Bedfordshire Police plumb the depths of Islamic appeasement.

UPDATE:  Bedfordshire Police have deleted the document containing the ‘one finger’ image that has attracted so much justified criticism.  They are stating that they got an unnamed ‘national organisation to produce the graphic but they are saying no more than that.  However, both the original graphic that Beds Police are trying now to hide and the original document can be found below.  You may find that the link to Beds Police no longer works but the data itself is reproduced in its entirety on this site.

I thought I’d seen all that could shock me when it comes to the British police’s policy of appeasement of Islam. But I was wrong. This is because Bedfordshire Police have not only published a grossly appeasing and highly one sided ‘anti-Islamophobia policy’ but have used a visual image often used by the terrorists of ISIS with which to do it.

Anybody who is an observer of the activities of ISIS knows that the ‘one finger’ gesture is used by these terrorists to declare their allegiance to the bloodthirsty Islamic deity Allah. This gesture can most often be seen being used by Muslims when they are pictured surrounded by severed human heads as in the picture below.


This ‘one finger’ gesture has no place being used on a document published by a UK police force. It’s the modern equivalent of a Nazi right arm salute or a ‘hakenkreuz’ and should be seen for what it is which is a giant ‘F**k you’ to non-Muslims and non-Muslim societies. As you can see from the image above the Islamic savage with the human head is making exactly the same sort of hand gesture that is featured in Bedfordshire Police’s latest ‘anti Islamophobia’ policy document.


For a police force to produce this graphic it requires that the officers and civilian staff who produced it are either lacking in knowledge about Islam and the true nature of Islamic extremism, or who are knowingly appeasing Islam and really don’t care whether this particular hand gesture is used by genocidal terrorists or not. Having read the accompanying document produced by Bedfordshire Police’s ‘hate crime officer’ Sgt James Hart of the force’s ‘Islamophobia working group’ I’m afraid that I have to come to the conclusion that Hart and the rest of Beds Police know exactly what this gesture and image means, but went ahead and used it anyway. After all, Bedfordshire Police, like all too many of Britain’s police forces, place pandering to Muslims much higher on the list of priorities than just about anything else. Protecting Muslims from sometimes justifiable public opprobrium or criticism is far more important for our police forces than tackling terror effectively, dealing with other Islam related disturbance and crime or even preventing Muslims from raping their way through the nation’s women and children.

Sgt James Hart the Bedfordshire Officer who has put the hurt feelings of Muslims way ahead of any other policing priority.

Sgt James Hart the Bedfordshire Officer who has put the hurt feelings of Muslims way ahead of any other policing priority.

Reading through the policy statement put out by Bedfordshire Police and to which Sgt Hart seems to have had a significant amount of input, it becomes plain to see that the Luton Council of Mosques have also had an influence on Bed Police’s policy of Islamic appeasement. This is an influence that they should never have been allowed to have. Nor should British police officers who are so in hock to particular groups be seen being involved with such activity. If anyone from outside the UK wonders just why the British police officer is becoming increasingly hated by the ordinary informed citizen then look no further than this document. It drips with crawling to Muslims and appeasement of Islam and is prime example of what has gone wrong with policing in the UK. Here’s the policy document itself and within it you can seen how Bedfordshire Police have gone beyond any concept of protecting all members of the community but have crossed the line into outright and damnable appeasement of Islam. As is usual policy for this blog the original text from Bedfordshire Police is in italics whereas this blog’s comments are in plain text.

Bedfordshire Police said:
Bedfordshire Police is joining a month long campaign to raise awareness of Islamophobia and encourage victims to report such abuse.
Don’t we have enough of these dodgy campaigns already? After all it’s not as if Muslims are shy of reporting ‘Islamophobia’ whether the reports are true or are fantasy. It can also be questioned whether this sort of guff is a good use of police resources at a time when public service budgets are under pressure.


