Economically illiterate, politically naïve and dangerously stupid. Seems like a fair description of the Green Party.

I’m not the greatest fan of the BBC, I get tired of the constant injection of left-wing muppetry into drama, documentaries and history programmes or the shoe-horning of climate change propaganda into nature shows. I normally reserve the most contempt … Continue reading

Ofsted, the arrogant Quango that has now gone beyond parody.

There are some stories about the arrogance and intrusiveness of some of the organs of the British state that make one gasp and stretch ones eyes. This particular example of a state agency nakedly pushing a political agenda is one … Continue reading

From Elsewhere: We need to talk about Islamic anti-Semitism.

This ‘From Elsewhere’ selection is from Daniel Greenfield of Front Page Magazine. He writes about how the issue of Islamic anti-Semitism is not discussed anything like as much as it should be. Although the ideology of Islam is a threat … Continue reading

A few hand-wringing letters is not going to be enough to solve this particular problem.

The mainstream media, notably LBC and Sky News, have splashed quite heavily on the story of the letters sent to 1,000 British mosques asking them to do a bit more to root out jihadists and other extremists. These letters from … Continue reading

Question: How many Muslims does it take to change a lightbulb?

‘Zionist Plotter’ mugs are available via the Fahrenheit 211 Shop ………Answer: None. They prefer to sit in the dark and blame the darkness on the Jews. This is another joke that has a grim element of truth contained within … Continue reading

Now That’s Why The Whole Islamic World Is A S***hole.

Like the uneducated and benighted Bearded Savages of Pakistan who’ve rioted in their thousands in Pakistan over the CharlieHebdo cartoons, some other part of the Islamic world have also decided to ‘Riot for Mo’. In Algeria and Niger, people rioted, … Continue reading

Now That’s Why Pakistan is a S***hole Volume 38 – Backward Savages riot over cartoons and soil their own midden.

Pakistan is a nation that has been progressively ruined by Islam. It is Islam that has created a society where nobody can even think of questioning the tenets of Islam because it is too dangerous to do so. It is … Continue reading

Papal Bull……

…….Or should that read Papal bullshit? Pope Francis waded into the debate on free speech and firmly ploked himself down in the camp of the Jihadists who kill to silence opinions. By telling people that religion should be off limits … Continue reading