A tale of police indifference, incompetence and possibly corruption

This case raises questions about exactly who and what Northumbria Police are protecting or trying to protect.


Northumbria Police are doing their best to try to convince people that they are, at last, doing something about the ongoing problems of Islamic Rape Gangs in their area. They have set up ‘Operation Sanctuary’ to deal with the significant problem of child sexual exploitation in the Northumbria police area. However, Operation Sanctuary only started up properly in 2014, which was after the revelations of Islamic Rape Gangs coming out of Rochdale and Rotherham.

There are suspicions, some which have been voiced to me by contacts, that before Operation Sanctuary came into being and before the public was rocked by the discovery of the Islamic Rape Gang phenomenon, Northumbria police had a very different attitude to those alleging sexual assault at the hands of Muslims. It seems that Northumbria police couldn’t really give a toss about children and young women being abused or gang raped by Muslims, until it became a problem that was impossible to ignore.

There have so far been a number of arrests of men, including a very large number of Muslims, for sex offences in the Northumbria Police area. However not all in the Operation Sanctuary or Northumbria Police garden is rosy and if even a fraction of the allegations contained in the video below are true then it paints Northumbria Police as at best inept and incompetent or at worst, exceedingly corrupt.

The video comes via the social media page and website of ‘Dark Justice’ a two man team of activists who are running sting operations against alleged paedophiles and groomers in the Newcastle Upon Tyne area. In the video two women, named as Lou and Lie, allege that when they were 14 years old, they were picked up by an Iranian, presumably Muslim, taken to a flat and raped, sexually abused and humiliated by the Iranian’s mates. They were held in the flat for ten days and eventually rescued by the police.

Of course we must have disgust at the crimes commuted by the Iranian savage and his accomplices but it is the actions of the police after the rescue that should give a lot of cause for concern, The police didn’t take any statements from the alleged victims, they just took them back to their parents. The complainants after a delay of two months, because the police didn’t appear to be doing anything made voluntary statements to the police about what they say had happened to them. After a delay of more weeks the police and CPS dropped the case on the grounds that as the alleged victims had previously suffered from mental illness the complainants would be ‘too mentally unstable to stand trial’.

Lou and Lie have made recent attempts to get the case reopened following widespread publicity and discussion of the problems of Islamic Rape Gangs. They approached the police with their complaint but the police refused to re-open the case. They then contacted Vera Baird the Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner and a detective specialising in rape and abuse cases was appointed to the pair.

Vera Baird the Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria

Vera Baird the Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria

Eventually they managed to get an appointment to meet with Vera Baird. At the meeting with Vera Baird Lou and Lie were informed that the police had lost everything to do with the case. The files containing statements and other evidence had all ‘gone missing’. The police are blaming ‘system failure’ for the loss of everything to do with the case, but this will look to many like an all too convenient excuse. The police have said that there is nothing more that they can do to progress the case.

Here’s the video. Lou and Lie to not appear in person on this video, probably for understandable reasons, and tell their story via a series of hand written placards.

They are alleging that the police in Northumbria and elsewhere are covering up in this case and other cases of Islamic Rape Gang activity. In the light of the behaviour of other police forces towards Islamic Rape Gangs such as South Yorkshire Police’s policy of turning a blind eye to Muslim rapists and nonces, this allegation may not at all be ‘far fetched’.

Anybody as I have, who has worked in a fast moving office environment knows that documents can go astray sometimes, it happens, it’s happened to me. But, I find it incredible that Northumbria Police would lose everything about a case that centres around such a serious allegation and one where a number of officers must have been involved in the rescue. I’m incredulous about the excuse given by Northumbria Police and I find it difficult to swallow and I suspect that there is some type of malfeasance going on within Northumbria Police.

Northumbria Police have started to deal with the problems of Islamic Rape Gangs and other types of organised child sexual exploitation in a much more timely and effective manner than they have in the past. However, that doesn’t mean that there have not been problems where Northumbria Police may have previously let Islamic Rape Gangs off the hook, in order to have a quiet life themselves. If this is so in this case, then they need to come clean about it and they, or another more competent police force, also need to properly re-open this case for further investigation. I find it amazing that police forces can find enormous amounts of manpower and resources to investigate bullshit cases involving some celebrity who allegedly touched a woman’s arse without permission in 1975, but cannot investigate or re investigate a case like this. Some cases deserve more resources and more attention than others and this case is one that would appear to deserve better handling than Northumbria Police and Vera Baird has given it.

Northumbria Police were not inept or incompetent when they rescued these girls, they did that bit right, but their behaviour after the rescue seems to be very much below par. Their behaviour suggests more than that, it suggests corruption of some form or another. As I said earlier if the allegations that Lou and Lie are levelling at Northumbria Police are even partially true, then it may well mean that this force has, like other forces, by acts of omission or commission, colluded with the Islamic Rape Gangs.

I can smell the noxious odour of Islamic and political corruption emanating from Northumbria Police reading Lou and Lie’s story and it’s a smell that they urgently need to take steps to clear up. There is something really not right in how Northumbria Police and the CPS have handled this case and I think there may be more than mere incompetence or ‘system failure’ at play here.


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