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Britain used to be a nation of heroes. We produced heroes that saw off the Kaiser, the Uni-testicled Austrian, the evil of Communism and many more. Our soldiers and civilians bled copious amounts of blood to defend freedom from tyranny and to prevent Britain becoming the type of society where people were frightened to voice an opinion. Many people of previous generations looked on in horror at the sort of societies produced by extreme monarchism, fascism and socialism, where every utterance by a citizen would or could be passed to the state, by any one of a copious number of grasses. We used to think ourselves safe from the prying eyes and opprobrium of the State, provided that we did not incite violence, and many people would hold in contempt those who acted as petty informers. Sadly that’s not the case anymore.

Unfortunately, heroes are in short supply at the moment in the UK. Sadly, what we do seem to have an inexhaustible supply of at the moment is informers, grasses and others who feel that it’s OK to tell tales to their superiors or to the police, when confronted with individuals who have views that run counter to the Leftist norm. Britain appears to have morphed into a nation of ‘Blockwarts’.

For those who have not encountered the word ‘Blockwart’ before, it’s a German slang word for the title ‘Blocklieter’ or ‘Blockwarden’. Blockwardens were a very prominent feature of both the Third Reich, and to a certain extent in the post-war Communist state of East Germany. Blockwarts enforced state power, reported on those who held views that the state didn’t approve of and acted as conduits for those who wished to pass on information to the authorities. Blockwarts were disliked by many Germans and hated as petty grasses very often are.

This sort of petty ‘Blockwart-ism’ is so very obvious in a story originally from the Guardian and highlighted by the blog Ambush Predator, and should disturb anybody who believes that people should not be grassed up merely for having an opinion that the Left dislikes.

Ambush Predator relayed the story of an anonymous head teacher whose primary concerns seem not to be for the quality of the education of her charges, but in policing the opinions of her staff. Sadly the school has not been named by either AP or the original Guardian source, which is a shame as the sort of Stalinist type behaviour she displays really needs slagging off in public.

Ambush Predator quoted the headteacher as saying to the Guardian:

I would not have been the only headteacher on Sunday night wondering how best to talk to our children about the Paris terrorist attacks. We arequite a closed community, bound by our geography. The vast majority of our students are white. We do our very best to provide children with the opportunities to learn about cultures, religions and races they would not otherwise be familiar with.

One thing most headteachers can take for granted is that their staff areunited by a moral purpose. We work in schools because we want to invest in children’s futures, educating them to become global citizens.

So although I knew full well that when I arrived at school last Monday I would come across children whose opinions about the events in Paris would be at best closeted and misguided, I did not expect it from my staff.

During morning briefing some shifted uncomfortably when I explained the clear and consistent message we needed to reinforce: that the refugees from Syria were fleeing from the same people killing Parisians; that to blame all Muslims for the attacks was exactly what the terrorists wanted; that we are a school where hate is not allowed.

Firstly, it’s not the job of a teacher or a headteacher to teach a child to be a ‘global citizen’, it’s the job of a teacher to equip their pupils with the knowledge and skills to enable them to progress through the education system and through life. Methinks this teacher has crossed the line that separates education from indoctrination. Secondly, like other loons, this head fails to comprehend that these ‘Syrians’ are not fleeing violence, but are often bringing violence to places which formerly didn’t see much violence. Thirdly and most importantly you cannot bully people into liking others, but that hasn’t stopped this headteacher from attempting to forbid ‘hate’.

So far so woefully common an example of the often spotted diversity obsessed, Lefty teacher of the sort that really needs clearing out of the education system, if Britain is to stop slipping down the educational league tables. But there is a darker and more worrying twist to this tale. This head appears quite happy to have created an attitude of ‘blockwart-ism’ at her school where staff are encouraged and praised for informing on other members of staff who hold or voice opinions that run counter to the multikulti la-la land ones held by the head.

Ambush Predator continued with their quote:

I did not expect anything untoward from staff. Naivety? A young teacher asked to speak with me, and told me of concerns that an older member of his team had been sharing Britain First posts on Facebook; he found the sentiments racist and offensive.

One of the receptionists spoke to her line manager about colleaguessaying: “They should let them all sink and die, even the kids”; “Send them back to their own country”; “Shoot to kill” and more.”

Just think about that quotation for a moment and what it means. It means that every member of staff whether teaching or non-teaching in this head’s school has been brainwashed to be ready and willing to act as a stool-pigeon and report to the head those staff members who thought differently and had different opinions to that of the head.

Ambush Predator added:

And by the end of the day there had been a bust-up in the staffroom about whether Islam was fundamentally a violent religion.

Carefully, I spoke to the offended, and to those who had offended – andtackled them without pointing the figure and shouting “Nasty, racist, xenophobic Islamophobe!” – though at least once I wanted to.

As a headteacher, I expect disagreements over lesson observations and accountability. I never thought I would have to remind staff not to be racist. I will be doing my best to counter this by talking to staff, debating with them fiercely when I need to. But this feeling in my school concerns me deeply. If you can’t count on teachers to offer a thoughtful and informed reaction in the face of these atrocities, I worry about my country.

A discussion about whether or not Islam is a fundamentally violent ideology is the sort of debate that we should be having, although this head thinks that questioning the ‘religion of peace’ line is something that should be suppressed. Personally I’d be very wary of a school run by someone who feels that they should have the right to shout ‘racist, Islamophobe’ etc etc at dissenting staff. Such a school would in my view be more likely to fill a child’s head with diversity guff and not teach them the sort of stuff that they need to progress and get on. Like this head I worry about my country, but I worry not because teachers express views that are critical of Islam in the confines of the Staff Room, but because of the culture of grassing that this head and those like them in other parts of the public sector have created.

Someone should pull this head aside and tell them that their priority is not to police their staff’s political views, but to give a sensible well-rounded education to their pupils.

I don’t know about you but I find something very chilling in this story especially as this head feels that they can impose a worldview on their staff and the children in their care. Those like this head are helping to create a nation of ‘Blockwarts’ and it is time that they were thwarted in their quest, before grassing on people for holding different views becomes even socially acceptable than it is already. It makes me wonder what sort of children her school is turning out. Are the children coming out of their school thinking for themselves or are they being taught to monitor their friends and family for inappropriate views? I wonder also if the parents of children who attend this school are aware of the quasi-Stalinist attitudes of the head? I would not send a child to a school where grassing up those who disagree with the current multiculti fashion was part of the school life, and I guess many other parents may agree with me on that. This head is not fit to be in the post they hold as they certainly don’t respect even the basic tenets of a free society.


The Guardian newspaper which published the original account of this headteacher’s actions and views did not name either them or the school concerned. However this is such an appalling example of a public servant attempting to shut down debate that it could be said to be in the public interest that they are named and shamed for their actions. Therefore if any reader of this blog knows the name of the school and the name of the headteacher please communicate it to this blog by using the usual email address which is editor(at) It’s likely, as Ambush Predator said, that going by the description given of the school then the school could be in either Wales or the West Country. Cornwall in particular has had a recent worrying history of teachers coming from outside the area and engaging in monstrous levels of indoctrination of pupils and Islamopandering. It’s time those like this anonymous head whose featured in the above story is exposed for all the world to see.


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  1. Been thinking for a long time now what was the point of school?If you think about it it was very divisive and you had to learn what you were taught.The books we had to read were chosen for us same as subject matter and topics.Where in all school life do you become your own person and develop a free will unless you wanted detentions ect?

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