This is why British parents cannot trust Britain’s teachers. More Islam propaganda in a British school, this time in Somerset

Creech St Michaels Primary School in Somerset where the head teacher is forcing Islam down children's throats

Those parents who care about their children and worry what sort of nation they will grow up in have an enemy and that enemy is the teaching profession itself. There are numerous examples of teachers, many of whom are left wing ideologues, pushing Islam and a dishonest version of Islam at that,onto those children in their charge.

Here from the rural county of Somerset, is a classic example of the phenomenon of teacher as quisling, a phenomenon we have seen all too much of in recent years. I don’t blame the parents who have concerns about the school teaching about Islam as their concerns are very valid concerns. We can’t trust the teaching profession to tell the truth about Islam which is that it is a violent and rapacious death cult. Instead the teachers serve up a bland and often dishonest narrative about Islam that cruelly deceives children into believing that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’.

There has been a very worrying story published in the Somerset County Gazette, a local newspaper for the county about a head teacher in a Church of England school who is pushing pro-Islam propaganda onto her pupils. Here’s the report from the newspaper with, as is usual policy for this blog the original text in italics whereas this blog’s comments are in plain text.

The Somerset County Gazette said:

PARENTS who complained at their children being taught about Islam in religious education classes at a Church of England school have been branded “ignorant and narrow-minded”.

‘Ignorant and narrow-minded’ are standard ‘snarl words’ of the Left these days and should be treated as the empty words that they truly are.

The mother of a current pupil and a Muslim whose three children attended the school have rallied to support Creech St Michael Primary School, while an explanatory letter has been sent to parents.

Sadly there’s always a know nothing fool or a quisling in any group of people. This parent sounds like one of those.

After hearing some parents had voiced concerns, the mother, who wants to remain anonymous, said: “I’m utterly shocked and saddened that such ignorant and narrow-minded views are still held by some, and a little annoyed that the school even acknowledged their ridiculous views as legitimate concerns.”

I’m not surprised that this parent wanted to remain anonymous. A growing number of people know exactly what Islam is all about and they don’t like it and dislike just as fiercely those who pander to Islam or promote or excuse it.

Practising Muslim Osama Elogab, whose children were not taught about their family’s faith during their time at the school, said: “I never once complained about the Christian teachings at the school.

She would say that wouldn’t she? Of course she shouldn’t be complaining about the Christian teachings at the school after all it is a Church of England school.

“Britain is a multi-cultural society where tolerance of all beliefs is what made the country great.

Tolerance is I concede a good thing but the policy of multiculturalism has stressed the tolerance of British citizens to a point that they can no longer endure what is going on. Britons didn’t vote for a multicultural society nor did we vote for the unwanted and dangerous ideology of Islam being injected into our societies. The philosopher Karl Popper once posed what is known as ‘the paradox of tolerance’ and said that tolerance of intolerant ideologies, in this case Islam, destroys tolerance.

“If you start singling out one section of society and say you shouldn’t be teaching this or that, who’s next?

“We want to give children more tolerance, love and understanding of each other.

Well maybe when Muslims stop killing people, raping children and corrupting Britain’s politics then maybe British people might start feeling love for their Muslim neighbour and not hatred and suspicion? So far the followers of Islam have given us little reason not to hate them and their depraved and backwards ideology.

“Teaching them about other religions and cultures enriches their lives.

Teaching honest facts about other religions is not something I would disagree with but it’s unlikely that this is what would be going on. It’s likely that the children of this school would be fed dishonest bullshit about Islam.

“I don’t think critics understand the implications of what they are saying – if you ingrain hate it breeds more hate.”

Maybe if Islam wasn’t so damned hateful then people would not hate it? The critics of the school’s policy on teaching about Islam doesn’t show ‘ingrained hate’ but love for their children.

The letter to parents from RE teacher Charmian Roberts outlines how an emphasis is put on teaching Christianity, but children also receive “a good grounding in Judaism, Islam and Hinduism”.

