Rochdale, it’s all going to explode.

Thanks to The Truth Hunter for the hat tip for this one.

It appears that the disgusting cover-up of Islamic noncing in Rochdale, Greater Manchester may have claimed its first scalp as the director of Children’s Services for Rochdale, Steve Garner, decided to fall on his sword and resign (probably before he was pushed). For me, being familiar to some extent with how local government works in Labour run disaster areas, it looks like this issue is going to really explode big time and the senior staff in Rochdale Children’s Services and the council as a whole are probably trying to put some distance between themselves and the consequences of their actions.

The Truth Hunter said:

“Rochdale council’s head of children’s services has resigned a week after a damning report into the care of victims of the town’s child sex grooming scandal.

Steve Garner, targeted services director for children, notified town hall staff of his decision this morning, we understand.

The council said he had handed in his resignation after a 29-page report by the Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Board exposed serious failings in the council’s treatment of victims who were in their care.

Nine men were jailed in May for exploiting girls as young as 13. The victims were routinely plied with drink and drugs and passed around for sex, a court heard.

Jim Taylor, Chief Executive of Rochdale Borough Council, said: “The council is undertaking a review of Senior Management and the Service Director of Targeted Services has decided that the time is now right for him to move on to a new challenge.”

New challenge! That’s a choice comment that is! Lets just hope that YOUR town isn’t his next port of call for when he fancies a ‘challenge’. It would be like putting Gary Glitter in charge of a crèche.

The Truth Hunter added:

“Jim Taylor, Chief Executive of Rochdale Borough Council, said: “The council is undertaking a review of Senior Management and the Service Director of Targeted Services has decided that the time is now right for him to move on to a new challenge.

“The last few years have been challenging and demanding for Children’s Social Care Services. The Service Director has been considering his options for some time, and following the Safeguarding Board’s thematic Review of Multi Agency Responses to Sexual Exploitation of Children, he believes the time is right to allow someone else to continue to take forward the recommendations.”

Mr Garner doesn’t seem to be leaving without the time-honoured custom of having his pockets stuffed with taxpayers cash being observed though.

The Truth Hunter continued:

“The payment made to the service director upon his leaving is no greater than the entitled contractual payments. The post of service director for targeted services has not been disestablished and therefore the payments made did not include a redundancy payment.”

Watching out to see where he goes next will be interesting, because although others in authority may trust him in a position of responsibility over the lives of vulnerable children and young people, I certainly don’t. Mind you there is probably another cushy and very well paid job available for him at some other crap Labour borough.


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  1. Robert the Biker | October 5, 2012 at 8:14 am |

    If the bugger turfs up anywhere near Stoke (where my daughters are) he will have a challenge he won’t forget in a hurry. Why is it that the more like a dick you behave, the better your job prospects get?

    • In local government there is a premium on dickheads. Also in local government especially Labour local government, there is always some taxpayer funded sinecure to go to as a bolt hole.

      I think that EVERYONE should keep an eye on this geezer to see where he goes next, it may not be into the exact same field but it may be in a related one.

      There needs to be a Royal Commission on Islamic infiltration and corruption in the UK.

  2. Why is he not on the “sexual offenders register”? After all, we have “Second hand cigarrette smoke….” so “second hand sexual offending”, ie, he ENABLED the offences, MUST exist….or?

    • LOL! Nice one. He is at the very least the sort of enabler who turned a blind eye. He may not have gone out and snatched young girls for abuse himself but his department turned a blind eye when bearded savages did it. Purely to avoid the council losing ‘multikulti’ brownie points.

      I hope he never works in the field of child protection again.

      I reckon he jumped in order to protect his pension and golden goodbye.

      There needs to be a public enquiry / Royal Commission into the events in Rochdale and elsewhere and Mr Garner’s evidence day will be interesting to say the least.

      • It will never happen. Though… for all the sweet-talk of “respect for religion, multicultural diversity and equality, fighting racism and challenging steroetypes etc etc etc”… you don’t honestly believe that western authorities have been overcome with Chronic Dhimmitude, do you ? Nope, it’s far, far simpler than that.

        The authorities drop their pants, bend over and grab ankles…and try to force the rest of us to… because they’re shit scared of what will happen if they don’t.

        That’s the bottom line and always will be.

  3. Tatty, I know about the chronic dhimmitude of the councils etc but the answer is not, as you implied to shake your head in disbelief and move on, the answer is to vote out those councillors and MP’s who are shilling or Islam. I agree with you though that there is an element of fear of reaction for challenging Islam among those who should know better and by kowtowing to Islam they show their moral cowardice.

    There is also I suspect, a fiscal element to all this. The Saudi’s put a lot of money into building and maintaining extremist mosques in the UK, I’m not so green as to believe that some of this money doesn’t go into either directly or indirectly on political corruption. It’s not as if the Saudis don’t have a track record for it either.

    • XX the answer is to vote out those councillors and MP’s who are shilling or Islam. XX

      And, the alternative is? Except for the BNP, there IS no other party that would do it any other way. Any that stick their head above the parapet immediately get their head blown off by the “nazi-bastard!” screamers from the Media. And within three months they are never heard of again.

      • The answer is definitely NOT the BNP for so many reasons (dodgyness and the calibre of their candidates are just two of them). The answer is to vote for independents.

        I know I bang on about making changes through the ballot box but I’d rather see the fight carried to Islam via a mainstream consensual method rather than seeing angry mobs with flaming torches – humanity has seen far too many of those.

        • Even to find an independent who is willing to stand up in this way and be counted, and THEN is able to survive the “nazi” name calling by the Press, could be rather difficult. AND, as an independent, he is only a token voice, with not a cats chance in Hel of ever getting any of his ideas into the law books, or local council ordonances, even.

          Aye. If you had twenty or thirty at once. But then they tend to get all “political”, arguing among themselves, as to who has the best tie, or something, and the whole “coalition falls apart.

          It happens regularly here as well.

  4. Robert the Biker | October 5, 2012 at 11:43 am |

    Nothing wrong with mobs and flaming torches, in moderation : )
    Bosnia had large numbers of muslims and so a fairly major conflict ensued; Bosnia is us in thirty years, get rid of the mutts NOW.

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