BBC forced to tell the truth about Islamic Grooming Gangs


Those of us who have been getting increasingly angry about the BBC’s pandering to Islam, by trying to hide the scale of Islamic Grooming Gangs, have been pleasantly surprised. The BBC has put out a programme showing the problems faced by Britain’s Sikh community whose daughters are being targeted by Islamic Grooming Gangs. You can view the film via YouTube from the link below.

It is indicative of the scale of the problem that even the BBC, that bastion of unrepresentative middle-class leftism, has been forced by sheer weight of evidence to admit that there is a problem and it was refreshing to hear the BBC use the ‘M’ word in connection with the problem of grooming.

The BBC has too often used the word ‘Asian’ to describe Islamic Grooming Gangs, which is total slur on Sikhs, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Jains etc, who just happen to come from Asia and look, well, Asian. However the situation regarding Islamic groomers has now got so bad, that even the BBC cannot sustain this lie any more.

It is a positive move to see the BBC telling the story of how what is looking like a worrying number of Sikh girls targeted for abuse with cases in Britain going back decades. The Sikh girls are groomed by Muslim men sometimes pretending to be Sikh in order to gain the trust of the Sikh girls who they subsequently abused.

Unfortunately, the BBC have made a feature in the programme of the problems that Sikh girls have in admitting that they have been abused by Muslim men, because of the issue of family honour. The problem is not Sikh morality, but the immorality of those who follow Islam. This shocking film shows how the Muslim groomers target Sikh girls because they believe that the girls and their families will not report the crimes to the police because of fear of shame.

Apart from the horrific tales of abuse detailed in this programme, one thing that turned my stomach was the Taqqiya spouting Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra of the British Muslim Council who blatantly lied when he denied there was any connection between Islam and the grooming gangs. This is in spite of ample evidence to the contrary.

What was also shocking was how Sikh women and children, like women and children from other backgrounds are being let down by the police who appear to be unwilling to deal with this problem for fear of upsetting the Muslims. This sort of thing must stop, and stop now.

On this occasion the BBC has at last, and for once, done the right thing, and that is not something that I say often these days.


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