Letting down the genuinely oppressed

The section in the Islamic book Reliance of the Traveller' on the subject of ex Muslims


One tragedy among the many other tragedies that have occurred since Britain stopped being justly suspicious of Islam, is that of the ex-Muslims. A great number of them came to the UK in order to live in freedom, only to find that stupid politicians, trying to create a utopia of multiculturalism, have nurtured their Islamic cultural and religious oppressors. Those who came here in the past from Muslim nations in order to live freely and unencumbered by the oppression of Islam have been severely let down. Like many who have grasped the lifebelt of freedom the majority of ex Muslims I have encountered are immensely grateful that by leaving an Islamic environment they are no longer forced by the state to live their lives according to the whims and precepts of an immoral, violent warlord called Mohammed.

It is these ex-Muslims that have been let down by the policies of multiculturalism and of pandering to the ideology of Islam. Where once they could have lived in freedom, making their own choices and living in peace, now because of the growth of Islam in the UK they are not as free as they should be and in some cases live in fear for their lives.

It is a tragedy that Britain, which should have been a haven for the oppressed free thinkers of the Islamic world, a place of safety for the ‘best of the best’, those who were bright enough to want to throw off the fascistic shackles of Islam, should allow those who wish to oppress ex-Muslims to grow and establish themselves here. To let the ideology of Islam embed itself in the United Kingdom when we should as a nation prioritised the rights of ex-Muslims is a political mistake of monumental proportions. It’s akin to having a refuge for women who’ve been raped but allowing the rapists who’ve attacked them to stay in the same building at the same time. Personally I think that accommodating the very Islam that calls for the murder ex Muslims is nothing short of immoral.

By letting Islam grow, even though it endangers those who wish to leave Islam, we’ve put the oppressors and the oppressed side by side and that can’t be right surely? It certainly doesn’t seem like justice to me to treat the wrongdoer and the wronged in exactly the same way or worse to treat the wrongdoer advantageously but that is what is happening. I weep for those bright, hard working, creative people who leave Islamic hell-holes and the Islam that created them for a better life but find Islam already here. They come to the United Kingdom only to discover that the very same Islam that they are escaping from is being indulged by idiotic politicians and protected by police forces that often place shielding Islam the ideology from criticism way ahead of almost anything else.

The situation facing ex Muslims who escape to the UK must be very similar to that of a character in a horror film who flees the monster, locks herself in a room thinking she’s safe, only to find that the monster is trapped in the room with her.

In order to allow all of us, including the ex-Muslims, to live in safety and freedom Britain needs to treat the ideology of Islam with the suspicion and opprobrium that Islam so justly deserves.

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  1. Thomas Smith. | September 28, 2016 at 4:44 pm |

    An absolutely brilliant article, the observation is spot on!

  2. Hear, hear!

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