From Elsewhere: So what was Rotherham Council spending taxpayers’ money on, while Muslim rape gangs were operating?

Were they spending money on assistance for those traumatised by Islamic Grooming Gangs? No. What about reforming their Children’s Services departments? No again. During the time when Muslim rapists and sex abusers were attacking Rotherham’s children, the local authority spent … Continue reading

The Jay Report – The trafficking aspect of this case means that Islamic sex abuse could be affecting almost any town.

The revelations by the Jay Report into Muslim sexual abuse in Rotherham has brought into the public eye some pretty appalling information in the details now available. Not only did these Muslim savages rape, sexually abuse and violently assault these … Continue reading

1,400 victims of Islamic grooming gangs in one British town alone.

The publication of the Jay Report into sexual exploitation by mostly Islamic gangs in Rotherham makes grim reading, for a variety of reasons. The first and primary reason is that this report shows that there have been 1,400 victims of … Continue reading

For ten years this jihad promotion centre was left unmolested by the police and others.

  If there ever existed, a community centre that regularily hosted meetings by the KKK or ran educational sessions praising the work of Oswald Mosley, then how long do you think that it would be before it was shut down? … Continue reading

Home Secretary, it’s not enough.

The news that the Jihad problem in Britain is getting worse, has been met with a flurry of actions from the Home Secretary, Teresa May, that come into the category of needing to be seen to be doing something. A … Continue reading

Hertfordshire police. One law for the supporters of Jihadi savagery another law for everyone else, or so it seems.

An indication of just how bent towards Islam that our police have become can be garnered from this tale about an incident that occurred in Bushey in Hertfordshire where socialists unfurled a terror flag and taunted members of the local … Continue reading

Sometimes it gets difficult to tell man from pig and pig from man.

Quote: “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” George Orwell Animal Farm 1945. My normal physical position when … Continue reading

Operation Sanctuary – more from the Islamic Grooming Gang problems in the North East of England 

The bald and necessarily emotionless words of the police press release quoted below are just another indication of how bad the current problems of Islamic sex criminals are, especially in the North East of England. Police have made 120 arrests … Continue reading

Taking the fight to the enemy in Denmark

The Danes have a place in folklore and history when it comes to fighting against Jew hatred. During the Nazi occupation in World War II, the Danes, both those in the collaborationist government and in the general population, resisted the … Continue reading