On the 22nd May 2013, Britain changed forever.

On this date two years ago, at this very time, 2:20 in the afternoon, an event occurred that started the process of changing Britain forever. It was the time, as many will no doubt recall, when Fusilleer Lee Rigby was … Continue reading

It’s nice to know that the propaganda doesn’t always work.

For many years now British schoolchildren have been subjected to a barrage of pro-immigration and pro-Islam propaganda. From the teachers at the chalkface right up to the academic educationalists, the message has gone out that ‘diversity is strength’ even though … Continue reading

It’s not my fault I’m in trouble says George, a big Jew did it and ran away.

  There are very few things that can be completely relied upon in this life, cars break down, trains encounter the wrong sort of rain and airlines can be afflicted by strikes. However, thankfully, despite all that can go wrong … Continue reading

If you only want half the story, then why not try the BBC.

Recently I spent some time with some friends whose preferred choice of news broadcaster is the BBC. Therefore, as it was a case of ‘their gaff their rules’, I had a chance to observe the BBC over the period of … Continue reading

‘The Muslim Dance’ – Making a claim of victimhood,followed by a threat of violence.

Last week Britons were subjected to the unedifying spectacle of the mistakenly ennobled Baroness Sayeeda Warsi speaking to The Independent newspaper with her forked tongue on the issue of tackling Islamic extremism. Sounding suspiciously like a hijab’ed Private Frazier from … Continue reading

From Elsewhere – Video. Ben Shapiro gives us and idea of just how many potentially violent Islamic nutters are out there.

Here is an excellent video from the conservative commentator Ben Shapiro. He gives us the numbers that shows us that the phrases ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ and ‘tiny minority of extremists’ are completely untrue. Mr Shapiro takes key … Continue reading

Worcester school political indoctrination row.

A political row has broken out in Worcestershire over a school allegedly politically indoctrinating young children into supporting the Labour party prior to the recent election. Now although there are suspicions of a local political smear because the alarm was … Continue reading

Leave the ‘Jihadi brides’ to rot.

It appears that the ‘British’ (in reality Somalians with a British passport) Muslim girls who went to Syria have had enough and want to come home. They married some Islamofascist fighters out there and now that these fighters have been … Continue reading