Good political news. Liberal Democrats advance down the toilet

Nick Clegg will end up looking a lot more worried than this.

With the Liberal Democrats showing a polling result of 6% according to a Guardian poll, it looks like that party is rapidly going down the tubes.  With such a drop, and a demoralised party workforce unhappy at the compromises that Nick Clegg has had to make as part of a Coalition, the Lib Dems are probably going to take some very big electoral hits, especially if UKIP can keep showing good poll results and pull onside traditional Labour voters.  Many ex Labour voters are mightily pissed off with the pro-Islam, pro-immigration sleazy party that Labour has become and UKIP could be a benificiary of those ex Labour votes.

At 6% the Lib Dems must be starting to panic.


2 Comments on "Good political news. Liberal Democrats advance down the toilet"

  1. Paris Claims | June 3, 2013 at 8:55 am |

    I have been convinced for some time now that the majority of votes cast in the UK are spoiling votes i.e vote labour to stop the tories and vice versa. The Lib Dems picked up the votes of those who hated labour and tories equally. Now there is a genuine alternative the Lib Dems are screwed. My only concern is Farage is very silent concerning the R of P, at least that old duffer Pearson?? was clued up on the topic.

    • Fahrenheit211 | June 3, 2013 at 9:08 am |

      That is also my concern as well. However, Farage has to build a party infrastructure and it would be much more difficult to do if the ‘usual suspects’ were screaming ‘wacist’ every five minutes. Add on the generalised BBC bias and you have a recipie for a generalised smear on UKIP. Many of the problems that we have, such as excessive and unwanted immigration and similar problems cannot be dealt with unless Britain frees itself from both the EU and the ECHR. That must be the primary aim for UKIP.

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