What is missing from this story?

There is something missing from the news story below. I’ve looked at the Press Release from Thames Valley Police, I’ve looked at various news outlets, and the different treatments of this story, but still there are some vital things missing. No matter how hard I’ve looked, with this story a vital piece of information is missing.

Can you guess what it is? That’s right, it’s a description of the alleged rapist. Now why could that be? Is it because the alleged offender is Muslim or a member of some other protected group? It seems really odd to me, and may seem that way to others as well, that the police would put out an appeal for witnesses to a serious crime but have no other identifying description apart from ‘a silver car’.

Here’s the story in question as it was covered by Sky News.

A 15-year-old girl has been raped by a man who picked her up in his car after claiming that he knew her.

The teenager was walking in Shilton Park, Carterton, Oxfordshire, between 2am and 4am on Saturday when she was approached by the man driving a small silver car.

The man told the victim that he knew her and offered to take her home. He then drove to her to an unknown location where he raped her.

The incident was reported to Thames Valley Police on Monday.

Detective Sergeant Jim Holmes, of Banbury CID, said: “We are supporting the victim in every way we can.

“After reporting the incident, the victim was taken to a Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) where she was looked after by trained professionals and given access to support networks.

“This is clearly a very concerning incident and I am appealing for anyone who was in the Carterton area in the early hours of Saturday morning to come forward if they saw the victim, or the car described, either prior to the incident or from 2am onwards.

“We have a team of officers following up inquiries and are keen to speak to anyone who can assist us with this investigation.”

I checked local newspaper services as well and there is just the same wording as the Thames Valley release.

Of course there may be legitimate reasons to be cagey about describing the offender, identifying the offender may identify the victim, if indeed the victim did know the offender. Another reason may be that the victim was incapacitated by drink or drugs prior to the attack and could not give a description.

However it could also mean that the police are doing what they have done so often before, and are reluctant to give a description that could lead people to assume that the alleged rapist is from the Islamic community?

It beggars belief that the police would issue an appeal for information without putting in some description of the offender. Surely the police cannot expect to catch this rapist without some description of age, racial group, build, hair colour, smell or any other distinguishing feature. Thames Valley Police have put out an appeal for witnesses without much of the information that would be required in order to jog the memory of any potential witness. This to many people will not make sense.

Why do that? More importantly why do that in this particular case? Could it be that there is an Islamic element to this attack? I hope I’m wrong on this and that this is just police incompetence rather than the police malevolently siding with the Bearded Savages.

It may be that the assumption that the alleged rapist is a Savage is incorrect and if so the police could have avoided unnecessary speculation that it was by releasing a description. By not releasing a description of the alleged offender, the police invite the criticism that they are fighting for the wrong side and being too mindful of ‘community cohesion’ rubbish

Maybe someone should tell Thames Valley that the ‘Men of No Appearance’ policy really isn’t working any more, too many people are starting to see through it


Original story from Sky News