Justice, laid to rest by the Court of Appeal, 29th November 2012

One of the defining images from the riots in London and elsewhere in 2011, was the sight of CCTV images showing a Malaysian student being mugged by robbers pretending to be good Samaritans.

This disgusting behavior of helping him up onto his feet and then rifling through his bags was caught on CCTV.

However, despite being visible and identifiable on CCTV, the Court of Appeal quashed the convictions of the two men who were tried for the offence.

I’m completely disgusted by this, they were visible and identifiable, if not by facial features then by clothing or other distinctions.  I know Barking*, I’ve spent time there, the area around the station is very well covered by CCTV.  Yet still these people walk.  What is the point of having CCTV if it is disregarded like this.

Wrong, utterly wrong.

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*Barking used to be an OK working class area, now it has been negatively affected by generations of leftist local government and a rapid growth in bearded savages and other ponces.

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  1. Gobsmacked. This is wrong. So terribly wrong…

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