Now that the government know about Islamic electoral fraud maybe they could start to do something about it?

Sir Eric Pickles whose report into Muslim electoral fraud has been released.

There has always been, in any democracy, some instances of people voting for those who are ‘like them’. There have been odd occasions where communal voting has gone on and for example Catholics would vote for a Catholic candidate or Jews for a Jewish candidate and so on. Such communal voting is not ideal as voters should vote on the grounds of the candidates policies not their religious affiliation. But, people voting for those who share their beliefs or moral world-view is part of the democratic human nature and is something that will never be totally eliminated. Fortunately, as far as I’ve been aware, the wider effects of such communal voting has not been damaging to the overall probity of the electoral system. In my experience it has merely led to anomalies such as the Haredi Jewish vote creating Conservative Party wards in an otherwise solidly Labour borough like Hackney. This didn’t affect the final composition of the council but did ensure that those in places like Stamford Hill got the political representation that they chose, which was Tory.

As I said, some communal voting and voting on religious lines is to be expected in a democratic society but what we are seeing from the Muslim community goes way beyond someone freely and privately choosing to vote for someone ‘like them’. What is happening in areas where the Islamic vote is important isn’t mere communal voting but is something that has crossed the line into outright electoral fraud. This electoral fraud is damaging the probity of elections in a way that previous examples of communal voting or ‘like for like’ voting has not done.

The results of a report into electoral fraud has been carried out by the UK government and according to press reports, it is truly damning and shows that not only has Muslim electoral fraud been going on on a massive scale, but that the authorities have been reluctant to deal with it for ‘community cohesion’ reasons. According to a report in the Daily Telegraph by Peter Dominiczak the government inquiry into electoral fraud revealed that the problem of Islamic manipulation of elections is not confined to one or two ‘bad apples’ such as Tower Hamlets, but is much more widespread. Here is part of Mr Dominiczak’s report with as is usual policy for this blog the original text in italics and my comments in plain text.

The Daily Telegraph said:

Election fraud has been allowed to take place in Muslim communities because of “political correctness”, a major report finds as it calls for unprecedented reforms to the British voting system.

And also it must be said by political parties turning a blind eye to Islamic voter fraud when, like Labour in places like Rotherham, Oldham, Redbridge and Newham the particular party benefits from Islamic voter fraud.

In a report commissioned by the Government, Sir Eric Pickles, the former Conservative Cabinet minister, today warns that the authorities are in a “state of denial” and are “turning a blind eye” to election fraud.

He said that there is evidence of voter fraud “especially in communities of Pakistani and Bangladeshi background” but that the cases have been ignored because of “over-sensitivities about ethnicity and religion”.

It’s good that the government have now acknowledge via this report that there is a problem with Islamic voter fraud, but now they know this there is an urgent need to deal with this problem before it warps the electoral system any more than it has done already.

Sir Eric warns that “challenging issues” over community cohesion should never be an “excuse” for failing to “uphold the rule of law and protect British liberties”.

I think that Sir Eric will find that the police and other agencies have been using ‘community cohesion’ as an excuse to fail to protect Britons and their liberties in other ways as well. We would never have had the Rotherham Islamic Rape Gang scandal or the other Islamic Rape Gang scandals had it not been for police inaction in the face of monstrous crimes.

The Daily Telegraph added:

Sir Eric’s report makes a series of recommendations to Theresa May, the Prime Minister, and calls for people to require identification when they are voting and for police cordons around polling stations to prevent intimidation.

He also calls for officials at polling stations to be banned from speaking any language other than English and says that it should be made a criminal offence to attempt to influence someone to vote for a candidate because of their religion.

I find very little to disagree with there and it is good that Sir Eric’s inquiry brought up the subject of postal votes. Although voter ID and the other recommendations are good ones that should be implemented as soon as possible it should not be forgotten that it’s the bent Muslim postal vote that also needs to be tackled, and tackled urgently. Postal votes need to be much more restricted than they are at present purely because the postal vote system is so open to abuse. Maybe we do need to return to a time when only those who are provably housebound or who are members of UK Armed Forces routinely got postal votes? Handing out postal votes to every Mohammed, Ali or Abdul has been extremely damaging to the probity of the electoral system of Great Britain. The bent Muslim postal vote nullifies honest votes made without duress or communal expectations and gives those promoting or appeasing Islamic interests a greater degree of power than they deserve in reality.

