reasonable newspapers. Granted, they have a heavy Labour bias and once employed Piers Morgan as editor, but to give it credit, it was the paper that was one of the … Continue reading

Friday Night Movie number 33 – Decision Before Dawn

Apologies for the two-week break in Friday Night Movies but I’ve been overwise engaged in visiting one of Labour’s more disagreeable Shariah Shitholes, and have not had much of a chance to put some movies up. Tonight’s offering is Decision … Continue reading

From Elsewhere: The Lies of Hamas are starting to be exposed.

The Islamic terror group Hamas has turned the Gaza Strip into a place of fear and death. Part of the reason why Israel has not carpet-bombed Gaza into the sand is possibly because the Israeli Government know exactly what Hamas … Continue reading

Support the Dover truckers – They have become one of Britain’s ‘front lines’ against ‘moochers’

The readers of this blog and other sources, probably cannot be unaware of the crisis in Calais where thousands of so-called ‘refugees’ are clamouring, often violently, to get to Britain and sink their teeth into the rich vein of Britain’s … Continue reading