From Elsewhere: A gay man who is not part of the baying Left crowd.

This piece is really worth reading. It’s from a blog called Mattaspie and it sums up the difference between the ‘baying LGBT mob’, ( who sadly end up contributing to far too many policy forums, and have an undue and … Continue reading

More evidence that Islam not only isn’t peaceful but that too many of its adherents are dangerous fifth columnnists.

For a ‘religion of peace’, whose members, so we are told by Muslims and their non-Muslim Quislings, are fully committed to living in an inclusive, open society, Islam certainly seems to be producing a lot of people who would be … Continue reading

From Elsewhere: We need a MoToon competition so that we can show that the Shariah S***heads will not shut us up.

An excellent piece from Ann-Marie Waters of Shariah Watch published in Brietbart London on the importance of defying those who wish to shut down free speech.  MoToons equals freedom but censorship of MoToons equals oppression. “I get asked a lot … Continue reading

The scrambled moral compass of the Muslims and police of Epsom

Sometimes I think that I’m hard boiled enough to ignore the whining from Muslims about how hard done by they are. When you’ve seen them get all arsey about ‘Islamophobic parking policies’ it’s easy to assume that they cannot sink … Continue reading

Chelmsford Weekly News – Going after the wrong angle in a story.

   Please Note: There is an update/addendum to this story at the bottom of the page. Being a journalist can sometimes be a thankless task. You are almost universally seen by the public as insensitive, intrusive, dishonest, cynical, and on … Continue reading

Rotherham Muslim taxi drivers call the Whaaaaambulance over CCTV in their cars.

In an example of unbridled chutzpah, many of the taxidrivers of Rotherham are objecting to having CCTV fitted to their cars following the horrific Islamic Rape Gang scandal that is affecting Rotherham. The cameras are being fitted to taxis and … Continue reading

The Tell Mama group claim that pointing out how Muslims are killing Muslims is anti-Muslim.

We in Britain have heard rather a lot, some would say too much, from the mendacious grievance mongering Taqiyya artists of Tell Mama and its leader and founder Fiyaz Mughal, a man of such ‘interesting’ character traits that it would … Continue reading

If Tunisia can close troublesome mosques, why cannot Her Majesty’s Government do the same?

Since the Arab Spring uprisings, Tunisia has found that there are a lot more Jihadists or potential jihadists in their population than many observers may have thought existed. Tunisia has been heavily penetrated by Jihadists and according to a BBC … Continue reading