If you live in the South Yorkshire Police area, remember your vote today is important.

  Rarely has there been a situation that shows the importance of voting.  For over a decade the Labour party establishment in the towns and cities of South Yorkshire allowed and then covered up, a staggering level of sexual abuse … Continue reading

Picture Post – Something to think about – How about declaring every day Independence from Islam Day? Start today.

The ideology of Islam is creeping unbidden and unwanted, into the lives of many people, including many non-Muslims. This is happening through, amongst other things, the imposition of Halal food, the ongoing problems in Britain caused by bent Muslim postal … Continue reading

From Elsewhere: A first class article from Nick Cohen

As someone who is a great admirer and avid re-reader of Nick Cohen’s ‘What’s Left?’ an excoriating attack on the pro-Islam Left I am brimming with admiration for this latest article by him published by the Guardian. Here it is … Continue reading

Excellent news! The second Portsmouth Jihadi in a week gets killed.

Click the above embedded video for an appropriate tune to accompany this post. Another one bites the dust. May there be many more. News has come in that another Jihadi from Portsmouth has been killed by counterjihad forces in Syria. … Continue reading

Have we replaced the ‘Bloody Code’ with an ‘Islamic Code’? Or another Ham-bush, this time in Ellesmere Port.

It is a vital component of a free and democratic society that when people have worries or concerns about something that they are listened to. When these concerns are not listened to then there is the possibility that anger and … Continue reading

New York axe-attack nutter goes for police officers, and it seems that there is an Islam connection.

There has been an attack in the Queens district of New York City by an axe-weilding maniac and although we may wish that this fraggle was not inspired by Islam, an Islamic inspiration for this crime cannot be ruled out. … Continue reading

Russell Brand is the worst sort of clown, he’s rich and fools give him a platform.

We are all getting used to the champagne socialist Russell Brand gobbing off in the media and promoting his own sort of toytown socialism, his behaviour has become much more funny than his comedic material. However, he has recently come … Continue reading

From Elsewhere: David Murray on Anjem Choudary

Some people have difficulty in knowing how to treat the Islamist Anjem Choudary. Should he be treated as a joke, a gobby fool someone to mock mercilessly but ultimately no problem, or should he be treated as someone who is … Continue reading