Now That’s Why Pakistan Is A S**thole Volume 41 – The uncharitable Islamic charities of Pakistan

‘Poor me, poor me, poor little Muslims’ is a cry we often here from Muslims, Islamic groups and apologists for Islam. Daily we hear Muslims whining that nobody likes them and that they are being oppressed by the big bad … Continue reading

From Elsewhere: Will Anjem Choudary wriggle off of the hook?

This blog is normally loathe to comment on sub-judice matters as there is a danger that a trial could be prejudiced. However, as this concerns Anjem Choudary, who has put himself in the public eye and is more than a … Continue reading

I told you this would happen! Woodford edition.

This blog has, with the assistance of sources, most of whom by necessity have to remain anonymous, published quite a few stories about the London Borough of Redbridge, and especially the problems with Islamificaiton that are occurring there. Therefore it … Continue reading

The Germans really do appear to have had enough of their government’s immigration policy.

The other day I saw a striking figure quoted by a libertarian Tweeter, Old Holborn, who said that the Germans, who are rapidly getting pissed off with their government dumping thousands upon thousands of mostly Islamic economic migrants in their … Continue reading

Video – ‘The Passion of the Tard’ – ungrateful, violent Muslims riot in Germany

  I’m grateful to the Gates of Vienna site for this piece or rather the video that they have put up on their website. The background to the story is a bunch of Islamic savages were housed in a refugee … Continue reading

Labour leadership election – It’s not the Tory entryists that Labour, and the rest of us, need to be worried about.

There is much fuss being made in the media and by the Labour Party itself over the looming disaster that is the Labour leadership election. A vague idea from Acting Leader Harman about broadening the base of Labour by selling … Continue reading

From Elsewhere – Police harassment warnings and how to evade and challenge them.

An excellent article from the Crimebodge website containing yet more information that Britain’s police forces would dearly wish the average civilian didn’t know. It is plain for many to see that too many British police forces have become corrupt and … Continue reading

Have a look at the Herefordshire Diversity Officer’s latest vanity project.

This blog has published an extensive number of stories about a guy called Neville Meredith, formerly the Diversity Officer of Herefordshire County Council and his quest to impose a mosque on the people of the county even though there appear … Continue reading

I’m not a terrorist, the gun just fell off the back of a lorry and I was going to use it for something else.

Although these are not the exact words of the Bearded Savage Muslim picked up for the latest assault on the free world, the attack on the Paris – Amsterdam train, this appears to be the laughable gist of his defence. … Continue reading