From Elsewhere: THIS is why we must protect Ex-Muslims

This powerful and moving piece from a writer at the Council fo British Ex-Muslims site, shows in stark detail what happens to those Muslims who either leave Islam or question the harshness of the ideology.

This is why all of us who are concerned about of trying to counter the various forms of Jihad, must make it our sacred moral duty to support, protect, encourage all those who leave Islam.  Ex-Muslims sprint to freedom with the devil at their heels and too often pay the ultimate price for doing so.

Islam is a death sentence for those who disobey the cult ,or who wish to follow a spiritual path different from Islam.

This article is seriously thought provoking.  Hate the ideology but love those who flee from it,

“Pharbin Malik was sixteen years old when she died on a street in Birmingham, England, in 1989. She was killed by her father because she did not follow his religion anymore.

We could find no photograph of her anywhere online, or in newspaper archives.

It seems the world has forgotten her. And yet, her story reaches forward in time to touch raw and exposed nerves today.

Like there is no picture we can associate with her, so it is that we who leave Islam are somehow faceless, erased from history and kept hidden away.

The absence of her picture, and the silence accompanying her death, reflect the experiences of many of us who choose to leave Islam, and for that choice are forced to live in fear and silence.

We only have the bare details of her story. We want to know more. We want to know her dreams, her hopes, what she held in her imagination. We would love to know what she loved to do, who her friends were, what made her laugh. What was her favourite song? Did she dream of travelling the world? Perhaps her favourite subject at school was English literature or Art or History. Did she ever watch birds sitting on the window sill and imagine what it would be like to fly away?”

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  1. Thanks for posting that, I read the attached article which had the line, which I paraphrase all Muslims are free to leave Islam, then the however, we are going to kill, torture you or imprison you if you do. Just how is that freedom?

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