Even more evidence why Razwan Ul Haq, should not be allowed into schools.

Razwan Ul Haq – not only an Islam promoter, he’s much worse than that.

On Friday I wrote an article questioning both the merit and probity of allowing into British schools those who are proselytising for Islam, rather than dispassionately informing young people about the nature of Islamic beliefs and practises. In particular, I concentrated on the work of one Razwan Ul Haq.

Mr Ul Haq has been a very busy Dawa merchant and this former headteacher has been hawking an Islamic evangelism show, disguised as an Islamic art workshop, around quite a few British schools of late. Worryingly, in at least one case a school, a Church of England school no less, neglected to tell the parents of children at the school that Mr Ul Haq was going to be running his Art/Dawa show for their children. It is strongly suspected that this particular educational establishment deliberately withheld from parents the information that their children were going to be subjected to a visitor pushing Islam. It is most likely that this was to prevent objections from parents, who would not want their children told such things as “the deity of the Muslims is the same as the deity of the Christians and the Jews”.

However, after receiving information from correspondents to this blog, I have found out that the situation regarding Mr Ul Haq is much worse than it appeared to be initially. Not only is he being paid to push Islam onto your children, he also is, or has been, a supporter of one particular unsavoury Islamist/Jihadist cause. The organisation that Mr Ul Haq has been shown to be supporting is the Cageprisoners organisation. This is evidenced by the Twitter screenshots below.

Ul Haq and Cageprisoners tweet1

Ul Haq and Cageprisoners tweet2

For those who do not know about Cageprisoners, they are definitely a group that is not on the side of the angels. They campaign for the release of Muslim prisoners who have been captured and accused of involvement in terrorist or other Jihad activity. Their director Moazzam Begg has stated that it is the duty of all Muslims to secure the release of those Muslims captured during Jihad. Moazzam Begg speaking about the obligation for Jihad in an article for Arches Quarterly, the magazine of the Jihad friendly Cordoba Foundation said:

Jihad using wealth

is also obligatory in securing the release of

Muslim prisoners. Imam Malik said: ‘If a

Muslim is held as a prisoner of war…it is

obligatory on others to secure his release,

even if it requires all the Muslims’ wealth.’

Cageprisoners are also doing their bit to undermine the security apparatus of the United Kingdom by campaigning to reduce the effectiveness or remove the current system of Terrorist Prevention Investigation Measures or TPIM’s as they are known. They are even calling such measures ‘mental torture’. Would it be too impertinent to ask just why Cageprisoners are so enthusiastically in favour of less scrutiny of Jihadists and other troublesome Islamic personages? Could it be because they want those who would do us harm to go about their business unhindered?

All in all, the evidence stacks up against Cageprisoners (see links below) and they are quite plainly terrorist sympathisers. In their attempts to release those who have been apprehended for Jihadist activity, they are acting as terrorist enablers as well. Gita Sahgal formerly of the Gender Unit of Amnesty International described Moazzam Begg as: “Britain’s most famous supporter of the Taliban”. Cageprisoners is not the sort of organisation that could be classed as a genuine human rights entity. Cageprisoners are jihad supporters masquerading as a human rights organisation, even to the extent of using similar language and buzzwords as those used by more respectable groups in this field.

Razwan Ul Haq is, from what I’ve discovered and from the information I’ve had, a person who has supported Cageprisoners and it is a matter of considerable concern that a person who supports those who wish to release Jihadis is being allowed into British schools. To allow Mr Ul Haq into schools to peddle his false and fluffy version of Islam whilst he simultaneously backs a bunch of terrorist excusers is completely wrong. To give an analogy that seems to fit very well with what Mr Ul Haq is doing, it is as if senior members of Stalin’s Communist party had been allowed to lecture British school students on the subject of Communism at the height of the Cold War.

Do you want a person who supports, even at one remove, terrorists who wish to impose an oppressive political ideology on the entire world, to have access to YOUR children? The secret Islamic evangelism in schools was bad enough, the association with, and support for dishonest and dangerous groups like Cageprisoners makes me and others even more concerned about him and what he maybe doing to our children both with Islamic evangelism and the political causes that Razwan Ul Haq supports.

It would be very interesting to hear what Mr Ul Haq has to say about his association with a dodgy group like Cageprisoners and he is welcome to reply via the comment feature of this blog. Over to you Mr Ul Haq.



On Razwan Ul Haq’s activities



The Twitter feed of Adnan R Siddiqi showing Razwan Ul Haq’s whole hearted support for Cageprisoners


Cageprisoners website (keep a sick bucket handy)


For background on Cageprisoners here are some excellent articles from the sensible Centre Left blog Harry’s Place. They are well worth ploughing through, as it will show you just why I’m worried that a supporter of Cageprisoners is being allowed access to children.





Finally, many thanks to those who have supplied information that has made this post possible, they have to stay anonymous for obvious reasons.



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