Ex-Muslims, their words and some resources

Those who read this blog regularily know that I do not hate individual Muslims and do not wish for them to come to any harm, I reserve my ire only the ideology of Islam. This is because too often the Islamic ideology does a good job of turning good people bad.  There are many people who have the misfortune to be born Muslim and who have been brought up to believe in the Islamic deity Allah, but wish one day to be free of Islam. Sometimes these Muslims by birth start to read and understand the Koran, in a language other than Arabic, and because of that, start to question their belief in Allah, their respect for Mohammed and the practice of Islam. There are also those who are mistreated because of Islamic custom and Shariah Law, and as they’ve seen the negative side of Islam, look again at the ideology, but with a very critical eye

I have immense respect for those ex-Muslims who escape and follow other more wholesome paths whether that be Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Atheism or whatever. Not only are they sometimes ostracised by family and friends for their questioning attitude to religion, but there is also the very real threat of being killed by other Muslims for leaving Islam.

Here are some videos and stuff from or about ex Muslims and some of the groups that support them. Support your local Ex-Muslim individual or ex-Muslim organisation, they really need and deserve the support of all those who respect freedom.

Links and videos

The Arab-American psychologist Wafa Sultan speaking of her examination of Islamic holy texts. She said: ‘it is impossible for someone to read the life of Mohammed and believe it, and yet emerge as a psychologically and mentally healthy person.’


Accounts of leaving what one contributer called a ‘horrible, horrible ideology’ what another called ‘a religion of tears and death’, especially for women.


Female former Muslim speaks of the misogyny in Islam and also quite rightly tells us to make the distinction between Islam the ideology and Muslims as individuals.


‘Tired of pretending to be a Muslim?’ Promo vid for the Council of Ex Muslims of Britain


There are lots of resources out there to assist those leaving Islam. Wiki Islam has a selection of them. If you are an ex Muslim, are choosing Atheism and are in the United Kingdom, then the Council of Ex Muslims of Britain may be helpful.

Wiki Islam


Apostates of Islam has lots of information that may be useful.


A round up of some of the ex Muslim groups in the EU can be found on the Former Muslims United site. The site also has links to other websites for Ex Muslims.


Refuge from Islam.  This may be helpful but appears to be more of an American organisation


Finally, if you are considering leaving Islam please remember that there are fraggles out there in the Muslim community who may well take seriously the commandment to kill the apostate so please be careful. Do not announce to all and sundry that you are leaving Islam and be very careful whom you trust with the information that you are leaving or have left Islam.

May you be blessed with freedom of thought instead of being cursed with mental slavery.