From Elsewhere: ‘Fakestinian’ Muslim man gets drunk, blames Israelis for drunkeness.


Excellent piece from the pro-Israel Elder of Ziyon blog. A ‘Palestinian’ man has alleged that members of the Israeli Defence Forces coerced him to drink wine and answer questions.

However, there is a twist in this tale, and that twist is the man from Pallywood was proved to be talking rubbish. He was already drunk when he approached the Army post. As the Elder of Ziyon post says, the phrase ‘the Israelis/IDF/Jews did it’ is used very much like the phrase ‘the dog ate my homework’.

Elder of Zion said:

An Israeli military patrol stopped Muhammad Khalil Abu Dayyah, 24, from the Safa neighborhood near Beit Ummar and forced him into a military tower at the entrance to Beit Ummar, said Muhammad Ayyad Awad, spokesman of Beit Ummar’s committee against Israel’s separation wall and settlements.

Abu Dayyah was being asked to give names of young men who participate in clashesagainst Israeli forces in the Hebron-district town, Awad said.

When Abu Dayyah refused to cooperate with the soldiers, they brought an intelligence officer who took out a list of names of young locals and asked him to identify them.

Abu Dayyah refused to give any information, and the intelligence officer pointed a rifle at the back of his head and ordered him to drink a bottle of wine.

However, when an Israeli news organisation looked into this, it turned out that nothing of the sort had happened:

Elder of Ziyon said:

After reviewing the incident, all indications show that the described event did not occur. Yesterday, a Palestinian who was apparently inebriated approached an army post near Beit Ummar. Using minimal, non-aggressive measures, IDF forces moved him away from the spot.

Military Sources: No active engagements took place between IDF forces and locals in the area in question during the last 48 hours.

Read the rest at Elder of Ziyon blog

So it sounds like the ‘Palestinian’ was inebriated enough to be noticable before he encountered IDF forces.

I wonder if Abu Dayyah woke up in the morning with a headache and thought:

‘what happened. I feel awful. Shit I got drunk! I shouldn’t have done that.’

How am I going to get out of this one?

I know I’ll blame the Jews, after all it has worked before and even better my Muslim neighbours will believe me and not slag me off for getting drunk’.

‘Yes that’s it, the Jews did it, the Jews did it the Jews got me drunk’.


You might not be able to make it up, but a Palestinian did.