They bomb our trains, corrupt our councils, rape our children and now they discriminate against our blind citizens. Islam, what’s not to like.


I was appalled, as I’m sure others will be, to see this story on Sky News about a blind man who uses a guide dog being refused entry to shops and restaurants. This is in spite of legislation that prevents discrimination like this being aimed at the blind and partially sighted. Mr Dave Kent, attempted to enter a shoe shop, a convenience store and a kebab shop, and all the staff, both management and security staff, refused Mr Kent and his dog entry.

This film (click the link below) shows waiters, security guards and shop managers blatantly ignoring legislation that permitted his dog and other sorts of assistance dogs to enter premises from where dogs would otherwise be banned.

What is plain to see, even though the images of the miscreants who refused the guide dog accompanied blind man were pixellated, was that those refusing entry to Mr Kent were Asian, or to be much more specific, Muslim. The Kebab shop certainly looked like it was the usual sort of Halal salmonella palace, and it more than likely that the people in the other two examples in the film were also Muslim.

Even when Mr Kent tried to tell the Bearded Savages that it was illegal to refuse him entry, the savages still stood their ground. This is a classic example, of how too often, the deluded followers of Islam act as if their Shariah Law should take precedence over the sort of secular laws that have been designed to help people like Mr Kent to lead a normal life. Just because Islam believes that dogs are ritually unclean animals does not mean that the secular law should respect their delusion. There is a health and safety case for excluding dogs from certain premises, but it has always been made clear that assistance dogs are exempted from such controls.

This sort of Islamic piss taking and blatant law breaking like this is just one reason why Islam is unpopular when it sets up shop in civilised countries. This open law-breaking and the assumption that Shariah must take priority shows why it is so urgent that Shariah, in all its forms, is treated not as a cultural artefact, but the crime against humanity that it so often shows itself to be.

How can you respect an ideology that deliberately puts a stumbling block in front of a blind man? Such an act is explicitly forbidden by other religions, such as Christianity and Judaism. The fact that these followers of Islam do not appear to have this rule, shows up starkly the moral and ethical failings of it.

Islam, it’s not civilised, and not fit to be among the civilised. Such a humane ideology that makes its followers behave like this.


Sky News report

You Tube video