Zanzibar has always been a place of savagery, what else can be expected of it.

Zanzibar, an island with a bloodsoaked Islamic past and a bloodsoaked Islamic present.

Two young girls, giving up their time to work voluntarily in a nursery, have found themselves the victims of Islamic savagery in Zanzibar. They were sprayed with acid by two assailants on a moped

Hopefully their injuries to the 18 year olds, Katie Gee and Kirstie Trup, will be treatable but they should never have set foot in an Islamic hell hole such as Zanzibar, especially not during the Islamic ‘religious violence season’, or Ramadan as it is otherwise known.

It appears that they had a few weeks earlier been hassled for ‘singing during Ramadan’ and had their face slapped by some random Muslim woman in Zanzibar for this. She expressed surprise that such a thing could occur and asked in a tweet ‘I’ve just been hit in the street by a muslim woman for singing during Ramadan, is that normal?’ Sadly such behaviour is all too normal for Islam and at Ramadan especially so. Violence is the endemic state that Islam exists in and we are sadly starting to see examples of this violence and intimidation on our own island.

Religious and other hatreds, and the misplaced sense of cultural superiority that is bred into the Muslim from birth, means that the point when a hatred turns violent occurs earlier with the Muslim than with the civilised person or nation. Besides that, violence although considered by Christianity and Judaism as something that is sometimes necessary but regrettable, is however, sanctified in Islam. We can see that by looking at Islamic writings and their exhortations to undertake ‘jihad’ against non Muslims. It doesn’t take much of an excuse for the Muslim to get violent, The Daily Mirror has announced that the two victims of this acid attack ‘were of Jewish heritage’, and it well be that in the twisted and retarded minds of the Muslim attackers, this was the reason that they were attacked.

For whatever ‘reason’ this was done (personally I think Islam and reason are mutually incompatible) this was an appalling attack on two young women trying to do good for those in need. It, like other attacks on British citizens by Muslims must not be forgotten nor forgiven. There have been too many such attacks on us, on our public transport, on vulnerable young women and on our troops, for us to ‘turn the other cheek’ to Muslim violence any more.

It needs to be said however, that this sort of attack using acid to disfigure women is not a one off. Every year thousands of women in mostly Muslim nations are killed or maimed for life by men, and many thousands more are cowed into submission by fear of this type of attack. It is to be hoped that this appalling attack will make people aware of how many Muslim women are either victims of this sort of outrage or or live in fear of it. Islam is definitely NOT a religion of peace for women, or any Non-Muslim for that matter.

Zanzibar has always been a savage violent place, and was a major player in the East African slave trade, with a reputation for treating their slaves in an utterly bestial matter. That was until the Zanzibar slave trade was suppressed by the British Royal Navy in the 19th century. Maybe we need to counter the bestial Islamic violence of the sort that happens everyday, in a similar forceful manner today?



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2 Comments on "Zanzibar has always been a place of savagery, what else can be expected of it."

  1. They guys should be puniched, what a bad thing to do. it is unbelievable that something like that happens. it is a shame for the girls that they have to go home with an experience like that. it is also a shame for Zanzibar it is very bad PR and a country such as Zanzibar who relies very much on tourism it can really hurt them and their economy.

    • Fahrenheit211 | August 27, 2013 at 9:10 am |

      It is indeed a shame that the Zanzibar economy will suffer, but why should people pay hard earned cash to go to a country where Islamic nut-jobs like this appear to have free rein? It is beyond ‘a bad thing to do’ it is bestial and misogynist. Maybe because of the increased violence that occurs during Ramadan, the tourist industry to shut down during that period, it would certainly save a lot of violence. Ramadan is after all the Islamic random violence season.

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