Bearded Savages of the day number 37

Just when you think that things in Islamic culture cannot become any more bestial than they are, along comes something else that says ‘yes they can’.

An Afghan father rejected a suitors approach for his daughters hand in marriage and in revenge the suitor and the suitors associates murdered the girl aged 14 allegedly beheading her.

What makes this case even worse, is that the suitor and associates who have been arrested by Afghan police for the murder, were RELATIVES of the dead girl (Hmm!  That Islamic ‘cousin-cousin’ marriage thing again).

The BBC reports:

Afghan police have arrested two men accused of beheading a teenage girl with a knife in northern Kunduz province, officials said on Wednesday.

Prior to the attack, the girl’s father had rejected a marriage proposal for his daughter.

“Our investigation shows those who killed her were people who wanted to marry her,” police told the BBC.

Earlier this month, four policemen were jailed for 16 years for raping a young woman in the same province.

In the latest incident, the girl, who was about 14 years old, was carrying drinking water from a nearby well to her house in Imam Sahib district when she was attacked on Monday.

“People were harassing the family and asking for her hand. When she refused, they did this to her,” a police official told the BBC.

Senior Afghan officials and local tribal elders said the two suspects were close relatives of the girl.”



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