Bearded savage of the Day number 3

A brief sojourn to Afghanistan (if the country’s name ends in ‘Stan’ then it’s more than likely to be an Islamic shithole) and our hall of shame today is the brother (and probably a few other prehistorically aligned Afghans as well) of the young woman mentioned in this NPR story which is linked.

What sort of a society or culture creates an environment where women are threatened with having acid thrown in their faces if they learn to read or want an education?

Would it be a society that values women at much less then men, that confines them to the home, that equips them with mobile canvas prisons for the rare times that they are allowed outside. A culture based on Islam does this.

“Ehsanullah Ehsan, who is director of the Kandahar Institute of Modern Studies, where some 800 girls go to school, says Rahmaniya’s case is not unique. He adds that societal taboos are oftentimes as problematic for his students as the Taliban.

“There are many other threats … extremist threats, warlord threats, tribal lord threats, family honor threats, because still there are families in which education is an honor problem. So these women who are coming here, they are brave to come here for an education,” he says.”

Lovely society, not, I cannot see anything there that is worth emulating. The frightening thing is there are a lot of idiot lefties who will say nothing about this for fear of offending cultural sensitivities.

Well I say bugger cultural sensitivities lets be honest and call evil by its name shall we.