Some images you can be nicked for, and some you can’t. Can you guess what the ‘nickable’ one is about?

One of the things that I hate the multiculturalists for is that fact that they have contributed to a situation where one group can ‘take offence’, and have that feeling of being offended backed up by the Law, but others have no protection whatsoever. That is in my view a perversion of justice.

Here are three images attacking Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Can you guess which image will get you nicked for ‘inciting racial or religious hatred? Yup you got it right, it was the anti Islamic image that is considered ‘verboten’ by Britain’s thoroughly corrupted Police and Prosecution system.

Some examples of what I’m talking about:

You won’t get nicked for publishing a picture of an ‘anti-Christian’ Superman skit.

You also will not get nicked for publishing a cartoon that plays on medieval libels about Jews eating babies, in fact such an image will get you a job at Britain’s Left-Wing ‘Guardian’ newspaper.

But you will be arrested for a comical tattoo of a mosque with the word ‘boom’ written on it.

This ‘selective arrest’ is symptomatic of how our legal and justice system has been corrupted by Islam’s fellow travellers.  After this abomination of an arrest is there anyone still left out there who still thinks that our police and prosecution system isn’t as bent as a fork?