Good News! Another Portsmouth based ‘British’ Jihadi dead.

The most appropriate way to begin this piece is by saying ‘goodbye and good riddance’. It appears that Manunur Roshid, 24 of Portsmouth has been killed whilst fighting on the side of Jihadist fascists in Syria. Britain’s house organ of the … Continue reading

Video – Pat Condell gets it right about the pointlessness of the ‘two state solution’

  The atheist commentator Pat Condell is well known for cutting through the crap when it comes to the ideology of Islam, and in this video he has really excelled himself. Those of us who have been observing the Arab/Israeli … Continue reading

From Elsewhere: Islamic burial practices spreading Ebola in Africa.

Although this is a uncomfortable subject for the mainstream media, who have failed to document it or publicise it properly, it appears that Islamic burial practices are responsible for spreading Ebola in those African states afflicted by it. In an … Continue reading

The problems in our local councils do not begin or end with Joyce Thacker.

When the head of child protection in Rotherham, Joyce Thacker, resigned from her post following the uncovering of the scandal of Islamic rape gangs many of us expected that she would get some sort of pay off. What we did … Continue reading

Ofcom, have they lost control of the FM band in London or is political correctness influencing frequency policing?

  Work and other matters often takes me to London and while there I listen to the radio whilst driving round from place to place. I’ve noticed that there has been a huge jump in the amount of ethnic minority … Continue reading

Now it’s Jihad by car. (Updated)

Update: Sadly one of the Canadian soldiers who was mown down by the Jihadist Savage has according to this news report now died. The thoughts of all civilised people will be I hope with the family  of the soldier who … Continue reading

Video – Demo against Shariah Law, Hyde Park London

On Sunday 19th October there was a demonstration, the first of many it is to be hoped, that have been planned by the group MARIAS, which stands for Mothers Against Radical Islam and Shariah. To see footage from the event … Continue reading

The Didcot fire and the questions it raises

At the time of writing it is not known whether the fire that has devastated the Didcot ‘B’ power station in Oxfordshire was caused by accident, poor design or by some act of malicious intent such as terrorism. The police … Continue reading

From generation to generation, the Labour party and socialist teachers have failed our children.

The Labour Party and the left-aligned teaching profession have failed our children. They’ve failed them not just in one generation but in many. From the disastrous experiment with progressive ‘child-centred’ education that was kicked off by the Plowden Report in … Continue reading