Is it time to consider whether Britons need to start thinking about forming ‘Local Intelligence Volunteer ‘ groups?


There are two aspects of the Merkel’s Muslim Mayhem in Germany that should give the people of Britain cause for serious thought. The first is the violent actions of the imported Islamic savages themselves and the second is the inaction of the German police in the face of the rapes, robberies and sexual assaults carried out by the Muslims.

Shocked and disturbed German citizens in places like Düsseldorf have started to recognise both these problems and are beginning to do something about them. In Düsseldorf alone, citizens have formed watch committees to keep an eye on the Islamic savages and have managed to get 13,000 supporters. The ‘Düsseldorf is Watching’ group went from nothing to 13,000 in about eight days, such is the anger among Germans at the behaviour of the Islamic savages, and disgust at the lack of action against them and the crimes they commit, by the German police.

With the likelihood of Merkel’s Muslims being given German passports, the arrival of ‘Syrian refugees’ and Britain’s ongoing problems with Islamic sex crime, it’s pertinent to ask whether something similar to ‘Düsseldorf is Watching’ is needed in the UK? It’s quite apparent that many British police forces are reluctant, as we have seen with Rotherham, to deal with Islamic crime and corruption unless they are forced or persuaded to do so by dint of public pressure. Therefore it makes me wonder if there is the need for some form of ‘Local Intelligence Volunteers’ (for want of a better title) to gather information about Islamic crime, disseminate information about such Islam-related problems, and also to press the police and politicians to do something about it. That’s not to say that any such group should be engaging in acts of violence against Muslims or Islamic property, that would be wrong and of course illegal. However there is nothing wrong or illegal with monitoring and documenting the sort of crap that Muslims get up to and making sure that as many people, and as many police forces as possible are told what is going on. If police forces have incontrovertible evidence of what is going on, which is timed and dated and credible, then they will have less excuses to do nothing, or worse, side with the Muslims.

There are other positives to having some form of LIV system in place. Firstly by using social media and giving information to alternative news sources such as Breitbart, or other trustworthy journalists, we can short-circuit the lying left wing media such as that exemplified by the BBC. Secondly it puts the Muslims of Britain on notice that we know what they are up to and we are unhappy with their penchant for violence, rape and corruption.

At the moment Britain’s Muslims are feeling a little too safe because they are protected by bent or foolish police officers and bent or foolish local and central government staff and elected representatives. It’s now time for these Muslims to start to feel a little less safe and a little less coddled. These savages will never change and will never become civilised, unless they are forced to be so by both state action and, equally importantly, by being made the subject of citizen opprobrium and citizen surveillance.

It goes without saying that such groups should, not and must not, engage in such activities as the burning of mosques or attacking or abusing individual Muslims, not only would that be wrong; it would also be counterproductive. If such actions occur, then all that would happen is that it would give ammunition to both the Muslims and those who are Quislings for Islam. It is much better, and probably more efficacious to closely monitor and publicise what these Muslims are up to. It is also possible that such citizen evidence gathering could shame police and politicians into action.

An LIV organisation should not be centralised, if that is the case then it would be far too easy for the authorities to shut it down or harass any leadership that the organisation may have, as can be seen from the examples of the EDL and Pegida, instead they should be of a cellular nature, with independent self-organising groups operating in different towns, cities and counties across the UK. It’s also probably be a good idea to borrow an idea from the Anarchists and work in ‘affinity groups’ made up of people who know and trust one another, in order to monitor and disseminate information about the activities of the Muslims in their area. People should also not completely trust social media companies, but should make use of them if they can and in a manner that doesn’t expose individuals too easily to identification.

Working in small groups, being honest and ethical regarding information, which means fact checking data, will build a credible library of just how bad things are in some of the areas of Britain that are now, or are in the process of being penetrated by the religion of death. That information needs to be told to those who are outside the normal counterjihadist loop and who get most of their news from the bent media. To put it another way: Friends, don’t let friends, say or think that Islam is a religion of peace. Friends deserve better than that lie.

Fighting back against the dangerous ideology of Islam doesn’t have to mean making use of violence, far from it, sometimes it can take the form of standing up to it and telling the truth about it. The more we know about the threat from this pernicious ideology the better, it’s even better that more people know about it.

If the British people, whether they are white, black, brown or yellow or of any peaceful religion or none, find and publish the truth about Islamofascism, then it is more likely that our police, political, legal and administrative systems can be shamed or persuaded into fighting for the rest of us.

Most people don’t want violence or ruckus, and these are things that should be avoided. Therefore the most effective and easy way of countering the ideology of Islam is to talk about it with those whom we love, we work with and those we pray with, and about the threat it poses to all of us. It’s very important that we watch and observe what the enemy is up to, warn others about this enemy and keep pressing those who we should be able to trust such as the police, to stop pandering to Islam and start choosing the correct side, our side, for a change.

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  1. The whole situation is not funny at all…

    • Fahrenheit211 | January 21, 2016 at 10:21 am |

      I know, but sometimes you can reach a large group of people who are disconnected from news and current affairs by using humour to get a message over, as in the video you sent. It’s similar to how a large number of Britons of a certain age got the impression that Ronald Reagan was a bumbling puppet (which he was not i real life) from the ‘Not the Nine O Clock News’ presidential speech sketch.

      I agree we should not be in the position of having to tool up or do the police’s investigation job for them or have to live in fear of the imported savages. It’s a situation that should never have been allowed to occur in the first place.

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