It adds: “We do not teach children what to believe, but rather we teach them about the beliefs and practices of different faiths, and encourage them to question and reflect on the impact that faith has on people’s lives, as well as developing and exploring their own beliefs.

Pure, unadulterated politically correct social engineering bullshit. Does the school teach about these religions and especially Islam honestly, or do they teach a watered down dishonest version of Islam being a ‘religion of peace’? My money would be on the latter.

“In RE we are very keen to encourage children to think deeply, to learn to question and debate, to contribute their own ideas and to give reasons for what they believe or think.”

More lefty guff designed to placate genuine concerns among parents about what is going on in the school.

Head teacher Jan McCarthy said studying Islam is part of the curriculum, adding: “Our values are Christian values, but we need to teach children about other faiths in the same way we might teach about the Tudors, hoping to promote a society where people have understanding of each other and show respect for each other.

“We’re supposed to be preparing children for life in modern Britain as a multi-cultural society and an understanding of various beliefs.”

Jan McCarthy headteacher of Creech St Michaels Primary school who is at the centre of a row about promoting Islam to children

Jan McCarthy headteacher of Creech St Michaels Primary school who is at the centre of a row about promoting Islam to children

What a load of utterly false and patronising rubbish that emanates from the mouth of Mrs McCarthy. You cannot compare the teaching of historical facts about the Tudor dynasty with telling lies about an Islamic ideology that is a clear and present danger to this nation and its citizens. Maybe the school should move a little closer to their Christian values and call Islam what it is which is a violent and dangerous heresy?

Referring to some parents’ concerns, Mrs McCarthy added: “I think they were just looking for clarification.

I disagree. I believe that the parents are worried that their children will be force fed pro-Islam propaganda, and I reckon, based on what has happened in other similar instances, that they may well be correct.

“Some parents might be concerned we might be getting children to adopt other religions, but that’s not the case.”

If that is the case then why not publish for the parents the entirety of the Islam part of the RE curriculum that the school will be using along with any educational materials that the children will see and those that the teacher will use in lesson planning? If she will not do this then she obviously has something to hide.

She said pupils may ask questions about the links between Islam and terrorist incidents, adding: “Some children obviously see extreme views on the news. Part of our role is to help them understand that some people hold extreme views, but that isn’t representative of the whole faith.”

Yep, as expected, this school’s Islam lessons are going to be dishonest. Even that statement about extremists not being representative of Islam is a blatant lie. We know from sound studies such as the Pew organisation’s survey of Islamic attitudes worldwide that what we would regard as ‘extremist’ is normative Islam.

I’m disgusted to see yet another headteacher forcing dishonest pro-Islam propaganda onto vulnerable and impressionable children. If there is any consolation for the parents in this appalling case then it is this: Because the pro-Islam propaganda is in this instance confined to religious education lessons then parents have a legal right to withdraw their children from such lessons. They should certainly consider keeping their children away from the school when they know or suspect that Islamic propaganda will be used in RE lessons.

Mrs McCarthy is yet another of those who arrogantly assume that they can walk roughshod over the rights of parents and dismiss their genuine and well founded concerns about what their children are being taught about Islam. Mrs McCarthy is another of those Quislings for Islam embedded in our schools and the British people and British parents could well do without them poisoning the minds of our children.



If you are as disgusted as I am about the actions and attitude of Mrs McCarthy then you may wish to make your views known to her. Of course when you do so please keep your language polite, legal and non-threatening but people like McCarthy need to be told that what they are doing is not acceptable. You can contact Mrs McCarthy via the school using the information given below.

Postal address

Mrs Jan McCarthy, Headteacher

Creech St Michael Church of England Primary School

Hyde Lane

Creech St Michael





Email: Office@creech-st-michael.,

Telephone: 01823 442898


You may also wish to contact the Governors of this school to make known your displeasure and concern. You can write to the chair of governors Mrs Ruth Farrow by using the school address above.


Somerset County Gazette article on the Islam appeasing head teachers