I saw that there were sexual exploitation charges coming out of Rochdale and I said: ‘I bet these are mostly Muslim’

  …………and it turned out I was right. Because of a much greater awareness of the problems of Islamic Rape Gangs operating in many British cities and towns, Greater Manchester Police can no longer stick their heads up their backsides … Continue reading

Who’d have thought it, a Lib Dem pussy-footing around when it comes to Islamic hate preachers.

  The case of ‘Murdering Mohammed’ Emwazi’, otherwise known to the media as ‘Jihadi John’ has brought the subject of Islamic extremism on University campuses to a much higher public profile. For years various groups and individuals ranging from bloggers … Continue reading

Sorry, as hard as I try I really can’t give a toss about teenage Jihadists.

  For weeks now the mainstream media has tried to make us all feel sorry for the three teenage girls who sneaked out of the UK and went off to join the savages of ISIS. As far as broadcasters like … Continue reading

An acorn is planted and the opposition show the ugly face of their ideology.

  The first UK Pegida demonstration has taken place in Newcastle in the North East of England and although it was small, as initial demonstrations often are, and to my mind was significant for two reasons. Firstly, there is the … Continue reading

Qureshi told such dreadful lies………

Qureshi told such dreadful lies, which made one gasp and stretch ones eyes Sky News which from its earliest youth, had once a strict regard for truth Allowed Qureshi much free reign to let him dishonestly spread the blame and … Continue reading

There seems to be an awful lot of potential ‘sudden jihad syndrome’ to worry about.

There has been a recent and much discussed opinion poll of British Muslims undertaken by the ComRes organisation for their client, the BBC. Unfortunately for those at the BBC who keep on telling us that that Islam is all fluffy … Continue reading

The Liberal Democrats and the ‘Windscale’ policy of one of their candidates.

Question: What does a government do with a steaming great pile of sweaty nuclear facility that once had a nuclear pile catch fire and cause one of the most serious atomic accidents in history? The answer is they change the … Continue reading