Islamophobia Awareness Month aims to encourage the reporting of hate crimes against the Muslim community and make perpetrators understand hate crimes have no place in our society.
What about the ‘hate crime’ that is Islam itself? Many of us think that this disgusting ideology called Islam has no place in civilised nations. Have Sgt Hart and others not examined Islamic culture and theology and seen just what life is like for minorities in Muslim controlled lands? If they had they would have seen that Islam is not a ‘religion of peace’ but a clear and present danger to Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs gays etc etc.


Hate Crime Sergeant James Hart has set up an Islamophobia Working Group, in conjunction with the Luton Council of Mosques, which has been working with Lantern, a local women’s group which aims to support and amplify the voices of Muslim women in the community, encouraging greater social, political and civic engagement.
Reading between the lines here it seems that the council of mosques in Luton issued their orders and collaborators like Sgt Hart went ahead and carried them out.
The working group has listened to the stories of the victims of Islamophobia from Bedfordshire, who didn’t report the incidents they experienced (see below).
Translation: The working group of Muslims told the police in Bedfordshire what they wanted and the police complied.
As a result a group of Muslim women have now become Hate Crime Ambassadors, with the aim of increasing confidence amongst the Muslim community to speak out against this type of discrimination and victimisation. The ambassadors will be able to increase knowledge and understanding of hate crime within their communities and will be a direct link between victims and the authorities.
Stand by for all manner of dishonest bullshit ‘crime reports’ coming from the Muslims of Bedfordshire. If you live in the area you should also prepare yourself for the police going out of their way to ignore you should you complain of being attacked by a Muslim or pointing out anti-social behaviour by Muslims. .

Sgt Hart said: “It is really sad the victims suffered in silence and felt they couldn’t report these crimes to police. We are working with the Muslim community to change this and I want to reassure every victim of Islamophobia they WILL be believed, it is a crime, and everyone has the right to be safe and secure and to live free from fear or harassment.
To take this officer’s statement to it’s logical conclusion if all allegations of ‘Islamophobia’ are to be taken on trust by the police and believed, what are they going to do about and how are they going to distinguish between genuine complaints and the fake or dubious complaints which are not unknown? It’s also pertinent to ask whether Bedfordshire Police are going to take the same or a similar attitude of unquestioning belief when non-Muslims complain that their children have been raped or sexually abused by Muslim men? If they do not take a similar attitude of instant and uncritical belief to victims of Islam as do to Muslims making complaints of ‘Islamophobia’ then they have shown whose side they are on and it’s not your side or the side of your children. This policy will increase the insecurity felt by non-Muslims in Bedfordshire and because of that needs to be called out as the act of gross appeasement that it truly is. If you were or are a non-Muslim resident of Bedfordshire and you saw this sort of pandering to Muslims by the police would you honestly trust the police with your security? I know I would not.

“Islamophobia is based on ignorance, prejudice, discrimination and hate. It has a huge impact on victims and communities, and is totally unacceptable. If left unchallenged hate crime becomes the accepted. Hate Crime intrudes into people’s lives and becomes normal – it is not normal.
Islamophobia is not ‘based on ignorance’, it’s often based on a detailed and accurate knowledge of Islam and the damage it does to individuals and to societies. ‘Discrimination’ is not always wrong either and one dictionary definition of ‘discrimination’ is ‘telling one thing from another’. For example: discrimination is telling an Apple from an Orange or telling the difference between a dangerous, disgusting death-cult called Islam from civilisation. Sgt Hart also seems overly concerned with the hurt feelings of Muslims rather than having any concern for the rights of those who may be suffering under Islam or who question the tenets of Islam. Sgt Hart doesn’t seem to comprehend that many aspects of Islamic theology, culture and practise are in themselves easily definable as ‘hate crime’. After all how else could the extreme gyno-hatred, Jew-hatred, hatred of Christians, violence, racism, supremacism that characterises Islam and more importantly the Islamic Koran, as anything other than a blueprint for ‘hate crime’? I’d also like to remind Sgt Hart what is really ‘not normal’ and that’s not these alleged ‘hate crimes’, but instead our lunatic tolerance of a death cult that brings no benefit to the nation whatsoever.