The Daily Telegraph continued:

The former local government secretary began his investigation in the wake of the scandal in Tower Hamlets, London, where the mayor Lutfur Rahman was removed and his election declared void after he was found by a court to have committed corrupt electoral practices including vote-rigging.

Sir Eric said that Rahman had used religion to push Muslims into backing him. Sir Eric said that never again in Britain should people be told that they will “burn in hell” if they do not back a particular candidate.

Sir Eric also sharply criticises the Metropolitan Police for failing to follow up the election court’s ruling with any criminal charges.

He says that the force’s inaction “sends a worrying signal that the police are soft on tackling and prosecuting electoral fraud, when faced with competing operational demands”.

Writing in The Telegraph, Sir Eric says that following his investigation, he now believes “electoral malpractice is far more common than just one isolated London borough thanks to the state’s collective state of denial”.

He adds: “We should never be frightened to look under the rock when what is crawling underneath threatens us all. It is time to take action to take on the electoral crooks and defend Britain’s free and fair elections.”

It’s good that Sir Eric has noticed that the problem is not just confined to Tower Hamlets because the reality is that such fraud and voter intimidation is found anywhere that there is an established Islamic community. Voter fraud is a significant factor in my view in the Islamification of areas. Once a party gets in on a platform of appeasement of Islam then it becomes very difficult to honestly remove this party. This is because no matter how many honest people turn out to vote the ballot boxes can always be stuffed with fake postal votes for Islam friendly candidates. This leads to yet more Islamopandering by the local authority or MP which increases the pace at which the area falls to Islam. In 2016 we should not be seeing voters threatened with hell-fire for not voting for the local Imam’s preferred candidate. We shouldn’t be seeing Muslim women being told who to vote for at the doors of polling stations by ‘community leaders’ or the phenomenon of the whipped (possibly literally) mosque vote.

Sir Eric is also correct to criticise the police, especially with regards to the Tower Hamlets scandal. They could have done more and not swept the issue of Islamic electoral crime under the carpet along with the Islamic rapes and other Islamic crimes. Sir Eric is correct in saying that a lack of action by the police on Islamic electoral fraud only emboldens those who are carrying out such frauds.

What is going on regarding electoral practises in Britain’s Islamic communities is not mere affinity voting, of the type mentioned in the first paragraphs of this piece, but a highly destructive corruption of the very bedrock of our democracy, the honesty of the vote. I applaud Sir Eric’s report into Islamic electoral corruption and I find little to disagree with so far but these recommendations need to be put into law as soon as possible in order to prevent Islamic electoral corruption from getting any worse than it already is.




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  1. I know this will come as a surprise but on the BBC website right now (13:03) there’s no mention of this report that I can find. Sure, it may be in some unused attic of this massive building but “front and centre”? Not a chance.

  2. The BBC has now incuded this story out of harm’s way (and general notice) on its Politics page here. Corruption is, of course, non-news at the BBC as long as it concerns the BBC’s favourite minority.

    OTOH the Telegraph, for which Pickles wrote an article on the subject this morning, made a big play that this was “Muslim” corruption: its main headline in the paper edition was “Blind Eye” turned to Muslim vote fraud. The online edition now headlines the prospect of taking passport ID to polling stations: I wonder if the Telegraph’s been leant on turn down the pressure.

    • Fahrenheit211 | August 12, 2016 at 4:01 pm |

      It’s typical of the BBC to hide a story like this. I’ve noticed that those who get all or most of their news from the BBC are quite obviously lacking in detail about various news stories. The Telegraph could be caving in to pressure but it could equally be that having to take ID to a polling station will be what the Telegraph’s readers may notice first and may chime with them most.

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