May Madness! This months ‘Neville’ has come early. Yet another useless, ‘useful idiot’

Councillor Eleanor Jackson, proof that stupidity and sedition are no bar to becoming a education professional nor a Labour councillor

.There has been a media storm both in the printed media and online over the craven and frankly gobsmackingly arse-licking appeasement of Islam, carried out by the Labour councillor in Somerset who banned the St George’s flag because it would offend Muslims. Councillior Eleanor Jackson of Radstock said that the flag was a right wing extremist one and that it would ‘offend some Muslims’.

Councillor Jackson’s statement was so creepy and appeasing that even the local Islamic group said it was stupid. A quick tip to Cllr Jackson, Islam wants you to beg and crawl like that after they’ve imposed a Caliphate, not before. You really have jumped the starting gun with that bit of appeasement haven’t you Cllr Jackson?

Because of Councillor Jackson’s idiotic statement she is very much in the running for this months ‘British Neville’ award.

When I read the story of Cllr Jackson’s behaviour I didn’t know who to think was the most stupid or misguided, the councillor herself or those who voted her in?

The Daily Mail in reporting the story said:

A Labour councillor said the red and white cross could upset people because of its links to the Crusades.”

The first thought that sprung into my mind when I read this was ‘So bleeding what’ that Muslims are allegedly offended by the flag of St George. The second thought was that Councillor Jackson needs to brush up on her history, as the Crusades were not an offensive war against Islam, as the Leftist historians say, it was instead, a defensive war waged against an Islamic enemy, that had conquered and enslaved significant parts of Europe and its people.

The Daily Mail added:

“Radstock resident Irene Burchell, 76, said: ‘The council does not speak for the people of Radstock, and it certainly doesn’t speak for me.”

Very true. Cllr Jackson is not speaking for the people of Radstock but for a small but loud coterie of authoritarian Leftists.  She has also by her idiocy brought shame on the town.

It is to be very much hoped, that at the earliest electoral opportunity, the voters of Radstock come to their senses and kick this grossly appeasing lunatic simulacrum of Lord Haw Haw off of the local council. Councillor Jackson’s Quisling-like behaviour towards Islam, even to the extent of denigrating one of Britain’s national flags, is indicative of just what is wrong with the unpatriotic, anti working-class, Post 1968 political Left.

Councillor Jackson is yet another reason why anyone with more than half a brain should never, ever vote Labour again. Don’t think that appeasing idiots like Councillor Jackson are only isolated fraggles, there are hundreds of such fools in Labour party branches up and down the country, and they are all working against you your families and your nation..

The only thing more frightening than the appeasement shown by Cllr Jackson is the thought that she is lecturing to impressionable students, who may be believing who knows what  rubbish.


Daily Mail article on the banning of the St Georges flag

Guido Fawkes coverage of this story with added personal insults about Cllr Jackson’s appearance.

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