“Our message to perpetrators is clear. We will not tolerate hate crime and we will seek out those that think it is acceptable to target people for who they are. You will be prosecuted, as we strive to create unity in our county.”

My message to Sgt Hart and other appeasing police officers just like him is this: I hope and pray that one day a truly just court and honest Judges will deal properly and appropriately with those like yourself who collaborate with an ideology that is plainly a major enemy of freedom. Hart’s appeasement of Islam is so outrageous that I would not weep or intervene on his behalf should this future just court subject officers like Hart to the same public shaming as was meted out by the French Resistance to those women who slept with soldiers of the Nazi forces who occupied Germany during World War II. Hart is a filthy collaborator with Islam and there’s not any other word or phrase that I can use to describe him or his actions. I have no doubt that Hart and officers like him would not be so eager to threaten arrest if it were Muslims who were committing acts of hatred against members of other groups.


Woman accused of collaboration with the Nazis gets publicly shamed by having her head shaved by members of the French Resistance.

Woman accused of collaboration with the Nazis gets publicly shamed by having her head shaved by members of the French Resistance.

The statement by Bedfordshire Police then went on to illustrate some examples of ‘Islamophobia’, some of which on closer examination look very minor indeed.

Here are some excerpts of what the Islamophobia victims experienced. Visit the force’s Twitter page throughout November to hear more stories:
Maybe people could also visit the Bedfordshire Police’s Twitter page to tell them exactly why you are disgusted about this latest act of gross appeasement of Islam by Bedfordshire Police?

“Everyone has this impression these are ‘isolated incidents’, that they don’t happen every day. I’m 24-years-old and I can recall being a victim of a hate crime at least twice a year since I was 17 and that’s only the ones that are most memorable, there have been countless others.”
Notice that there’s no detail of what these ‘hate crimes’ actually are. There’s no indication whether this was merely people saying unkind but true things about the ideology of Islam or if they were actual attacks. Also twice a year for 8 years only works out at 16 incidents which isn’t really a lot is it? They are plainly isolated incidents. I get and see more shite and more often from Jew hater’s (sometimes Islamic Jew haters) and the Left on social media. I call ‘bullshit’ on this person’s claim.

“Blinded by his own prejudice and ignorance he believed he had the right to question and interrogate me in front of my child. This was in broad daylight, in a park full of people, all who had heard what was going on and were all staring at me and my daughter. Nobody stepped in to help us.”
Translation: Someone said something nasty but true about Islam. Maybe nobody stepped into help because they also recognise that Islam is a violent and intolerant crock of shit?
“What was most upsetting, was the fact these particular people felt perfectly comfortable to talk about me in this way, despite the fact that I was right in front of them. It was very dehumanising.”
What about the dehumanising that is done by Muslims? Doesn’t that count? What’s more important in the great scheme of things the 350,500 girls and young women who’ve been abused or raped or sex trafficked by Muslims in Britain or a couple of Muslims who object to other’s opinions of Islam.
“I was walking back to my office and a man in a van shouted abuse at me. I do find it offensive. I was shocked more than anything. I didn’t ever think that would happen in my town.”
Again there’s no indication as to why this person was shouted at along with the word that Muslim’s reach for first which is ‘offensive’. I find Islam offensive and many others feel the same but nobody panders to us to anything like the extent that ‘offended Muslims’ are pandered to.
“It’s become an issue of safety. Lone women attacked by men or groups of men because of their faith? Disgraceful. It’s happened to me twice now. It’s a horrible feeling, it’s really isolating.”
Again there’s no detail about the nature of these ‘attacks’ or whether they were physical, in which case there are reasonable grounds for saying it’s ‘assault occasioning ABH’ or whether it’s merely people saying nasty but true things about Islam. Maybe these Muslim women would not get half as much aggro as they get if they didn’t dress in outfits that are as about as welcome free countries as would be a pork chop at a Barmitzvah. Basically if you dress in garb that is the modern analogue of a Nazi uniform you should expect to get some off colour comments.
“I get lots of abuse in my inbox from strangers because of my faith. In a lot of cases it’s a threat of violence. People don’t realise the serious implications of their hate speech online. It’s often brushed off as internet trolls. But these are real people and real groups.”
‘Cry me a river’ you whining cry-bully bastard. We need to ask exactly why you are getting so much alleged abuse? Is it because you are high profile Islamic supremacist or something similar? Note well that like many of the other examples given above there are no clear examples of what sort of ‘threats’ this person is alleging that they have received. Maybe you yourself should ask why Islam is hated and why people are allegedly taking it out on you? By the way what you call ‘hate speech’ is what other people call their inalienable right to criticise religious and political ideologies. Maybe you should as some Americans say ‘suck it up buttercup’.

