Wonders never cease – Here’s a leftwinger saying something I agree with

The Labour party supporter Dan Hodges who writes for the Daily Telegraph has spoken the words I and others would like to hear other leftwingers say, which sadly they probably will not do as much of the Left seems to be far too enthusiastic in  committing political fellatio with various groups of bearded savages.

Dan Hodges said:

I don’t have a balanced view of the current situation in Israel and Gaza. To me, the Israelis have been subjected to repeated attacks from Hamas, a proscribed terrorist organisation, and they are exercising their legitimate right to self-defence.

Others have a different perspective. They argue Israel is an illegal occupying power, that it is the Palestinians who are exercising their right of self-defence, and that, at the very least, the current Israeli response is disproportionate.

All of which is fair enough. I don’t agree with the latter view. But I respect people’s right to hold it.

That is unless they are producing the news on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. This morning, at the top of the 08.00 bulletin, I heard the following report:

There’s been no let-up of Israel’s bombardment of Gaza, as diplomatic efforts to secure a ceasefire gather pace. Air strikes and shelling from Israeli warships have continued throughout the night. Hamas says 18 Palestinians were killed, bring the total to 86 over the past six days. Three Israelis were killed last week. An Israeli newspaper says an air strike that killed 10 members of the same family in Gaza yesterday may have hit the wrong house. The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has called for an immediate end to the violence.

Debates about news bias are invariably fruitless. One side argues their point of view hasn’t been put across accurately, or with sufficient prominence. The broadcaster invariably counters that their report was robust, and both points of view were featured, though possibly with differing weight or emphasis.

This morning there was no such ambiguity. No room for argument, or debate. The top of the BBC bulletin was totally and utterly biased.”

Well said.  The Israelis have rightfully had enough of being attacked by bearded savages and have fought back and the BBC has been caught out in yet another episode of ‘bias in the newsroom’.

The BBC used to be known for a modicum of journalistic standards, now it just seems to be yet another distribution arm for the liars of ‘Pallywood‘.

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  1. Paris Claims | November 20, 2012 at 7:36 am |

    All this talk about “disproportional response is total bollox. If an act of agression is not met with a disprorportional response the agressors will continue until they win.

    • Spot on. I’m also fed up with this whine about ‘disproportional response’. Israel has tried to make peace,Israel has been attacked, Israel stayed her hand now Israel has to fight back.

      The arabs living in the area of the Levant then known as Mandate Palestine were offered the chance of their own country with MP being partitioned. They refused, not only did they want all of it they wanted the Jews dead.

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