Just one example among many of the type of people that the ‘refugees welcome’ movement is assisting

One of the shanty towns in Paris, France that have been created by the thugs and other scum evicted from the Calais Jungle camp.


Sometimes the difference between how things are in reality and how some people would like things to be, or be seen to be, is very stark. This is never so more clear when we look at the ‘refugee crisis’. We have a situation where those in favour of these ‘refugees’ have created a thick carapace of lies about vulnerable people and desperate children feeling war, but where the reality is much nastier and much more dangerous to all of us.

Those active in the ‘refugees welcome’ movement often see what they want to see. They want to believe that the scum in the Calais camp for example are innocent people fleeing war, even if they are not. These activists are so naïve that they cannot comprehend that those who they call ‘refugees ‘ are really piss takers, thugs and those who mean us harm. It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that the ‘refugees welcome’ types will go to to delude both themselves and the rest of us.

High profile ‘refugee’ activists like Holly Kal-Weiss who this blog has commented on before, scream like demented banshees on social media about ‘getting the children out’ of the Jungle or whatever other shanty town these migrants have built for themselves. You can see the evidence for this screaming style of activism simply by looking at the Tweet from the Twitter time line of Ms Kal-Weiss which is reproduced below. You can also see an appalling lie being uttered by Ms Kal-Weiss as she compares the dangerous and violent inmates of the Calais Camp with those peaceful Jewish refugees who fled to Britain from the Nazis on the Kindertransport. It’s an obscenity to compare a group who fled certain death at the hands of Hitler and his cronies with the rapacious, poncing, violent scum who have made up the majority of the inmates of the Calais Jungle camp.

But because so much of these activists own self image or feelings of self worth is tied up in their political ideology they can’t see the other side of the argument. This other side is the one that says to the activists ‘stop what you are doing and think for a moment’. Unfortunately ‘thinking skills’ are not exactly to the fore when it comes to the refugees welcome activists. They will continue to bang on about ‘rescuing children’ or ‘oppressed refugees’ even when those they are helping are plainly not children and are often more oppressor than oppressed.

A good illustration of the sort of threatening and dangerous people whom the refugees welcome movement fail to comprehend are threatening and dangerous are the Afghan sex criminals who have been arrested in Paris following a sex attack on a journalist visiting the Calais Jungle camp. According to the Daily Mirror the woman was attacked by multiple assailants whilst covering a story at the Jungle camp.

The Daily Mirror said:

Three Afghan migrants were in custody in Paris on Thursday night on suspicion of raping a mother-of-two in the Calais Jungle .

The men face criminal charges for the alleged attack on the 38-year-old woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, on October 18th.

The 38-year-old is herself an Afghan who was working as an interpretor for the France 5 TV channel.

She was part of a team who were shooting a documentary about unaccompanied minors and child sex abuse in the notorious shanty town.

The woman was bundled to the ground and attacked as the two other assailants restrained her colleague, a 42-year-old male freelance reporter.

Prosecutors confirmed the men had, like many residents of the former shanty town, made their way to the French capital following its destruction last week.

They were all arrested in a centre for foreign workers in Rungis, in the southern suburbs of the French capital, on Wednesday.

Pascal Marconville, the prosecutor in nearby Boulogne-sur-Mer, who is leading the investigation, said the victim was examined by a forensics doctor, who took samples to try and determine the genetic profile of the rapist.

The victim also helped produce a portrait of her attackers, even though they had scarves around their faces and were hard to see in the darkness.

This is a truly disgusting attack by a group of disgusting individuals who themselves hail from an even more disgusting Islamic culture, a culture where rape, paedophilia and extreme misogyny is socially acceptable. These are the people that the naïve ‘refugees welcome’ types are helping. No matter how many images of desperate 3 year old children they use in their publicity and no matter how many shrouds they wave when talking about the ‘refugees’, the truth of the matter is that most of these ‘refugees’ are not innocent children, they are scum. Those the ‘refugees welcome’ types are helping are nothing like the sort of people they are telling us they are helping. It doesn’t matter how many times idiotic leftists or equally idiotic Vicars and Rabbis get up and shout about ‘unaccompanied children’ the facts on the ground give their shouts the stench of dishonesty.

We should all be aware that when the pro-refugee types speak of ‘vulnerable children’ they really mean gang rapists like those apprehended in the Daily Mirror story. When they talk about ‘kids’ they really mean violent Muslim males of military age. When these activists speak to us about our ‘duty’ to feed and house the oppressed then we should ask them ‘why’ that is so when those that the activists are campaigning for are the very last people whom any sensible person would want to call ‘neighbour’?


Daily Mirror story of the latest horror to come out of the Calais campaigning


Holly Kal-Weiss, high profile ‘refugees welcome’ idiot.


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  1. They were all arrested in a centre for foreign workers in Rungis, in the southern suburbs of the French capital, on Wednesday.

  2. Your article is full of facts and common sense. Therefore it will be ignored by SJW. I despair!

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