It’s time to have a laugh. Tell Mama shoot themselves in the foot again.

This is what Theresa May has done to the Conservative Party and the nation


Amidst all the horror, mostly Islamic horror I have to say, it’s good to find something or even someone to laugh at. Today’s bit of a giggle comes from the mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya artists of Tell Mama.

This bunch of pro-Islam, pro-press censorship, proven dishonest mountebanks have ironically managed to promote one of the very causes and events that they were whining about. How delicious it is to see Fiyaz Mughal and his band of ‘Islamophobia’ clowns end up highlighting an event and gaining it more support.

A while ago the Tell Mama organisation put up a comment piece on their website saying that a group of LGBT people in Stockton on Tees were going to hold a vigil for the dead of Orlando. Tell Mama were vexed by this because involved in the planning of this event and speaking at it, were some known Islamosceptics. This, Tell Mama claimed, was ‘appropriating a tragedy’ and ‘promoting bigotry’. That’s choice really coming from an organisation that wastes no time in appropriating other Islamic attacks and tragedies to promote their ‘nothing to do with Islam’ line. For example they claimed that the Islamic murderer of Nice was a man with ‘problems’ and had nothing to do with Islam. Yeah right, Fiyaz, pull the other one it’s got bells on.

Here’s part of the article concerned. As usual the original text is in italics whereas my comments are in plain text.

Tell Mama said of the #WeStandWithOrlando hashtag and webpage:

Anyone coming across this page would rightly think that this silent march was something that would not only show solidarity against the senseless murder of so many people enjoying a night out in the US, it would also provide an opportunity for communities to come together.

Note, as is often the case with Tell Mama there is no mention of the Orlando gunman’s notable and high profile Islamic loyalties and connections. It wasn’t a ‘senseless’ and random attack, it was an Islam attack.

Tell Mama added:

Nothing on this Facebook page would point to the motives behind such a page and where community issues are being appropriated as potential fronts to draw in people who may have some deeply questionable views. A further investigation into this page shows that the organiser of the event is one ‘Tommy’. A further drill down into the background of the organiser brings forward the following, someone named Tommy English.

Tommy English proudly lists ‘Kafir’ in Arabic in his Twitter profile, a good indicator that we are looking at someone who may have sympathies with anti-Muslim views. Further information that we have received has highlighted Tommy English as Tommy Cook, the former leader of the EDL’s LGBT Division.

The number of people with far right sympathies who have ‘Kafir’ in their social media accounts is substantive and we also highlighted the link between the high number of far right activists involved in anti-Muslim hatred online recently in our 2015 Tell MAMA annual report. 

The link between far right activism and online hatred against Muslims is extremely troubling and spiked again in 2015.

Note well here the usual Tell Mama policy of character assasinations and smears. Criticising people for merely being opposed to Islam and its often murderous adherents is conflated by Tell Mama as being ‘far right’. Note also the circular link to an internal Tell Mama report or some report put together by one of Tell Mama’s tame and often very Left leaning, academics. Internal whining from Tell Mama or their fans does not constitute a credible source in my view.

Tell Mama continued with their drivel in a similar vein:

A further glance at English’s Twitter account shows the terms #Pegida and #Shariawatch indicating strong sympathies with the anti-Muslim group Pegida and sympathies with ShariaWatch, run by one Anne  Marie Waters. Waters recently became involved with Pegida, which is headed up by Paul Weston, who has previously said the following:

If I want to avoid a civil war happening in my country, I am prepared to accept being called a racist

Waters has also been caught making the following statements and which were reported in the Daily Mirror in early 2015:

Ms Waters, who hopes to become MP for Lewisham East, South East London, was also filmed telling an undercover reporter “a lot of people need to be deported” and “many mosques need to be closed down”.

What is also interesting to note is that Waters will be speaking at this march organised by English.


Many of those who Tell Mama are attempting to smear as ‘far right’ are those who are about as far from being supportive of the traditional ‘far right’ as you could possibly get. Since when were pro-gay, pro-women, pro-democracy and pro-rule of law views and activities ever honestly classified as ‘far right’? The answer is almost never. What’s eating Tell Mama is that there are a lot of people who really really dislike Islam and they dislike it not because of unthinking bigotry, but because they understand what Islam is all about. Tell Mama’s lies are not working any more and it must be hurting them.

Tell Mama closed their piece with a bit of airy-fairy guff about ‘communities coming together in security’ and a recommendation that LGB and T people should make use of communal organisations and individuals who seem to have an inability to highlight or even acknowledge, the murderous gay hatred at the heart of Islam.

This would normally be one of my usual tales of Tell Mama talking crap, stories of which I’ve written plenty, but for one thing.

So many people who despise Tell Mama, but keep an eye on them all the same, chanced across the Tell Mama article on the #WeStandWithOrlando event. This meant that Tell Mama have given the event a great boost. They’ve given this event a publicity reach that it previously did not have. I have been informed by a contact that since Tell Mama featured this story about the silent march for the victims of Islamic terror in Orlando, enquiries are way up. More people have said they will be attending this event than before Tell Mama stuck their oar in.

It’s so nice when the opponents of freedom and the promoters of Islam end up inadvertently doing a favour to the counter jihad like this, it really is So it’s time for me to try to stop laughing my arse off and say a sarcastic ‘thank you’ to the management and staff of Tell Mama. Keep it up guys, we could all do with more laughs like this.


Link to the Tell Mama article

We Stand With Orlando silent march in memory of those who were killed in yet another Islamic attack in June.

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