Now That’s Why The Whole Islamic World Is A S***hole.

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Like the uneducated and benighted Bearded Savages of Pakistan who’ve rioted in their thousands in Pakistan over the CharlieHebdo cartoons, some other part of the Islamic world have also decided to ‘Riot for Mo’.

In Algeria and Niger, people rioted, burned flags and property percieved to be French. The Islamic savages in Niger even managed to get in a bit of Church burning for good measure. We should not panic too much about this as it is just the Islamic world showing how peaceful and civilised it is, which, to be quite frank, is not a lot.

The answer to these rioting Islamic savages, who are attempting to shut own criticism of both their paedo warlord ‘prophet’ and the ideology of Islam, is not to censor images of Mohammed, even criticial ones, but to ‘Keep Calm and Put Out Some More Mo-toons’.

I see many things on the internet that offend me, or which would offend others, appalling anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-Hindu and anti-Buddhist stuff all the time. There are cartoons briming with Jew-hatred,that would not be out of place in the Nazi magazine Der Sturmer, coming out of the Islamic world. Artists and comedians in the West and the non-Muslim world, make free with the beliefs and symbols of Christianity and Hinduism, and the image of the Buddah is now treated by many, as little more than decoration, often kitschy, bad taste decoration. But Jews don’t riot over the insults, nor do Christians, Hindus or Buddhists. Yes all religions have hotheads, but being a hothead in non-Muslim communities is something that is very much a minority pursuit. That is not the case with the Islamic world, sometimes it can seem as if it was entirely made up of hotheads.

These Islamic rioters choose not to riot about the injustices that they live under in their Islamic crapholes, they do not riot about their povety or bad leaders or corrupt politics. They do not rise up against their Sheikhs or Kings or Emirs that rule over oppressive nations, that would be explainable and understandable in the context of these countries, after all, who would not want freedom when suffering under the yoke of oppression? However, these Muslims are not rioting for freedom or justice or better rule, what brings them out onto the streets is a mere drawing. They are rioting, destroying and killing because someone expressed the idea that Mohammed was not the perfect man that Muslims have been brainwashed into believing he was.

The sight of these rioting Islamic savages turning on minorities and destroying whatever they could identify as ‘other’, starkly illustrates the difference between the civlised world, and the Islamic world. Islam has created nations where people riot and murder over things as innocuous as ideas and words and cartoons, this shows how Islam and freedom are two incompatible concepts.

Islam creates oppressive crapholes, like Algeria, Pakistan, Niger and a whole host of other places, it is therefore not unreasonable to say that in one way or another the entire Islamic world, even the more ‘bling-y’ ones are crapholes where freedom of thought, belief, self-expression and conscience are things that do not exist.

We cannot and must not submit to the sort of Islamic savagery that is being seen in so many different parts of the world, some far away from us and some all too near. If we do submit then even our freedom to think or ourselves or decide own religious path will be taken away from us. I have no wish to live in, or see anyone else I care for live in the type of culturally, scientifically, and theologically retarded societies created by Islam.

The only sort of peace that Islam can bring to the world, is the ‘peace’ of the grave.


From Brietbart – Thousands upon thousands of Islamic savages riot in defence of ‘Paedo Mo’.

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  1. Yes, but let’s not forget the real “victims” here!
    Finsbury Park mosque has received 15…yes, a whole fifteen…hate-mail letters, mostly drawings.
    At least according to Faisal Mughal on Sky News!
    They have another complaint letter on the way…I’ve just posted a comment in reply on Yahoo News.
    How are these animals allowed to get away with such a gross misrepresentation of facts?
    Sorry for the rant, but I’m furious. Christians being burned to death in churches and Faisal Mughal complains about fifteen (probably imaginary) letters???
    Keep up the good work,

    Kind regards,

    • Fahrenheit211 | January 18, 2015 at 11:42 am |

      Aha! My old ‘friend’ the mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya artist Fiyaz Mughal is up to his old tricks again I see. One day we must hope that the media see him in the same way as a growing number of broadcasters are seeing Mo ‘I’m offended’ Ansar. It is indeed disgusting false victimhood claiming. What taqiyya artists like Tell Mama fail to realise is that the mosque that is being allegedly criticised in these probably imaginary letters is one of those with known past connections to Islamic terror.

  2. Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco…. pull your head out of your ass.

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