Bedfordshire Police has seen a 26 per cent increase in reports of Islamophobia compared to last year, as the force has worked with partners to establish a group of third party reporting centres which allow victims to report hate crime in a more comfortable environment. Click the link for a full list.
Having seen so many fake ‘Islamophobia’ claims along with being an observer and avowed opponent of groups like the disgraced and dishonest ‘Islamophobia’ monitor Tell Mama, I know that an awful lot of ‘Islamophobia’ complaints are bullshit and relate to people’s negative opinions of Islam and not to anything that a reasonable person, the ‘man on the Clapham omnibus’ would recognise as real crimes.
Hate crime can be reported to police on 101 or online to True Vision at
I very much doubt that crimes where hatred of another group which have been committed by Muslims would be considered as Bedfordshire Police and other forces have plainly thrown their lot in with the Muslims and take the view that everyone else can ‘go to hell’

I thought that the hiding of mass rapes by Muslims was an act of such gross appeasement that it should have shamed many forces into putting their houses in order, but it didn’t. I believed that the sight of highly trained and well remunerated Met Police officers working through the night to clean up bacon that had been thrown at a mosque was the lowest that they could fall in terms of crawling to Muslims but again I was wrong. It seems that Bedfordshire Police have found new ways to plumb the depths of collaboration and appeasement and this case shows why non-Muslims cannot and should not trust the UK police as currently managed and configured with their security and safety. Bedfordshire Police have shown that they are no longer a solution to the problems brought to the UK by the ideology of Islam but part of the problem.

I along with many others will be utterly disgusted at how far down the road of appeasement Bedfordshire Police has travelled and they need to stop travelling down it before the police are viewed by the average citizen with as much disgust as is the savagery of Islam. If readers were looking for an individual who fitted the description of ‘Britain’s Benedict Arnold’, then they wouldn’t do better than to choose Sgt James Hart for that position of ultimate disgrace. I’m ashamed that Sgt Hart wears a British police uniform I truly am ashamed.


Bedfordshire Police’s ‘Islamophobia’ policy statement

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  1. Disgusting. It is a de facto effort to basically criminalise any criticism of Islam. If there is one thing that Britain needs more of, it is open discussion of Islam and the ineviatble problems that mass muslim immigration has brought.

    Fuck Islam and these traitorous pieces of shit. The removal of this poisonous PC police culture cannot come soon enough. Let us hope that Trump’s win can bear fruit.

    • Fahrenheit211 | November 16, 2016 at 2:05 pm |

      Couldn’t agree more there it is an attempt to criminalise all criticism of Islam. I also agree that we should be able to discuss islam in an open manner and not have to look over our shoulders all the time.

      The police officers who have involved themselves in the particular campaign are indeed behaving like treasonous pieces of shit. I pray that one day they will be held to account by some future Nuremberg-style tribunal for what they are doing to their profession, our nation and all of us.

      I agree with you on Trump as well, I hope it marks the start of a fightback.

  2. Mullah Lodabullah | November 16, 2016 at 1:59 pm |

    The Bedford Police page seems to have disappeared – but a section survives on Facebook, still with the link to the missing page.

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