Liars Lose Loot

It seems that it is not just bloggers and journalists who have seen through the Islamic liars of the Tell Mama group.  Now it seems that civil servants and police have expressed concerns about the groups methodology and have terminated the groups taxpayer funding.  The big question is why were these shysters funded in the first place?  There are a lot more worthy causes who could have benefited from £214K.

Andrew Gilligan of the Telegraph said:

“A controversial project claiming to measure anti-Muslim attacks will not have its government grant renewed after police and civil servants raised concerns about its methods.

The project, called Tell Mama, claimed that there had been a “sustained wave of attacks and intimidation” against British Muslims after the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby, with 193 “Islamophobic incidents” reported to it, rising to 212 by last weekend.

The group’s founder, Fiyaz Mughal, said he saw “no end to this cycle of violence”, describing it as “unprecedented”. The claims were unquestioningly repeated in the media.

Tell Mama and Mr Mughal did not mention, however, that 57 per cent of the 212 reports referred to activity that took place only online, mainly offensive postings on Twitter and Facebook, or that a further 16 per cent of the 212 reports had not been verified. Not all the online abuse even originated in Britain.”

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3 Comments on "Liars Lose Loot"

  1. Furor Teutonicus | June 10, 2013 at 10:34 am |

    XX Not all the online abuse even originated in Britain.XX

    I can confirm that. 😉

    • Furor Teutonicus | June 10, 2013 at 10:37 am |

      ALSO, what do they claim is “abuse”?

      Remember, we are living in a society, weherby when your computer will not accetp HTML links, or on the many sites that just do not have the possibility, like this one, and you write in CAPITALS, for emphasis, you get accused of ranting, screaming, and bullying.

      • Fahrenheit211 | June 10, 2013 at 1:56 pm |

        Furor, you are correct. Groups like TM have a very broad interpretation of abuse.
        I agree also that there is a difference between using a few capitalisations for emphasis and using all caps.

        I think that a few caps for making a point is OK but all caps is annoying to read.

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