R.I.P Labour Party

Jeremy Corbyn supports the import of dangerous invaders who rape our children and turn our cities into hell holes. Who in their right mind would vote for someone promoting these sorts of policies?


It seems that the UK Labour Party has decided to take the lethal pill and confirm Jeremy Corbyn as leader. Whilst neither of the final candidates for Leader were likely to be ones who would appeal to the majority of British people, Corbyn is without doubt the worst choice. At a time when a growing proportion of Britain’s native working class is shifting to the right on matters such as immigration, multiculturalism and Islam, Corbyn decides that what the country needs is more of the same disastrous policies that has brought the nation almost to its knees and which has harmed Labour’s traditional voting base of working class Britons.

The nation does not need any more Islam appeasing, open door migration promoting middle class Left politicians or parties, we’ve got enough of them already. I predict a great exodus from Labour of those members who are not worshippers of the ‘great leader’ and a drop in Labour’s support at the polls.

Labour’s far left, many of whom live in an activist bubble and are completely divorced from the sort of problems that Labour’s policies have caused, have not voted for a leader who will do what’s best for the majority, but one who will smother the party in the comfort blanket of extreme leftism. Corbyn will please both the traditional far Left of Labour and the ‘£3 Trots’ who have entered Labour recently. Corbyn will not however please the traditional Labour voters who saw Labour as the party of the hard working man and woman. Corbyn’s party will be the party of the permanent dole bludger, the ponce, the public sector management ideologue and the academic Left whose policies have often been characterised by failure and by the oppression of those who point out the failure. Corbyn’s leadership will continue to appease the followers of Islam and will further cement in the public’s mind the idea that Labour have abandoned the working class in the UK and have morphed without shame into being ‘The Islam Party’ in all but name.

As someone who is both a former Labour voter and one who remembers the appalling straits that the Labour party found themselves in during the early 80’s when Labour was last dominated by the far Left under former leader the late Michael Foot, I despair. In a democratic society there is a need for an effective opposition that is responsive to the concerns of ordinary people, by electing Corbyn Labour have shown that they are not such a party and give no real credible opposition to the Conservatives or any other governing party. They have become a joke party but a dangerous joke at that. Labour are the party of economic and social incompetence that decided to prop open the doors of of the nation to all manner of migrants, many of whom have brought nothing but trouble. They are the party that has gone out of their way to appease the dangerous and destructive ideology of Islam even going to the extent of hiding the massive number of rapes of British children and young women committed by Muslims. I’d say that Corbyn’s Labour could end up being a bigger electoral turn off than Foot’s Labour was the last time the party was dominated by the far Left.

It took years for the Kinnock leadership to purge the Labour Party of the communists and trotskyites who entered the party in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s and who were tolerated by the Foot regime and to make the party into one that appealed to the electorate. However that was at a time when the Labour Party still had a smidgeon of credibility with the electorate and when many more people were politically active in the party via the Trades Unions. This is not the case today.

Today’s Labour Party is one that has abandoned its traditional working class supporters in favour of migrants, Muslims and other minority groups and causes and by doing so has alienated many of those who would normally be expected to have supported the party. There are less normal people who are politically active within Trades Unions, less normal people doing the ground work in constituency parties, this will end up with the Labour Party being even more dominated by the middle class Left than it has been previously. This will also be a turn off for voters.

I predict that Corbyn’s win, if not resulting in the immediate demise of the party, will cause it to go into long term decline. As the middle class Left and the followers of Islam gain more of a foothold on Labour’s levers of power so will grow the disgust at Labour among ordinary hard working British voters.

The Labour Party is all but dead and all that is left is a shell of party that will under Corbyn become more and more extreme and like a brain-dead corpse awaiting organ harvesting, is only being kept alive by artificial means. Whether you are a Labour supporter or not Corbyn’s leadership is a sad end to what was once a great party of government.

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  1. As someone who had the misfortune to look for housing under new Labour, I am really glad that Labour might disappear – they really damaged my life.

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