The common factor in this appalling allegation about a sex crime isn’t nationality but Islamic culture.

The Port of Sunderland


It seems that not a day goes by when there isn’t a story or an allegation of some sort of bestial sexual behaviour that involves Muslims. If it isn’t the infamous ‘Wanking Muslims of Bradford’ then it’s the lengthening list of British towns and cities which are afflicted by Islamic Rape Gangs who are targeting children and young women.

Many of the perpetrators of these appalling crimes are either born in the UK or come from a variety of nationalities. There is however one thing that links the vast majority of these crimes and that is adherence to Islam or being brought up in a Islamic cultural environment.

Although the numerical majority of sex offenders in the UK will of course be white non-Muslims, because that is the make up of the nation, there are certain offenders and offence modus operandi that are nearly entirely Muslim. Offences where the perpetrators are linked by familial association, offenders working in gangs, the use of attractive young men to groom young women for abuse by older men and the use of drugs to gain control over women and children nearly all have large numbers of Muslims involved in such offences. Another significant factor in these offences is an unwillingness of the Islamic communities from which the abusers come from to give up their nonces. Whereas in other minority communities and the majority community there is a disgust at paedophiles and rapists, the Islamic community seems to tolerate such people to a remarkable degree, providing of course that the victims come from communities other than Islam.

Now there is another allegation been made about a sex assault on a woman by those who are linked only by Islam. Obviously as this case has not yet come before the courts and is therefore sub judice I cannot comment too much on the details of this particular case in case I prejudice the trial, but the report below from the Daily Mail should give you some idea of the sort of onslaught that British women and children are under at the present time. As is usual policy for this blog the original text from the Daily Mail is in italics but my comments are in plain text.

The Daily Mail said:

A mother-of-three has allegedly been drugged and raped by a gang of migrants – sparking violent demonstrations.

I’m not surprised that local non-Muslims are alleged to have kicked off. The Northumbria area has had a problem with Islamic sex crime, including paedophilia, for years and it is only recently, following the revelations that emerged from Rotherham and Rochdale, that Northumbria police have started to do anything serious about it.

The 26-year-old said she woke up in a strange house with cuts and bruises, and believes her drink had been spiked on a night out before she was abducted and sexually assaulted.

If there is a lesson that can be drawn from this report of this alleged attack then it is to always watch your drink, especially if there are any of those from demographics that have a reputation for sex crime nearby or even in the same venue as you.

Police arrested and bailed six men – aged between 20-30 – from Iraq, Syria and Bahrain over the September 4 attack in Sunderland. 

Note that the alleged attackers are linked by nothing except the ideology of Islam. This is something that we’ve seen elsewhere with other similar offences. The Islamic Rape Gangs for example may contain those who have Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Albanian, Iraqi and other backgrounds, but what links these diverse individuals is Islam.

Far-right supporters organised a protest six days in the city after the alleged attack which turned violent. 

It would be interesting to know exactly who started such violence? Also some may take issue with the description of those angry about this alleged attack as ‘far right’. Since when was it ‘far right’ to be angry at women being allegedly raped or abused?

Those on the march, including members of the Sunderland Defence League, met outside The Ivy Leaf Club at 11am on September 10.

It should be noted that there is no indication that this demonstration was organised by the Sunderland Defence League just that they were one of a number of groups, and those who were unaffiliated to any group, who attended.

They smashed windows at the terraced house where the woman says she was attacked and clashed with a counter protest, led by members of the Asian community. 

It sounds like the local people have got to the end of their tether when it comes to the Islamic sex crime that some say has been plaguing the area for many years and has been allegedly ignored by Northumbria police until relatively recently. The counter-protest is an interesting snippet. Was this organised and led by all those who could be described as ‘Asian’ or was it just Muslims with a few thuggish Left wing quislings in tow?

Police rushed to control the demonstrations which was attended by dozens protesters.

Two Asian men, unconnected with the alleged rape, were injured and five men, all from Sunderland, were arrested for offences including affray.  

Philip Hacker, 38, was charged with affray and possessing a controlled drug; Gary Hutchinson was charged with affray; Sean Ruffell, 25, was charged with affray and possessing an offensive weapon; Darren Kerr, 25, was charged with affray and Kevin Sayers, 30, was charged with disorderly conduct.

There’s no indication in this report as to what side in this argument these men were said to be supporting.

Sunderland Central MP Julie Elliott last night called for calm.

Ms Elliott is the classic Labour party loyalist apparatchnik with a trade union background who has never done a proper job in the private sector. She’s consistently voted for more welfare, more spending on Britain’s wasteful local government sector and she voted for Britain to remain in the European Union. Ms Elliott has also voted in favour of allowing into the UK those who claim, sometimes falsely, to be ‘unaccompanied refugee children’ despite many people in the UK having great concerns about such an action. To be fair to Ms Elliott she has spoken up in high profile cases of child sex abuse, as in the case of the footballer Adam Johnson, but there is no indication that I can find that she she has ever spoken up in any meaningful way if at all about the problem of Islamic sex offenders that are a problem in the North East. I’ve gone back through Ms Elliott’s parliamentary record back until 10th December 2012 and in amongst the dozens of questions she’s asked about green energy or trades union rights or conditions for public sector workers, there is only one question on the matter of sexual offending. This was a question on why conviction rates are so poor. But there was nothing, zilch, nada, zero on the Muslim sex offenders that are said to have been a problem in the area for many years. If she can speak up about the Johnson case, why cannot she speak up for the women and girls who are being serially victimised and trafficked by Islamic Rape Gangs? Is it a case, as it appear to be for other Labour MP’s, that some sex offenders namely Muslim ones, are in Orwell’s words ‘more equal than others’?

As a Labour MP Ms Elliott has some cheek calling for ‘calm’ about this alleged attack. Labour MP’s and Labour councils and Labour police and crime commissioners have, until the problem was brought to public attention, done more to conceal Islamic Rape Gangs than fight them. If the problem with Islamic sex crime in Sunderland is as bad as it is alleged to be then I can well imagine that the area contains a number of people who are done with being ‘calm’ about these problems and want something done about Islamic sexual savagery, and if the police and justice system won’t do it, then they will. It’s never good for a nation to see angry mobs as a better alternative to the police but this is what will happen if the police continue to pander to Islam and the politicians continue to fail to acknowledge both the problem itself, and the scale of the problem.

Southern Area Command Chief Inspector Paul Milner said: ‘We know the woman had been in Sunderland City Centre on Saturday night before waking up in a strange address in Peel Street with cuts and bruises. 

‘She managed to leave the house and get to a family member’s home at around 5am on Sunday morning.
‘The victim believes her drink may have been spiked. 

‘This is obviously a very serious incident and something we know the local community will be concerned about and we will have officers on patrol to offer reassurance to anyone who may be concerned and answer any queries they may have.’ 

I’d be interested to know just what community the police will be putting most of their efforts into reassuring? Will it be the general population who may be living in fear of such offences or will it be the Muslim community that so often, not just in Sunderland, both produces and shelters such bestial offenders?

The six men are on bail until October 17.

This is an extremely worrying case and I can’t state strongly enough that with so many rape addicted Muslims running round the UK women should be extremely careful about who is around them and their friends and to never let their drinks out of their sight when in pubs, clubs and bars. This is an appalling allegation and I fear that this is not the last one of its type that we will see nor that those linked solely by Islam making up the majority of those accused.


Original Daily Mail story on the alleged drink spiking offence in Sunderland