Bearded Savage of the Day Number 73 – Sword wielding Islamic fraggle edition

Bearded savage panel

It is often said, and with a strong element of truth, that Islam spread at the point of a sword. It wasn’t logic or divine revelation that cleared the 7th / 8th Century Arabian peninsular of Christians, Jews and Pagans, it was the Mohammed gang wielding swords that did that.

From Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA, comes the tale of how someone decided to ‘do a Mohammed’ and attack police deputies with a sword whilst screaming the Islamic war-cry ‘Allah hu Akhbar’.

The town of Ranco Cucamonga in California, another place afflicted by sword wielding Islamic fraggles.

The California Press Enterprise news site reports:

A sword-wielding 33-year-old Rancho Cucamonga man charged deputies while hollering “Allah Akbar,” sheriff’s officials say, until the deputies halted him with a blast from a bean bag shotgun.

Montasir Ishag was arrested at 9 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 27, along the 9400 block of Glenaire Court and booked for investigation of attempted murder of a police officer, jail records show. His bail is $1 million”.

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Although the assailant was said to be mentally ill and a consumer of Methamphetamine, the use of the Islamic war-cry makes this more likely that this man’s balance of mind was disturbed not only by drugs and chemical imbalances, but by adherence to Islam.

This just goes to show that where ever Islam goes, violence is never far from the surface. It may be a good idea for the police in Rancho Cucamonga to look carefully at this man’s religious background. The possibility that this assailant was groomed and radicalised by other Muslims in order to carry out an attack, must not be left unexamined. After all there are concerns that people with disabilities both physical and mental are being used by jihadist groups to carry out bombing attacks in places like Afghanistan.

Another Islamo-nut, another bearded savage. The ideology of Islam poisons minds as surely as day follows night.


Hat Tip:  Atlas Shrugs