This is probably the most rapid case of ‘Sudden Jihad Syndrome’ and most crazy Islamic ‘logic’ I’ve ever seen.

I once went to Sheffield for a job interview, but my prospective employers didn’t like me very much so I went away again. I didn’t take dislike to the city or anything like that I just have never been back because I’ve had no cause to. What I didn’t do is take an instant dislike to the place and concoct a desire to kill people, mind you I’m not an Islamic savage which probably has a lot to do with it.

I’ve heard of people visiting places or living in places which they’d never want to visit or live in again, but never anybody, who isn’t an Islamic savage, seeing this dislike as a good reason to go on a terrorism trip. But then as I said earlier, I’m not a follower of a 7th century illiterate, paedophile warlord called Mohammed. I’m also not an Iraqi ‘asylum seeker’ who, if the charges are correct, seems to be more happy to be violent oppressor than grateful refugee.

The Daily Mail, has this bizarre story of an Islamic savage who is alleged to have fought for ISIS but later came illegally to the UK and went to Sheffield. He didn’t appear to like Sheffield and decided that fighting Jihad was more his line.

The Daily Mail said:

An Iraqi asylum seeker in Britain allegedly tried to join ISIS after six months because he did not like living in Sheffield, a court has heard.

Shivan Hayder Azeez Zanagana, 20, known as Aziz, lived with his brother in South Yorkshire between November 2015 and May this year, when he was arrested.

Aziz is said to have become homesick and missed his mother and siblings. 

Aziz, who appeared at Westminster magistrates court on Friday, left Iraq after being injured in a car bomb explosion and entered the UK illegally in September, having travelled via Italy.  

He went to live with his brother in Sheffield in November but allegedly soon began planning to return to Iraq and join ISIS with Aras Mohammed Hamid.

Hamid, 26, an asylum seeker who had been in the UK for eight years, is also suspected of trying to smuggle himself out of Britain to join Daesh.

Hamid was discovered in the back of a lorry at Dover on May 19 while Aziz bought a plane ticket using his Iraqi passport, the Daily Telegraph reported.  

Are our borders so pourous that savages like Zangana can apparently come and go as they please? What have the poor people of Sheffield done to deserve such dangerous Islamic savages living in their city?

This case, which is still at the time of writing, before the courts, is astonishing and gives some insight in to the mindset, if you can call it that, of these savages. Normal people, if they don’t like a place will maybe not go there again or even slag the place off online or to their mates down the pub. Normal people don’t think ‘I don’t like this place, I think I’ll go off and fight for a murderous genocidal terrorist organisation’. That’s not the sort of decision a normal person with a normal belief system that includes the ‘Golden Rule’, that’s the sort of decision an Islamic savage makes.

How many other carbon copies of Zangana are there lurking in our towns and cities. Ordinary quiet seeming Muslims who may slowly, or quickly as alleged in this case, become infected with ‘Sudden Jihad Syndrome’? There must be thousands like this Zangana fellow and I don’t see how any nation can see this as anything but a major and pressing threat.


Daily Mail story on the Sheffield Jihadi