Let’s be honest about where this latest threat to British troops comes from.

A picture of some random violent Muslims, of which sadly there are many.

British troops are under threat of attack. Not in some expected place like a battlefield in some far away hell-hole like Afganistan or Iraq, but in a place where they should reasonably assume that they would be safe, which is here, at home, on Britain’s streets.

They face this threat of attack that could fall upon them at any time when they are entering or leaving their bases, or returning to their married quarters or popping down to the shops. This lethal threat comes not from the uniformed enemy of an enemy nation state, but from the deranged and often savage followers of the ideology of Islam.

Young men and women who have volunteered to serve their country in a military capacity, and in doing so face the very real prospect of being killed as part of that service. deserve better than to be told not to wear their uniforms in British streets for fear of attack from Savages. They are being told not to wear their uniforms off base because of the danger that some random Muslim may suffer from ‘sudden jihad syndrome’ and want to kill them.

That we have to tell our loyal and brave troops to hide their membership of the armed forces is something of which we as a nation should be greatly ashamed of. We should also be ashamed that we elected politicians, who have behaved both stupidly and malevolently, with regards an ideology that should have been recognised for the threat that it is today, has been in the past and will be in the future.

Read these words from the Daily Mail and weep in anger at such a situation our politicians have caused to come about in the United Kingdom:

British soldiers have been warned not to wear their uniform outside barracks amid fears of a Woolwich copycat attack.

They have also been told not to let strangers know that they are serving in the British Army.

Whitehall officials are understood to have noticed increased ‘chatter’ among jihadists wanting to carry out a beheading or other high-profile attack on a serving soldier.

Fanatics have been carrying out internet searches for the location of army barracks across the country to identify targets, the Mail has learnt.

The threat level for the armed forces has been raised from ‘substantial’ to ‘severe’, meaning a terrorist attack on military personnel is highly likely.

But commanders have told soldiers to act as if the threat is ‘critical’ – the highest level of terrorism alert – and to be ready for an imminent attack.

Politicians said military personnel should not be forced to ‘hide away’ by not wearing their uniform proudly in public.

Labour MP John Woodcock said: ‘Our military personnel will understandably follow the immediate safety advice they are given but ministers must understand people want our brave troops to be loud and proud in their communities, not being forced to hide away.

It would be a stomach-churning victory for the terrorists if their cowardly attacks resulted in a permanent ban on our servicemen and women displaying their uniforms in public.’

Read the rest of the Daily Mail piece here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2863008/Proud-soldiers-told-not-wear-uniforms-public-foil-Woolwich-repeat-denounced-victory-terror.html

Although many reasonable people will share Mr Woodcock’s sentiments that members of the British Armed Forces should wear their uniforms with pride it should be remembered that it was Mr Woodcock’s Labour Party that imported, pandered to and assisted the very group which are currently spewing out jihadists almost as fast as a sneeze carries the rhinovirus that causes the common cold. Maybe if Mr Woodcock really cares about Britain’s armed forces he should leave the party that by its immigration, social and other policies nurtured this threat to them that is coming from within our own borders?

The fact that warnings like this are needed shows the scale of the problem Britain faces from the ideology of Islam. It should also tell us that a decade or more of appeasement of this violent and aggressive ideology and pandering to its demands, is not working and will never work. The politicians, from all mainstream parties I might add, who have appeased the ideology of Islam and allowed the carcinoma of jihad to grow, have let us down and brought us to this sorry point. It is high time those who have appeased, were changed for politicians who have a much more realistic and robust attitude to Islam. Britain faces such a great threat that there should be no more excuses for low turnouts at elections or voting for the same failed parties and policies that your grandfather voted for. Change is sorely needed in order to put the fascistic ideology of Islam back in its box and every day brings more news to illustrate just why this ideology does need countering.

The unprecedented danger that Britain’s troops are in from Islamic Savages today, will invariably become a threat to any non-Muslim Briton tomorrow. Cultures that are run on, or influenced by Islamic ‘values’ invariably are ones where little rights exist for Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs or athiests. They are societies where women are nothing more than property and where there is little if any respect for freedom and justice. How can any sensible person see such an ideology as anything other than a threat to those societies where there exist values of tolerance, gender equality, the rule of law, freedom of speech, thought and belief? Of course they are a threat but the threat is all the greater because foolish politicians have either taken their eye of the Islamic ball, as with the Major and Thatcher governments, or like the Blair/Brown/Cameron nexus, have appeased the followers of Islam in the UK for sometimes base and ignoble reasons. In order to make all of us safer from the threat that Islam most surely brings, it is time to electorally evict those who, when it comes to Islam, can quite rightly be called ‘Quislings’.

Let’s be honest about where the threats to us and our way of life as well as to our troops is coming from, and try to elect those who will be more likely to do something about it.