Does anybody completely believe them? It’s up to you.

A list of Islamic organisations who have condemned the Woolwich attack has been published by Asian Image.  These condemnations contain some very fine words.

Fine words are all well and good but fine words about peace, human brotherhood and equality mean nothing if they are not backed by actions.  Sadly many of the actions we see associated with Islam have been violent ones, and this means there is a disconnect between the ‘face’ of Islam that the Imams and others are presenting and the reality as it is observed.

This disconnect between observed truth and the words of these personages is so severe that it leads me to not trust such statements of condemnaton, and believe them to be only soothing words with no real substance behind them.

I make this, quite harsh I admit, judgement not out of prejudice, but from the personal experience of being lied to by an Islamist organisation whilst working in a community organisation setting.  The outrageousness of the lies and excuses given to me was breathtaking, and an undertaking not to support exterminationist preachers was quickly breached.   This has sadly made me less inclined to trust statements by Islamic groups.

Whether you believe them is up to you.  I choose to be sceptical.