‘Let’s Fisk Again’ – Another pop at Fiaz Mughal and his one man grievance industry

Would you buy a used car from this man?

The website Four Freedoms has a piece from March 2013 about the dire lack of evidence that the Islamic astroturf organisations Faith Matters and Tell Mama can come up with, with regards to anti Islamic attacks.  It seems that quite a lot of people question the veracity of data put out by these organisations.

Four Freedoms said:

So, after 12 months (and £214,000), the one-man grievance-mongering industry has produced no more than 2 “attacks” per day.  The worst “attack” was against a family  who were “forced from their Nottinghamshire home”.  They endured far less racist violence than my family endured from muslims last year.  Yet my family got no support from anyone except friends.

This is the same man who sponsored a report claiming EDL were racists.  The same man whose “conflict resolution” organisation (“Faith Matters”) has done nothing to criticise the muslim grooming gangs who have been concealed by the liberal-left, the media, and by muslims for the past 10 years.  A google search for any reference to “grooming gang” or “rape gang” on his “conflict resolution” organisation’s website returns zero hits.

His prime interest in conflict resolution is ensuring muslims are not the subject of criticism.

74% of the incidents in this “report” occurred online.  How many of them are provoked by muslims?  I have muslims message me online telling me I should be killed, raped, etc.  Where is the version of Tell Mama for everyone else?  Oh, I forgot.  FQMl is not interested in genuine conflict resolution, only insofar as such conflicts gets in the way of islamisation.”

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  1. If you read the mainstream media and in this case I am referring to a piece in the Telegraph where the journalist stated that there had been a major ‘spike’ in ‘islamaphobic’ attacks after the Lee Rigby murder. This is just putting out the same disinformation that this fellow is, but it is ingrained in the establishment. The MSM wonder why people are feeling disenfranchised?

  2. I started writing this a couple of months ago when mugzzy was telling every1 about what a success they have been over the year. Gilligan gave me a reason to finish it. some breakdown of his figues and how much £ per conviction


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