Outrageous Islamic propaganda in a Guernsey school.

Les Beaucamp school, Guernsey the site of the latest example of outrageous pandering to Islam.

This blog has covered many different examples (see links below) of schools in the United Kingdom engaging in various types of pro-Islam propaganda activity, often of sorts that have angered parents. Some of the incidents of propagandising are more serious than others; today’s example from the Channel Island of Guernsey is probably one of the most blatant and outrageous examples of a teacher force-feeding Islam to children that I’ve come across.

A Religious Education teacher, Miss Amber Stables, at Les Beaucamp High School on Guernsey has set homework for her students that is so pro-Islam that it almost beggars belief.

According to an online homework website, Miss Stables set a task for Year 8 pupils that involved her charges writing a letter to their family saying that they are converting to Islam. Although Miss Stables does say that this is purely a writing exercise, I’ve no doubt that there will be many parents out there who will see this as a step too far. Those of us who wish to protect our children from the ideology of Islam may well see this task as a form of normalising for the children the act of converting to a religion that many feel is a danger to all of us. My own personal opinion of this is that it is an act of indoctrination that should have no place in the classroom of any school in any Western nation.

The ‘Show My Homework’ website details the homework set by Miss Stables and the site also shows us that this is part of work that was started during the class itself.

Show My Homework said:

Converting to Islam Letter

Task description

Miss. A Stables set this assignment for group Y8FOB/Rs – Religious Studies

Set on Thu 11 Feb

Due on Fri 04 Mar

Complete the letter you started or started planning in class to your family on how you are converting to Islam.

Include: How you’re feeling, how becoming a Muslim has changed your life, how much you love your family and hope they can accept your choice.

Focus: How would it make you feel having to tell your parents this?? How would/could they react?

**Please also note this is a piece of creative writing and completely fictional YOU ARE NOT ACTUALLY CONVERTING TO ISLAM. It is purely to test your knowledge of what we have learnt this year and how well you can argue objectively!!!!

Important information

  • This homework will take approximately 30 minutes

  • Miss. A Stables would like you to hand in this homework online via Show My Homework “

Even if this is just an exercise to test the pupil’s knowledge it is not something that would be acceptable to many parents, both for those who have religious beliefs of their own, and for secular parents who may have issues with the corrosive influence that Islam has on non-Muslim societies.

I’m pretty disgusted to see such a lesson being set for children of 12-13 years old. If I had a daughter of that age, I’d be completely livid to see this sort of task, especially if I lived in one of the many areas that have been afflicted by Islamic Rape Gangs, many of whom have victimised girls who would be of an age to be classed as Year 8.

Cases like this emphasise the need for parents to be extremely watchful about what schools are teaching with regards to Islam. Islam-appeasing teachers such as Miss Stables are pushing a view of Islam that is completely divorced from reality. Imagine how it must feel for a parent of a daughter to find that she is being asked to write positively about joining a religion where women are not just second class citizens, but where they are considered as the property of men.

This case shows just how badly bent and dishonest the teaching of Islam has become in schools. Sadly I don’t believe this sort of action is confined to one teacher in one school on one Channel Island. This sort of guff may well be happening in your child’s school and it needs to be stopped and stopped now.

There are a multitude of ways for a child or young person to be taught how to demonstrate that they’ve understood a subject; there was no need whatsoever to use ‘converting to Islam’ as an example. This task is so obviously pro-Islam that it makes me wonder just what other Islam-friendly guff is being forced down the throats of the children in her ‘care’?

This teacher has made a major error in being so obviously pro-Islam by setting a task like this and she should not be allowed to carry on her foolish and dangerous indoctrination about Islam without comment and without public censure. By teaching Islam in such a biased way, schools such as Les Beaucamps are letting down our children and may even be putting them in danger by telling them that Islam is ‘nothing to be worried about’. Sadly the reality is that Islam should be treated with the same level of care and caution as we would treat any other dangerous threat, which is to avoid it and keep our children away from it.

If you wish to write to Miss Stables and express your displeasure at such outrageous indoctrination then her email address at the school is:


You may also wish to copy into your communications the Head of Religious Education for Les Beaucamp and the school’s Headteacher.

The Head of RE is Mrs Patricia Fox


The Headteacher of Les Beaucamp is Sophie Roughsedge


The switchboard telephone number for the school is:

01481 756040

I’d like to remind people to keep your communications with the school legal, decent, unthreatening and honest, but please let them know if you find this sort of behaviour by Miss Stables and the RE department of Les Beaucamp utterly and completely unacceptable.


School main website


Staff contact list for Les Beaucamp


The page for the ‘homework’ website


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank ‘The Matriot’ ( @DICS131294 )

from Twitter for alerting me and others to this act of appalling Islamopandering.

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  1. The mendacious grievance mongering taqiyya artist has you on his radar over this piece. A Mughal Enterprises venture, a site called Religiousreader is crediting you with whipping up a manufactured outrage over a simple homework task that had little to to with Islam. 😀 Keep up the good work. KC

    • Fahrenheit211 | March 16, 2016 at 5:46 pm |

      Thank you and it’s good to hear from you again. I saw that piece from the Religious Reader site and wondered whether I should bring an action against Faith Matters for libelling me by calling me ‘far right’, something which I think I’ve managed to amply prove over the years that I’m not. However I thought why bother giving this tosser publicity. I take comfort from the fact that if I’m taking flak from these mendacious grievance mongering taqiyya artists then I must be right over the target.

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