Worth a listen – The ‘Analytical Chick’ You Tube channel


One of the nice things about the social media platform Gab is that it isn’t heavily curated and best of all it isn’t curated by social justice warriors. This allows me to experience a diversity of opinion and discover points of view and individuals who I may not have discovered elsewhere. Not all of those I find interesting I agree with on all points, some I partially agree with and some I disagree with, but their voices are worth hearing as they have something worthwhile to say.

Someone I discovered via the Gab platform is Analytical Chick a young Jewish vlogger from the United States who seems to have an interesting take on things such as Antifa, Islamic Jew hatred, anti socialism, American politics and Jewish communal matters. I’ve spent a happy couple of hours recently doing housework and listening to her stuff and I’d like to suggest to this blog’s viewers to check this channel out.

From listening to her output on what is a relatively new channel, I get the impression that she is like me someone who has had a political wake up call or several in fact. Her politics seems to be of a conservative and libertarian nature and appears to reside in a strongly Democrat area of the United States of America.

You can reach the Analytical Chick You Tube channel via the link below: