Muslim peace protesters are so pitiably few in number they wouldn’t need to meet in a Tardis, they could use a normal phone box.

This will probably be the next venue for the entirety of the Irish Muslim Peace Movement.  No need for a tardis a normal phone box will do.


Question: What event is smaller than one would think it should be? Answer: A Muslim peace rally.

This blog has often said that Muslims in the free world have failed the ‘Trafalgar Square Test’ which means that would they fill Trafalgar Square in order to denounce Islamic violence or other aspects of Islam that are incompatible with life in a free nation. So far, after atrocity after atrocity committed by Muslims, they have failed to fill Trafalgar Square with ordinary Muslims saying ‘not in my name.’

We’ve seen some pretty piss-poor turnouts from Muslims in the United Kingdom protesting about the actions of ISIS and other Islamic terror groups, but in terms of laughably miniscule demonstrations by peaceful Muslims this one from Dublin in the Republic of Ireland really takes the biscuit. In the UK the Muslims have failed the Trafalgar Square Test and in Dublin the Muslims have failed the O’Connell street test.

Less than 50 (see picture below) of the 51,000 Muslims in the Irish Republic and the province of Ulster bothered to back up the oft voiced claim that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’. The bulk of Muslims from the island of Ireland just couldn’t be arsed to make the slightest bit of effort to disassociate themselves from the huge amount of violence that is being done in the name of Islam.

Here’s what the Jihad Watch site quoted from the Irish broadcaster RTE about this pitiably meagre demonstration by peaceful Muslims:

Up to 50 people took part in a rally organised by the Irish Muslim Peace and Integration Council to protest over the actions of the so-called Islamic State.

The demonstrators gathered on Dublin’s O’Connell Street to distance Islam from the group, and show that it is a peaceful religion.

The “Not in Our Name” demonstration was organised in the wake of last month’s terrorist attack in Tunisia which killed 38 people, including three Irish citizens.Organisers say it is believed to be the first protest of its kind held in Ireland.”

‘Look Islam is a religion of peace I tell you -honestly, and I’ve also got this bridge over the River Thames to sell you’

It’s a good idea to compare this laughable display of only 50 Muslims for peace, with the thousands of Bearded Savages of various sorts who attended demonstrations in London and elsewhere to protest against Israel defending itself against the genocidal nutcases of Hamas. A considerably greater number took to the streets to defend the Jew haters of Hamas than attended a demonstration against the mass murderers of ISIS.

This discrepancy should tell us something about Islam and Muslims should it not?

Whatever the Irish Muslim Peace Initiative Council likes to think it is, this debacle has shown that the majority of the Muslims of the island of Ireland, have as little interest in peace as British Muslims seem to have.

Religion of peace – don’t make me laugh.



Original story from Jihad Watch


2 Comments on "Muslim peace protesters are so pitiably few in number they wouldn’t need to meet in a Tardis, they could use a normal phone box."

  1. That’s 50 more than I’d expect.
    The question I ask is “why do 50 Muslims turn up to an event they seemingly dont care about the rest of the time” ?
    What’s the ulterior motive ?
    I’d suggest it’s down to demographics , there’s simply not enough of them in a concentrated area to create their own shithole ghetto yet to alienate themselves from the kufar yet.
    In the meantime heres a display from the “moderates”
    Maybe I’m wrong and should applaud even 50 for turning up , but I don’t trust them.

  2. Would they fill Trafalgar Square? No! Muslim women filled Trafalgar Square a few years ago. They carried placards stating ‘Behead the Infidel’. Not a very nice fate to wish upon one’s hosts, especially as Muslims are filling their pockets with our money while waving banners stating ‘Learn Some Manners’. A swift fist from under the black burka in the direction of anyone who won’t obey their orders, ie when they demand the bench you are sitting on, comes from those very much in need of some etiquette lessons. LOL!

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