After the Sydney siege, the Australians will have to accept that they, like all of us, have an enemy in Islam.

The American writer and journalist, Irving Kristol once described a neo-conservative as a liberal who has been mugged by reality. It’s a pretty good description of a journey, from political Left to political Right that many of us have taken. Different people may experience different triggers that start them out on a change in political view. For some it could be realising that non-contributory welfare is sometimes creating more problems than it solves or that multiculturalism isn’t working or that maybe giving people more freedom may be better than concentrating power in the central state. It can also mean people realising that just because an ideology says it is a religion of peace, doesn’t mean that it behaves like that in reality.

Today, tragically, it is the turn of Australia to be mugged by reality and experience what far too many of us have had to experience. The business district in Sydney now shares something in common with Mumbai, Madrid, London, New York, Jakarta and a whole host of other places that have been afflicted with Islam inspired terror. The people of Australia have now seen what just one nutjob Jihadist can do, let alone what a gang of such crazies, as happened in Mumbai for example, could achieve.

I would not wish Islamic terror on anybody. Having been caught up on the periphery of the aftermath of an Islamic terror attack, I would not wish this evil on anybody. However, is to be hoped that this tragic event in Sydney goes some way to helping to wake up the people of Australia to the danger posed by Islam and its often corrupt, oppressive and violent behaviour.

This case should cause Australians to ask questions of their government, about their legal system and most notably why this particular Bearded Savage hostage taker, who was so high-profile and with an arrest record as long as your arm, was allowed to roam so free? Australians may also want to ask just how widely accepted jihadist ideas are within their own Muslim communities. The experience of other nations in this area is not encouraging, with an ICM Survey in 2006 showing 20% of British Muslims having sympathy for the politics and ideology that drove the July 7th 2005 London Bombers. Australia should also learn from Britain’s experience with Islam that appeasement does not work. In Britain our governments pander to Islamic demands for this that and the other, or listen to the whines of various Islamic snake oil salesmen, about how it is ‘Islamophobic’ for the police to be robust when dealing with Islamic sedition and terror. Despite this pandering, the terror threat has not only not gone down, but is worse. Feeding the Islamic crocodile doesn’t make it less hungry, it just makes it more ravenous, a lesson that the Australian Left, like the British Left, has yet to learn.

Islamic terror has rarely come to Australian soil and the shock of this attack could take sometime to subside, if one particular news report is anything to go by. A news channel was carrying an interview with two young Australian men who had been evacuated from the immediate area of the hostage incident. What struck me was their incredulity that someone would want to attack Australia and Australians in this way. Why, was the question they asked, but the interviewer, bound by their duty to merely help to tell the story, could not give them an answer. However the answer is plain and clear, the cafe in Martin Place, Sydney was attacked by someone motivated either in whole or in part, by the ideology of Islam.

Australia’s Islamic enemy is also the enemy of all civilised peoples, and the quicker we all realise that the better. After mourning the innocent dead and celebrating their heroic attempts to disarm the Bearded Savage hostage taker and protect others, should come an awareness of just which ideology and a significant number of its followers, wants you and me dead, enslaved or oppressed.

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  1. which islamic attack did you face as you mentioned? just curious.

    • Fahrenheit211 | December 16, 2014 at 9:29 am |

      I was caught on the periphery of the 7/7 attack on London by Islamic terrorists. Although neither I or those close to me were injured, I’ll never forget waiting for emergency boat transport to get down river because all the tubes and most buses had been shut down. I’ll never forget the slow filtering out of information about what had happened during that terrible day, and the experience of desperately trying to phone my partner to let her know I was OK or seeing my colleagues doing the same with their families. I remember panicky security officers suddenly appearing throughout the workplace and being told via the PA system to stand by for an emergency evacuation. I cannot easily forget the fact that Muslims, brought up in Britain, had decided to use a 7th century ideology as a moral compass and used it to decide to kill other Britons. As I stepped onto the boat to take me home, I knew that neither London, nor myself, would be the same again. I datestamp the time when I became more cynical and realistic about Islam at from 5pm on the 7th July 2005. After that the term ‘religion of peace’ started to ring very hollow indeed.

      A more fuller story of my experiences of that day can be found here:

      • My sister was in Mumbai during the attacks..and so was my GF . I was scared shitless when I realised that the taj palace hotel was also attacked..a place we frequented a lot. Once I came to know my near ones were safe, the fear changed to rage. Which I could get those people …would hang them alive on a tree till their legs stop kicking. They are all dead now…supposedly enjoying the 99 virgins they are supposed to get.

  2. After the Cronulla riots, I am surprised the people of Sydney are so tolerant of the muslims.Even after the cafe killings they were offering to escort Muslims who were afraid of a backlash ( I wish ).Another aspect that bothers me, having watched the tv coverage several times, is that it was not ” women and children first ” when it came to getting the hell out of there.O.K. I was a long way off but I don’t think I could have left while there were still women there.

  3. my god, the muzzie lovers were realy quick out of the blocks to symaphise with the muzzies supposedly scared of a backlash.
    #illridewithyou was trending before the seige was even over.
    this is for a stupid individual thinking they are doing something good for world peace to combat intolerance towards other faiths
    this has been countered by

  4. Robert the Biker | December 16, 2014 at 12:10 pm |

    The latest article on Anna Raccoons site has a full screed about this piece of murderous shit; well worth a read. At least they killed the cocksucker, another good muslim, pity he was allowed to take two with him.
    Prepare for more of the same, until we are ready to give them tit for tat and attack their mosques and businesses as they attack our neighbourhoods and society, this will continue.
    Cato had it right – “Let them hate, so long as they FEAR”
    A pity we don’t have a few cohorts from the Legions nowadays….

  5. Vincent Bate | December 18, 2014 at 9:22 am |

    I was on early shift on the morning of 7/7 in South Kensington. I remember that day and the twelve mile walk home because public transport was at a standstill. I never had seen a low flying military helicopter over London until that day. Ever since I have known the reality of Islam. #illridewithyou? Get to f@ck!

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