Now that’s why Pakistan is a S**thole Volume 7

I’ve written before how Pakistan is a complete and utter shithole if you are a women, a Christian, a dissenting Muslim or an ex-Muslim. Pakistan is the country where since 1947 bearded savagery of one sort or another has been allowed to hold sway and the effects are there to see.

Now comes yet another indication of civilisation fail from the Islamic cess-pit of Pakistan. The Pakistan Tribune reports that two women were shot with one killed and one injured by a man who accused them of having ‘a bad character’.

The Pakistan Tribune said:


Unidentified assailants on Saturday opened fire on two women on GT Road  near Hashtnagri, leaving one dead and the other seriously injured.

The women were standing on the roadside when armed men rode up on a motorcycle wearing helmets and opened fire at them in broad daylight.

They also reportedly tossed a letter next to the victims, which read: “those involved in immoral activities will be dealt in the same manner.” The assailants managed to flee following the attack.

The body of the deceased woman was shifted to Hashtnagri police station, but could not be identified as yet. The injured woman has been identified as Yasmin, wife of Namet, and a resident of Regi village. She was taken to the Lady Reading Hospital following the incident.

A Hashtnagri police official said the letter left by the attackers blamed the women for prostitution. Both victims are said to be at least 45 years old, he added.

“We are trying our best to establish the identity of the deceased woman. Yasmin said she knew nothing about the other woman,” maintained the police official, adding this was the first attack targeting women in the city this year.

Previously, several women were killed by Taliban militants in Michani in Yakatoot, Khazana and suburban Chamakani for possessing ‘bad character’.”

Truly Pakistan is regressing in its culture and political governance since independence in ’47 and abominations such as this attack can only confirm the view that it is the ideology of Islam that has impoverished the culture of Pakistan.


Original story from Pakistan Tribune

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