Appalling Dhimmitude, unjust Judges.

Dhimmitude, as practised by Britain’s ‘learned’ Judges.

In the face of such appalling dhimmitude such as this. Can anyone still claim that our courts are fair?  After this judgement, the number of people who could put  their hands on their hearts and say ‘the justice system is fair’ will be greatly diminished.

“Leaders of the English Defence League have lost a High Court fight for the right to demonstrate in an area which they say is “subject to Sharia law”.

They objected to police preventing a English Defence League (EDL) march – planned for Saturday – entering Tower Hamlets in east London.

Police said they had imposed restrictions on marchers because they feared an outbreak of “serious public disorder”.

Judge Mr Justice King ruled that the police decision was reasonable and proportionate, following a High Court hearing in London.

He blocked a EDL attempt to pursue a judicial review.”

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It is the closing off of the judicial review route that will stick in the craw of many.  It is denying a person or an entity their or its day in court, an opportunity to present their case.  Many will have lost count about just many times judicial review and the courts in general have been used to promote leftist policies or to allow appalling criminals to stay in the UK, when they really should have been deported?

This judgement has been made ostensibly to prevent an outbreak of public disorder, but will this judgement also apply to the thugs of the so called Unite Against Fascism group?  I will be very, very surprised if that is the case.  I don’t know about you but I’m getting heartily sick of seeing jihadi and leftist thugs being patted on the head whilst those opposed to them are treated appallingly and shabbily.

This shameful and biased judgement aimed purely at those who object to the sort of abuses of both law, finance and custom, that are taking place in Tower Hamlets and elsewhere, must be protested.

It is virtually impossible to protest the Shariah-fication of Tower Hamlets, something that is adversely affecting Islamic reformers and ex-Muslims in the area, without entering the borough of Tower Hamlets.

This is not, and doesn’t appear to be intended to be, a re-run of the Battle of Cable Street, mostly because this time it is the Islamic fascists who are the ones now in control Cable Street itself.

Maybe it is time for people to say that such judgement’s are so obviously unjust, that it is morally justified to say ‘sod you, we go where we want’.  After all, such an attitude is one practiced every day by Islamic groups, many of who are unwanted and unneeded in this country.  If they can go where they want and set up mosques, infiltrate political parties and schmooze useful idiots, why cannot the opponents of Islam have similar rights and more importantly similar rights to speak and to challenge?.  One law for all, anything else is not justice. What we seem to have seen in the High Court, does not look like the sort of justice that many of us would recognise as worthy of the word..


Update:  In a stunning example of spite on the part of Britain’s Islam fellating state, as well as the EDL losing the case in the High Court, the judges also awarded the Metropolitan Police’s costs of £8000, against Mr Tommy Robinson.  More info over at the EDL Facebook site.