Finchley Reform synagogue – Nice shul shame about the naïve behaviour.

This is what Islam is really about


I was horrified to see on the BBC’s Sunday Morning Live programme that Finchley Reform Synagogue in North London, a shul that has a fantastic reputation for music and has promoted innovative and inclusive worship styles has been closing their eyes to reality. They’ve been doing this by hosting an Islamic ‘Iftar’ meal for local Muslims allegedly displaced by a ‘racist arson’ that may not even be anything of the sort. I’m greatly disappointed to see this famous and very well supported shul joining in with the dishonest chorus of ‘Islam is a religion of peace.’

The leadership of Finchley Reform appear to have chosen to ignore the ingrained Jew hatred that exists wihtin Islam. They’ve ignored the theological Jew hatred in the Koran and the Hadith even those this Jew hatred is far more ingrained and contemporaneous than the Christian Testament verses that have inspired Christian anti-Semites. Many Christians today try to play down the ‘blood verse’ that caused problems in the past, but I see no sign that Muslims want to play down or sideline or reinterpret the massive amounts of Jew hate contained within Islamic ‘holy’ books.

I’m utterly disgusted to see the leadership of Finchley Reform hosting members of a death cult that is characterised today by its monstrous and ongoing Jew hatred. From Israel to Amsterdam, London to Toulouse the news is full of stories about Muslims murdering Jews, merely for being Jews. Muslims stabbed to death a 13 year old girl in her bedroom in Israel recently purely because she was Jewish. Muslims have chased Jews out of the London Borough of Newham and look to do the same in nearby Redbridge, a borough that was once home to a thriving Jewish community. The Jews of Redbridge are coming under increasing pressure due to the growth of Islam in the area and some Jewish women fear to walk in parts of that borough due to the presence of violent, anti-Semitic Muslims.

Whilst fully understanding of, an accepting, that the Torah says ‘Do not oppress the stranger because you were once strangers in the land of Egypt’ I feel that there needs to be a distinction drawn between those who are genuinely oppressed strangers who require help, and those oppressor strangers ie the followers of Islam, who not only carry big sticks, but use them on non-Muslims very often.

I was appalled to see that the BBC was pushing the line that the Bravanese Centre burned down as the result of a ‘racist arson’, when there are grave and credible doubts as to whether this really was the case. It appears that the Bravanese centre had big ideas but little money with which to carry them out. Following the fire however, the Bravanese Centre is going to be rebuilt with a large dollop of public money, which makes me and others wonder whether this could fire could have been the result of some sort of ‘insurance job’.

Finchley Reform Synagogue is a place of worship filled with hard working, caring, committed and creative people but this tie up with local Muslims is a grave mistake. Islam is no friend of Jews nor is it a friend of Christians or Hindus or Sikhs or Buddhists or any other of the peaceful and loyal faiths that reside in the United Kingdom.

Judaism is a genuine religion of peace and its adherents should have nothing to do with facilitating the activities of a supremacist death cult like Islam. This is not ‘interfaith’, this is assisting the enemy, but it is assisting them not for reasons of malevolence, but for reasons of stupidity and naivety. One day, I’m afraid to say, the naivety of those who thought up this idea of an ‘Iftar’ event in a synagogue, and other similar interfaith events that include Islam, will end up getting innocent people killed. Although I’m the first to admit that some individual Muslims can indeed be fine fellows and that it is often Muslims themselves who are the first victims of Islam, I also have to say to admit that their ideology is dangerous to us all. Islam should not be encouraged in this way. I’m all for intelligent and thoughtful interfaith events and schemes, but this is not one of them. Interfaith can only work when everybody is on the same or a similar side and is, to mix a metaphor here, ‘singing from the same hymn-sheet’. Islam is not on our side, it’s not on the side of any peaceful faith group, it never has been and for the foreseeable future will not be. The only sort of interfaith, indeed the only sort of multiculturalism that has a chance of success is one that deliberately excludes Islam, because Islam is NOT a religion of peace, it is a violent death-cult.

If we are decent people we will all want to live in peace with each other and we all want to coexist, but it’s impossible to coexist with those whose ideology encourages its followers to kill you and it is suicidal to try.

It’s such a tragedy when good people and good organisations do profoundly stupid things like this ‘iftar’ event.


The suspicious ‘insurance job’ fire at the Bravanese Centre in Muswell Hill North London