Rahman is not the only one.

Although the news from London that the outrageously bent Islamist supporting Muslim mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Raman, has been found guilty by an electoral court of bribery and corruption and was disqualified from standing again is very welcome, it … Continue reading

Great News! Bent Muslim Mayor guilty of corruption and bribery

The disgusting Islamic mini-state of Tower Hamlets in East London has been and unfortunately still is a running sore on the face of British politics. For far too long Muslims have been allowed to turn this area which was once … Continue reading

Dear ‘Save The Children’……..

Your organisation has been very active of late calling for rescues of illegal immigrants who are attempting to cross from North Africa. Your organisation has been indulging in an epic bout of shroud-waving about the deaths of migrants/refugees/invaders (delete according … Continue reading

Yet more evidence that it’s not the fault of ‘a tiny minority of extremists’

  Whenever there is an Islamic atrocity or whenever some Jihad-fan gets nicked on their way to some violent Jihad zone there are often statements made by those from the Islamic community and from non-Muslim Quislings to the effect of … Continue reading

Now that’s why Pakistan is a S***hole volume 35

Anybody who observes Pakistan cannot fail to see that it is a top line, first class example of an Islamic shithole. Pakistan, a nation carved out of the sub-continent of India in order to be a home for South Asia’s … Continue reading

What a shame, it looks like the jihadi ‘floaters’ are coming back to the UK

  Do you have a feeling of annoyance when you flush the toilet and the effluent just refuses to disappear down the sewer, but instead stubbornly returns to the loo bowl? If so you will probably feel a similar emotion … Continue reading

Dear Thames Valley Police……..

………….Your force is currently wringing your hands and shroud-waving over a family of Islamic Bearded Savages from Slough in Berkshire, who are in your words ‘currently making their way to Syria’ and you are assisting in efforts to return the … Continue reading

Yvette Cooper shows why Labour should not be trusted on immigration.

  The last Labour government presided over what can be described honestly as an immigration disaster. They opened the borders to such an extent that the number of those entering the UK dwarfed all previous waves of immigration. Labour let … Continue reading