Maybe it’s time for the police to help us, the public, with our enquiries? Why not try to get this plod to help you with your enquiry?

The accountability of South Yorkshire Police’s Rotherham district officers seems to be growing less and less by the day. Members of the public who are contacting Rotherham police officer Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin via Twitter to ask why there was … Continue reading

Why are the BBC still giving airtime to this whining porkie pie seller?

I was not surprised but very disappointed to see the BBC are still giving airtime and bandwidth to Fiyaz Mughal and his Tell Mama organisation. Although of course I agree with his statement that it was wrong for the terrorist … Continue reading

From Elsewhere: The petty martinets in our education system.

Since the election of a Labour givernment in 1997, there has been a steep rise in instances of petty authoritarianism by public servants. Those whose wages are funded by the taxpayer appear to have forgotten just who they are being … Continue reading

A robust response to Australia’s psychotic murderous Jihadi problem.

Australia is known by some as ‘the lucky country’. It is blessed by abundant natural resources, unique flora and fauna and has excelled in sporting prowess. The Australians themselves have by their hard work and determination, built Australia into a … Continue reading

Shaun Wright gone at last.

Shaun Wright, the embattled, utterly discredited Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire, and subject of this blog’s British Neville Chambelain Award for August has, at last, resigned. His resignation will not and should not be enough. If there was … Continue reading

A form letter every concerned British parent should consider using in some way.

  There has been much publicity lately about the danger posed by the ideology of Islam, and especially from its followers, to our children and young people. The shocking figures for Muslims involved in sex slavery, gang rape and paedophilia … Continue reading

After 1,400 rapes by Muslims in Rotherham, this mosque could be said to have got off lightly with just a broken door.

The public anger over the 1,400 rapes by Rotherham’s Muslims and the collusion in these offences by the local Labour party, Lefist, and police Establishment shows no sign of abating, and nor should it abate. To quietly accept a situation … Continue reading

Another murder that has everything to do with Islam, yet David Cameron tries to tell us otherwise.

The beheading of British aid worker David Haines by the Islamic savages of the so-called Islamic State is yet another example of the danger posed to all of us by the ideology of Islam. David Haines was not a soldier … Continue reading