‘It’s an Islamophobic killing’ Oh no it isn’t.

  Many years ago I trained as a Court Reporter for a news agency and I started out by taking notes on Magistrates Court cases, which were then knocked into a much more readable shape by a trained journalist. It … Continue reading

Another ‘British’ Bearded Savage killed in Syria

  I have a healthy scepticism about all these claims that British Muslims are in Syria for ‘humanitarian’ purposes.  Many of them are not working for recognised humanitarian organisations but are there to fight both non-Muslims and those Muslims who … Continue reading

Fisking Ms Yaqoob over the Birmingham ‘Trojan Horse’ plot

  The former Birmingham Islamic politician and now spokesperson for the Birmingham Central Mosque Salma Yaqoob has been spouting Taqiyya (lying for Islam) in order to deflect public anger at the recently revealed ‘Trojan Horse’ plot where Islamic extremists are … Continue reading

News from Nigeria. Some good news at last

It seems that most of the 100 plus schoolgirls who were captured by Islamic jihadists after an attack on a school may have been set free in what appears to be a counter attack by Nigerian military forces. The Australian … Continue reading

The living definition of having balls of steel.

If you was to ask me what would be in a list of the ultimate acts of righteous Chutzpah then that list would most certainly include the name of one Fishel Bhenkhald. Mr Bhenkhald is attempting to do what to … Continue reading

Bearded Savage of the Day Number 83

We in the Western civilised nations have over many centuries developed a culture of free speech and freedom of religion. Although how this is expressed varies between different Western nations the principle is much the same in that people have … Continue reading

Christians do it, Jews do it, even sieve wearing Pastafarians do it, so why does Islam have this difficulty about ‘thou shalt not commit murder’?

The apologists for Islam will often point out either what they say as similarities between the Abrahamic faiths and Islam, or where Islam has borrowed from the books of Christianity and Judaism. However a brief look around the Islamic world … Continue reading

From Elsewhere: The family that slays together or assists killers is probably Islamic.

Two years on from the horrific murder of 7 people by the Jihadist Mohammed Merah we are starting to see just how much support this murderer has got from his own family. Normal people in normal families with normal beliefs … Continue reading

The Birmingham ‘Trojan Horse’ plot. Does anyone truly believe that this problem is only confined to Birmingham?

The ongoing coverage in the Daily Mail about the Trojan Horse plot by Jihadists and Islamists to take over schools in Muslim majority areas and turn them into extremist indoctrination centres is shining a light on a problem that I … Continue reading

להזדיין כוס Or in English “F**k off Beaker!”

It is a sign of Ed Miliband’s increasing desperation that he is now reduced to playing communal politics in order to gain votes, and it is plain to see that it is a laughably transparent attempt to get people to … Continue reading