Lib Dems spike Home Office report into EU immigration

Do not buy a soiled European policy from this man.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Liberal Democratic party do not have the best interests of the majority of the British people at heart. Whether that be the excessive and unrealistic Europhillia, or backing the imposition of a Halal slaughterhouse on an area that plainly doesn’t want it, the Lib Dems often behave in a manner that could be described as somewhat treasonous.

Today’s edition of the Daily Telegraph has another example of the Lib Dems working against the UK and its people.

Despite immigration being a matter of great concern to the British people, the Lib Dems have blocked a report into proposals to put a curb on the numbers of EU citizens able to live, work and claim welfare in the United Kingdom.

The Daily Telegraph said:

“A major Home Office report recommending curbs on EU immigration might never be published, Number 10 has admitted.

The Liberal Democrats are said to be blocking the freedom of movement report – drawn up as part of a balance of competences review with the European Union – over concerns that it is not based on hard evidence.

The report, written by the Home Office is part of the “balance of competence” review being prepared by all Whitehall departments about the UK’s dealings with the EU.

Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, and Theresa May, the Home Secretary, have repeatedly clashed over the issue of immigration.

Mr Clegg last month accused the Conservative Cabinet minister of planning “illegal” policies after it was disclosed that the Home Office is considering measures to cap migration from the EU at 75,000 a year”

A question I’d like to ask Mr Clegg is what on earth is ‘illegal’ about Britain, or any other nation for that matter, protecting their borders. Mr Clegg’s comment really does show whose side he is on, and it is not yours and it is not mine.

The report added:

“Mrs May’s department is understood to have failed to provide evidence in the report that imposing tighter curbs on immigrants would be good for Britain.

Asked when the report would be published the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “It will be published when it has been completed.

“It is a broad area of work and we need to make sure it is done properly, comprehensively.”

But the spokesman declined say if it would ever be published, prompting fears that it might not be made public until after the European elections in May, or at all.

David Lidington, the Europe minister, added: “Free movement is a complex area with a number of different issues to examine.

“Consequently, we have decided to spend more time on this report. We will publish it once it’s completed.”

The European Union used the report to suggest London was trying to manipulate public opinion over immigration.”

Well the EU would say that wouldn’t they? The idea of EU individual nations controlling their borders to keep out undesirables, or welfare seekers or those who would disrupt national labour markets is anathama to those who live in the ivory towers of Brussels. We should not be surprised to see the Lib Dems acting as the EU’s ‘fifth column’ within the British Government and anybody who considers themselves a patriot or those who are sceptical about the aims and objectives of the EU, should give their vote to almost anyone but the Lib Dems. The Lib Dems cannot be trusted with Britain’s future, and their actions whilst in Coalition have proved that beyond reasonable doubt.



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  1. Woman on a Raft | January 16, 2014 at 10:52 pm |

    You may be interested in this LD blog. The main post by Philip Bennion is not interesting (blood pressure warning) but the comment by Matthew Huntbach is approved by most (but not all) the commenters. They are politely telling Bennion that unless the LDs start taking notice of people, they will be toast on 22 May.

    “It’s very easy to write a “look at me, I’m not a racist unlike those plebs and chavs I so despise” articles. It makes us feel good and liberal. It’s harder to think more deeply and ask uncomfortable questions which challenge our self-assumptions.”

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