Rabbi attacked in Gateshead, Islamic Bearded Savages charged with assault

. After an attack on a Rabbi in Gateshead, UK earlier this month, police have finally apprehended some suspects and charged them with racially aggravated assault. It will come as no surprise to anybody who reads these pages that the … Continue reading

Jihadi Savages block London’s Blackwall Tunnel in support of Hamas and ISIS.

The number of those who are still under the illusion that Islam is a religion of peace must surely dwindle after viewing the pieces of video below, and seeing the accompanying photographs above. On Monday morning on the 28th July … Continue reading

Labour will always give you more.

Ed Miliband recently gave a speech decrying the fact that not only was politics becoming all style over substance, but that he, Miliband himself, was not someone who came from ‘central casting’. He also recently asked voters tolook behind his … Continue reading

No s**t Sherlock – Alliance for Workers Liberty supporter shows his naivety.

If there was a scale from one to ten measuring naivety then Daniel Randall writing on the Alliance for Workers Liberty website must surely be up there on 8 or 9. However a score of 10 on this scale should … Continue reading

From Elsewhere: No limit in sight to what Islamic apologists will excuse.

Those non-Muslims who appease or excuse the often brutal and destructive excesses of the ideology of Islam are sadly a feature of our times. There seems to limit to what these excusers will excuse, no depravity too great that cannot … Continue reading

From Elsewhere: The invisible Islamic moderates

A first class article from Douglas Murray in the Spectator.  Where are the moderates?  Where are those from the Muslim community who will admit that there are problems?  Mr Murray is right, silence on the issue of jihad, or in … Continue reading

From ‘Evenin’ All’ to ‘Allah hu Akbar’. Medieval Islamic savagery takes over former police station in Chadwell Heath in Essex.

The Islamification of the London Borough of Redbridge continues apace, aided and abetted as readers can see from other articles on this site (see links below) by the local Labour Party. However Labour are not the only entity that is … Continue reading

One incident in Gaza throws up an important question for all Britons.

The sighting by journalists of the Washington Post, of missiles being carried into a Gaza mosque during a humanitarian ceasefire called in the current Gaza conflict, shows us that Islamic terrorists will quite cynically exploit the idea that we, as … Continue reading

It’s the Islamic terror loving Liberal Democrats.

It’s been a while since I’ve stuck the boot into the Liberal Democrats, I know it needs to be done but there has been other stuff to write about. Besides that they took such a pasting during the May 2014 … Continue reading